Gods of the Mountain. A Book by Christopher Keene

Mr Fantasy and Anime has once again enlisted my services to promote his works and I am happy to oblige. Here is the first entry, “GODS of The Mountain”,of his newest series, A Cycle of Blades.

Gods of the Mountain Book Cover

“If that’s true, he’s returned from the grave, and you better believe he’s got something in store for this city.”

Accused of murder, Faulk is on the run after his chance at redemption went horribly wrong. He finds himself allied with the mysterious Yuweh, a woman sent by her gods to capture an assassin who is spreading forbidden magic.

Journeying across a land where all magic, cultures, and wars are dictated by its cycles in nature, they uncover a plot that threatens to destroy everything they hold dear. Faulk and Yuweh must reconcile their clashing cultures to prevent the chaos from repeating…

…as another attempts to use it for his benefit.

The interested can pick up the book to be read on Kindle HERE along with his other three books that are part of the “Dream State Saga” HERE.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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3 Responses to Gods of the Mountain. A Book by Christopher Keene

  1. Kuroji says:

    pretty weird place to promote a non Yuri book

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