345th G-View: Love Live! Sunshine!! 2

Here we are looking at the second season of the second group in the Love Live! series of idol media. The first entry, while very enjoyable, did have its critics who felt they borrowed too much from their predecessors, which while being valid arguments was the point. Aqours tried copying μ’s road to success and it did not go well for them so they realized they had to create their own legend by following their own path to success. Join me as we take a look at how they did in Season 2 of Love Live! Sunshine!!

My review of the first season HERE.


Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life, School Life, Idols, Drama.

Themes: Music, Yuri

Number of Episodes: 13

G-Rating: 9/10

Plot Summary: Having found the resolve to create their own legend Aqours were more determined than ever to make a name for themselves in the Love Live! tournament and save their school. However, during their training Mari received an alarming phone call from her papa that made their journey to greatness even harder than it already was…

Chika determined to succeed

This image sums up Aqours’ journey. Hard and rigorous.

Going into this season I had two hopes:

1: Aqours would shine brighter than before and show everyone what they are truly capable of, proving once and for all they are not “clones”.

2: Further buildup for established pairings in the first season.

Let us first go over the main theme of the show, carrying the responsibilities of being the next generation. What I mean by this is that in the real world Aqours already had a difficult road ahead of them from the first start with every single challenge a new generation of stars had to go through, living up to the established legacy left by the previous one. μ’s had made Love Live! a franchise strong enough to compete with Idolm@ster and Aqours had the task of keeping the brand strong, which of course was not going to be easy…especially when facing the wrath of diehard μ’s fans refusing to give them a second thought. Though through thick and thin they persevered and established a pretty strong strong for themselves. Point of this being that this struggle is reflected stronger than ever in season 2. Let me put it this way. Viewers who thought μ’s road to stardom was a challenging one, Aqours’ was even harder, taking our new heroines in a different direction than expected. Despite the main objective being the same, without spoiling anything their road to success took a massive detour. This detour was the first step in Aqours creating their own legacy and all things considered it was the right call to make their journey more difficult than their predecessors as it helped change their perspectives and goals. The powerful and emotional moments, like last time, remain as strong as ever, possibly stronger than before because of the big change.

Yohane using her power

Yohane’s episode was…”controversial”(?)…I think(?). Hard to tell. I thought it was great.

On to the rest of the show’s content. Like the second season of their predecessors, Aqours’ 2nd outing focused on the members who had not yet received their proper character driven episodes such as Ruby (The one in the first season was more of a Hanamaru episode) and elaborated on ones who already got an episode but had more to tell like Yohane. Riko and You (Despite some fans feeling she got “Kotori’d” for the most part she had some bright moments in the first half of the show before getting her shine on in the 2nd) got some development by sharing the spotlight with some of the others while Chika, being the team captain, faced her greatest challenge yet. Long story short the character episodes, as far as I am concerned, were excellent…though like every idol show in existence there will be an episode or two that will make some fans want to murder kittens (I do so enjoy using unnecessary hyperbole to convey fanboy/girl rage). It all depends on personal expectations or preferences I suppose. My point being in this section of the review is these character episodes gave not only the ones in need of one but the ones who got expansions and more the opportunity to show everyone what they were really made of. Even Saint Snow eventually gets their time in the spotlight. They took it and succeeded showing once and for all that they are not μ’s clones despite borrowing the “Kotori Face” and also getting into a pillow fight…but that is like saying every Girls Club show that had a pillow fight scene ripped each other off. Oh and they too have super idol powers but that is a given for the Love Live! franchise. Keep in mind that idols are the second strongest entities in anime second only to lolis.


Yamato Nadesico Idols

The performances once again deliver. Easily surpassing their outings from the first season…which is the point.

The animation is slightly better than the first season which was already pretty good. This is most notable in the oh-so excellent performances. My personal favorite being the one in the above pic. The soundtrack once again is stellar…which it has to be considering it is a show about idols.

Onsen Dia

This scene was both brilliant and unfair.

The comedy also surpassed the one in the first season.

Kanan lifting Mari

The only OTP that remained consistent.

Next up let us address the tiny elephant in the room, that being the treatment of strongly established OTPs from the first season. As it says in the above KanaMari pic they are the only couple severely unaffected by what I like to call the “mass ship pandering wave or MSPW”. What that means is the writers’ decision to pander to as many yuri ship fanbases as possible. Some more than others. I admit that this initially irritated me. The main reason being because of how well pairings were established in the first season. Each group (1st, 2nd and 3rd years) had their Super Mega OTP, though the 2nd years for all intents and purposes are a polyamory. However, the writers went the MSPW route and featured as many OTPs based on other Aqours media outside of the anime continuity, specifically the music videos/insert songs from the separate trios, which made the strong build from season 1 for all the Super Mega OTPs but KanaMari feel kind of pointless. I initially thought about deducting points from my overall enjoyment because of this…but then I thought twice and realized…this was more of an annoyance than a legitimate cause for fuming rage. It was what it was and when the season came to an end I realized there was too much I enjoyed about this season to let such annoyances affect my overall enjoyment. I also realized that when I watch the series a second time it will not irritate me as much because…well it is part of the Love Live! machine. The bigwigs realize yuri shipping is a strong part of the franchise’s appeal so…why not give as many shippers as possible their “OMG! SQUEE!” moments. In short, it is what it is. At least we got KanaMari consistently intact so it was not all intentionally botched.

Overall one and a half of my two hopes were fulfilled. Aqours did exactly what I hoped and shined brighter than before making me love this group even more than I already did. So many great moments that made me laugh, cheer and feel the highs and lows of our lovable heroines as they worked their butts off overcoming personal obstacles and facing the unexpected “mega detour” on their journey to create their own legend. Fans of Aqours’ first season will certainly find plenty to enjoy in this one and ones who stuck around hoping they would improve from their first outing will most likely get what they hoped for. While I was personally annoyed by the “mass ship pandering wave” at first it ultimately did not affect my overall enjoyment. Sunshine 2 was awesome, Aqours are awesome and I am super pumped for the upcoming movie in (most likely) Summer 2018!

PS: Episode 4 was the BEST ANIME EPISODE OF 2017! GOD TIER!

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35 Responses to 345th G-View: Love Live! Sunshine!! 2

  1. Bayuro says:

    Wow! This is perhaps one of OG’s longest blog ever and also the better way to end 2017. I’m not be surprised he chooses episode 4 as the highlight episode of the season.

    For me the second season is the wildest ever! Beside from mainstream pairings like ChikaRiko, ChikaYou, YohaMaru, DiaRuby (sisterly) and of course KananMari moments, this season, we got YohaRiko, RubyLeah and ever YouRiko moments (The last one is a buzzer beater). Just like OG said, every moments are meant to cater every shippers. I really agree to that.

    I’m glad my OTP (ChikaRiko) still has ubiquitous moments up to the end this season. I still respect You’s dedication and loyalty to Chika thought.

    After Love Live! Sunshine!! there might be a movie, but next week it’s Citrus time.

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    • OG-Man says:

      I have written much longer believe it or not.

      So wild. So glorious.

      Yes. Ultimately it was what it was though the end did intensify the 2nd year OT3 so there is that.

      A Sunshine!! movie was already confirmed.

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  2. Mauron says:

    This would be an easy best of the season for me if this season didn’t have so much competition.

    KanaMari cementing their relationship (with that whole engagement thing) was the top moment of the season for me.

    The MSPW didn’t bother me as much, because they never had the impact of the ships I backed. Riko and Yohane obviously bonded over Laelaps, but I got more out of Zuramaru and Chika’s feelings for them than anything between each other, even in the MSPW moment.

    I need more Chunibyo yuri in my life. And family yuri. Chunibyo family yuri? I can get behind that.

    Riko managed to top Umi as my favorite Love Live! character this season. The dash of Chunibyo helped.

    I was hoping that Sunshine!! would do their own version of the personality swap scene. I’m a fan of the concept in general.

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    • OG-Man says:

      True that. Plenty of competition to go around in the Fall 2017 season.

      KanAri ruled the 2nd season without a doubt.

      I am aware of your devotion to your OTPs.

      More Chuuni yuri would be nice. Hopefully the Chuunibyou movie will deliver on that.

      Riko is quite loved, yes.

      Missed opportunity that may be rectified in the movie.

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      • Mauron says:

        That one scene was one of the top romantic moments from a series that won’t admit the characters are romantically involved all year. It might compare to the moments in a series that would admit that the characters are romantically involved.

        It’s not impossible to sell me on a new ship, but they’d either have to top the old one, or change the relationship between the characters, not just downplay it.

        Or a similar series where the focus is a yuri pairing. I’d watch it.

        It should just be a standard for anime. “Episode 3 will be the beach trip, episode 6 will be hot springs, and episode 9 will be the personality swap.” Or for long running shows, “episode 129 will be recap, episodes 137-145 will be filler, and episode 152 will be personality swap”

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  3. Jack Cactus says:

    LL Sunshine in my op, had a much better character arcs compared to SIP but the storytelling and narrative left me with more to desire. But still, this is definitely one of the most enjoyable anime this season for ppl who were already fans of the original LL and the first season.

    The yuri is reallyyyyyyy strong in this one, especially KanMari, still don’t know which way they should go (OT3 FTW) and yet there’s any solid pairing for the Perfect One. Also, You’s confession in the finale caught me off guard. (pls do that again You :3)

    Now, all we have left is the SunShine movie, hope that they’ll give us µ’s cameos in it (like they should have in the series) grunting in frustration.

    Overall, I rly enjoyed Sunshine 2nd season but this will also be the last LL series like…. EVER so I don’t know what the future of LL looks like but I still have high hopes.

    Also,according to my time zone, we have 12 hrs left to THE PERFECT ONE’s birthday, rejoice!!

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  4. chikorita157 says:

    I have to admit, the second season, while is an improvement still have flaws. The character arcs with Yoshiko, Dia/Ruby and Saint Snow is excellent, but the other aspects, not so much. The comedy to me at least is a bit repetitive, which got really tiring towards the latter half. This was not a problem with the original series. I think the execution of some of the comedy and drama is a bit questionable, The ending especially when the girls won Love Live, but it goes to all out drama with the school closing and such. It’s to be expected, but could have been handled better. Also, I felt that You got neglected the most as well as she doesn’t really play an important role in the turn of events in the second season.

    Overall, I still think the original series is still better than Sunshine ever was. Sure, the original series have flaws, but it had room for improvement and it showed with the 2nd season and the movie. Sunshine didn’t quite give the substational improvement. I think the problem with Sunshine is that the producers played it safe. I would like them to see them put more effort in saving the school instead of competing in Love Live. Also, I think it was ridiculous that the application deadline was the next morning after regionals since it defies logic since you can’t really expect people to apply to a school early in the morning. It’s obviously there so the girls couldn’t save the school without even a fighting chance. It seems as if the odds are against them no matter what.

    But the overall picture is that while the second season of Sunshine is good (If I still scored anime, I would give it a 8/10 and the first season a 7.4/10), it feel short of becoming better. I don’t expect the movie to be any better as the producers will most likely copy and paste some or most of the aspects of the first Love Live movie. Then again, nobody knows what they have up their sleeves for the movie as my theory can be proven wrong, and that can be a good thing. Note that Aqours never said that they will disband despite the school closure, which will lead to something interesting in the movie. We have to wait and see.

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    • OG-Man says:

      I save my “Wait a minute. this does not make sense” cap for things other than idol shows. i think the one time I used the “logic cap” was watching Wake Up! Girls because that had a more serious plot than “saving the school”. Put simply I had too much fun to care about plot inconsistencies.

      Anyhoo you didn’t like Sunshine!! as a whole very much and it’s fine. I’m sure there are plenty out there who share your sentiment.

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  5. themarrowbook says:

    Episode 4 was so superb that it’s a must-watch even if you were not a Dia-fan!

    Your first point of Aqours shining on their own was indeed stronger this season than the 1st.
    Many events we’ve seen in μ’s’ anime, including the pillow fight, were there but in very different contexts, which emphasised the uniqueness of Aqours.
    For example, both Honoka and Chika were asked about their groups’ identity, or why they aim to be top school idols, before the Love Live finals. While Honoka figured out her answer by herself, Chika asked each Aqours member the same question to confirm her answer. I think the process each girl chose symbolises the fundamental difference between the 2 groups.
    The ultimate decision-maker for μ’s is Honoka, and she directly influences every other member. Aqours’ decision, on the other hand, is a collection of the members’ hopes and feelings that are integrated by Chika’s idol ability.

    I believe the problem of MSPW reflects a major change in the method with which fans appreciate anime in general, as well as the growth of the Love Live! fanbase. Shipping between particular characters have gained much more importance recently, the rate of which might have been beyond the staff’s expectation.
    It seems that for Love Live! PDP, the girls are split into 3 groups from the beginning, and I suspect that the creators have been trying to establish OTP or OT3 prior to the anime production, to prevent disagreement among shippers.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Depends on how much people acknowledge her perfection. Unfortunately some refuse to do so. Pity.

      As long as people can get over some adventures being reused then they are fine.

      It is something we have to put up with in idol shows it would seem.

      Liked by 3 people

      • themarrowbook says:

        I found many people loved Dia’s development epipode, but haters would always hate no matter what, I guess.

        Oh, by the way, happy new year!!
        May the year 2018 be a wonderful one for you & all the yuri fans!

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      • OG-Man says:

        It’s a good thing there are more who see and accept the truth than those who deny it.

        Ah yes. You live in the East. Eagerly waiting to celebrate The Perfect Day with all our fellow Disciples of Dia over there. Enjoy your New Year’s as well good sir.

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  6. cirno9fan says:

    it had better story, but the “MSPW” as you call it…I couldn’t get past. It frustrated me to no end. If it weren’t for that, this could have been one of the best shows this season. But it had that, and I can’t just ignore it and go “oh, that’s just love live”. Because that’s NOT “just Love Live”. That’s the fanbase, not the anime. The original anime was very consistent with things, while Sunshine was just ALL OVER THE PLACE

    Also, annoying dog episode >_< (Not a fan of dogs, fully admit this is total bias on my part)

    I mean, I was really starting to warm up to Ruby And Leah, and then they just ditched it and returned back to RubyDia, and then they just kinda ditched that and went back to OT3, and it just kept on jumping around and around and around swirly eyes intensifies

    This could have been leagues better, but sadly I’ve realized Sunrise are just a ship panderer studio (Aikatsu is another great example of this). So glad they have zero control over Lily Lyrical, an infinitely better series that does close friendships among lesbians but still leaving lesbians in consistent relationships galactically better

    Stop being such babies Sunrise and let some fans get upset. It is much better writing when you stop letting fans tell you what to do >_<

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      After watching both Im@s and Love Live! shows I came to this realization and not feel as annoyed anymore. Wasn’t worth it. Again that’s just me.

      I am aware of your disdain for most of the canine species.

      You’re telling this to a longtime WWE fan who deals with “What the company wants vs what fans want” EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. DAY! So yes I am aware of your frustrations but have dealt with similar crap for too long to let it affect me as much in the idol world.

      As I said in the review KanAri (Why did I not notice this OBVIOUS couple nickname from the start?) remained intact for the most part so I’ll take whatever victory I can get. The 2nd year OT3 is also doable though that got super botched as we all know.

      Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Also compared to the utter stupidity that was Two Car the annoyance of the MSPW here was tolerable. Two Car sucked donkey dung.

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  7. Alexis says:

    Se terminó Love Live Sunshine y no tengo demasiadas quejas de la serie.
    Al final mis personajes favoritos fueron Mari (por ser tan excéntrica), Dia (por ser perfecta) y Yohane (por ser tan chuuni).

    Quedan muchas cosas que ver en la vida diaria de los personajes, se me antojaba un episodio dedicado a You en donde exploraran un aficion por el cosplay, apuesto a que ella tiene debilidad por las chicas que usan uniformes (sobrecargos por ejemplo) o uno dedicado a Riko consiguiendo y fantaseando con sus doujins yuri, por cierto, ese doujin de “chica sujetando el mentón” tenía 48 volúmenes ¿eso significa que Riko tiene los 48? y lo que más me gustaba es que todas lo sabían, hasta Yohane. Todavía queda mucha tela de donde cortar, sobre todo me hubiera gustado ver el uniforme negro que usan en algunos scans, se parecen a los de Marimite. Esto da para una tercera temporada, más que para una película.

    Sobre el shipping, me hubiera gustado ver los tres OT3’s. El de Yohane con Maru y Ruby sería el más tierno y aunque al final Yohane dijo que sus contratos son definitivos precisamente con ellas dos y protestó con Leah porque Ruby y Maru ” son de su propiedad” y Leah le estaba echando el ojo a Ruby, también me hubiera gustado ver la súper fuerza de Kanan cargando a Mari y a Dia al mismo tiempo y a Chika con You y Riko convenciéndolas de que el poliamor es lo mejor, aquí faltó más desarrollo pero aprecio tanto a la serie que es perdonable y lo mejor es que no hay indeseados que interfieran con las relaciones entre las chicas.

    Siempre he tenido curiosidad por saber más sobre el “loveliverse” y su sociedad compuesta en un 99.9% de mujeres.

    El capítulo de Dia fue el mejor.

    Aquors es muy diferente de Muse sobre todo porque los poderes de Aquors eran limitados en comparación con los de Muse.

    Nos escribimos el próximo año con Harumin entre nosotr@s.


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    • OG-Man says:

      Lastimamente dudo que tendremos una tercera temporada si lo que vimos.

      Mejor que nada lo que obtuvimos. Decidieron complacer mas shippers que posible y mientras que era un fastidio por lo menos el daño no fue extremadamente grave. Por lo menos los escritoeres

      Creo que eso es mas una broma que un caso curioso, lo de la populacion de 99% mujeres del “loveliverse”.

      Asi es. Ellas no tienen la misma fuerza que Muse.

      Nuestra salvadora. Anticipo su debut animado con gran delicia.


  8. LuzeriP says:

    I think compared to season 1, season 2 was so much better. It was funnier and the animation was so much better than season 1. The girls looks ten times cuter. It was very enjoyable.

    Also, now I understand what the Perfect Day is. I didn’t know Dia’s birthday. My favorite girl is Yohane but I wouldn’t deny Dia’s beauty.

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  9. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    It’s a bit sad to know this is the end of the series, but nice to know a movie will be coming. The finale was enjoyable and I found myself feeling a bit sentimental with them over their school closing. I feel that LLS got much better in it’s second season and I might even say performance wise, they were slightly better than Muse. I also found myself loving the individual characters more than those of Muse, who I saw as more of a unit and didn’t have nearly as hard of time trying to pick my fav from. LLS made it more difficult to choose, though in the end, it’s probably Riko, then You. However, the MSPW was a bit frustrating because it made it hard to root for the ships I’d personally established in the 1st season, but like you, I’ve reached an acceptance of it and will settle on an OT3 as far as the 2nd years go, KanAri for the 3rd, and though difficult to say, I’m feeling YohaMaru for the 1st and perhaps a DiaRuby for the final, though I kind of liked Leah with Ruby too.

    Overall I really liked LLS, but I find myself liking LLSIP just a tad more when it comes to general storyline, direction, animation and shipping. Regardless, I’m very much looking forward to the movie.

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  11. elkat4 says:

    And thus another good anime ends….Sigh
    Well let’s send it off with a proper farewell:
    If the members of Aquars were Fire Emblem characters, or Aquars Emblem for short

    Chika-Fighter/Mercenary (base class), Hero (advanced class)
    Seeing as she is the protagonist, either of the two classes that can promote to the Hero class would be sufficient.

    Riko-Pegasus Knight (base class), Falco Lord (advance class)
    This took some thought I’m not certain about this placement, but there needs to be at least one mounted character (besides possibly Ruby) and I felt she would more likely to ride a Pegasus over an ordinary horse or a wyvern.

    Yoh-Barbarian/Pirate (base class), Berserker (advanced class)
    Being originally a member of the swim club, it would make sense that she’d be in the sole class that cross through water tiles.

    Ruby-Cleric/Troubadour (base class), Valkyrie (advanced class)
    As meek as Ruby is, she would a natural fit as a healer.

    Yoshiko/Yohane-Dark Mage (base class), Sorcerer (advanced class)
    Do I need to explain. -_^

    Hanamaru-Mage (base class), Sage (advanced class)
    Hanamaru’s origins as a member of library suggest she would make a good mage.

    Dia-Myrmadon (base class), Swordmaster (advanced class)
    While a fairly frail class, myrmadons score critical hits easily, allowing them to kill enemies with very little difficulty. Also in most Fire Emblem games, they tend to be the most “Asian” characters in the cast.

    Kannan-Knight (base class), Great Knight (advanced class)
    Witch Kannan’s stamina, she could weight the large (often oversized) suits of great armor knights wear with ease. Also, Mari needs her knight in shining armor.

    Mari-Lord (base class), Great Lord (advanced class)
    As the daughter of a rich family, it’s only natural for her to have a class that reflects her status.

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  12. Now that I’ve had a few days to consider what to say, here’s my thoughts on both the 2nd season overall as well as Ep12 & 13:

    Indeed, the MSPW was a tad annoying in the background at times, but as someone who oftens just straight up ignores what the creators of the show are trying to do and only sees what I want to see/only care about what I want to see, it didn’t bother me much. KanaMariDia, YoChiRi (ChiRiYo~?), Yohamaru & Leah x Ruby (ship name….? Yeah! Ruby. There.) are the ones I ship to the end.

    Glad that Leah and Sarah came to watch the finals. Also, amused that while Sarah had an expression like “Yeah! You go girls!”, Leah was more like “Oh don’t you dare mess up now, Ruby!” My shipper’s heart is satisfied with very little. Though I was a little sad the epilogue revealed nothing about which school Ruby is now going to after the closing, but I suppose it did leave it open too, so…Hokkaido, here we go! Imagination, activate!

    So, it was Kanan and Dia going (through for Kanan) Tokyo, while Mari alone goes overseas, huh? Oh well, then it’ll just be Dia and Kanan visiting lonely Mari on their holiday instead of the other way around. Works for me.

    I liked that the final episode focused much more on the emotional impact of the victory and the bittersweetness of it and the school closing rather than trying to hide the frankly quite obvious win in a tense moment too much. I mean, if Aqours didn’t win that last one, the show would end on a very sad note…a bit too sad for a School Idol anime.

    Those final few songs were just great. Liked the callbacks to earlier moments in both S1 and S2 in the final one. Though the Saint Snow x Aqours collab song is still my favorite of LLS.

    All in all, while the MSPW was there, I still enjoyed S2 more than S1, and almost perhaps more in all ways than LLSIP. Though it has been a while since I watched LLSIP, so my opinion might be different if I actually remembered all the moments and plot moments in detail…

    …Still, I think S2 is at least one of my favorite of the season, possibly also AOTS, possibly not quite due to the MSPW.

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  13. yurimylove says:

    a fun idol series, well executed.

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  14. K says:

    The school closing down really was a shame but at least it won’t be forgotten for all eternity. Aqours’ total victory made sure of that.

    This season was great! It took what made the first season awesome and improved on it in leaps and bounds. I gotta say that I’m glad that this was the first idol anime that I watched.

    About the MSPW, I noticed it but it didn’t bother me because it just reinforced what I had said in the G-view of the first season; that there were plenty of OTPs to choose from. Personally though, it was because I knew that the OTPs that were established in the first season were as solid as could be.

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  15. So late to make a post about my favorite series. This season is more yuritastic than ever. I cannot wait for the film!


  16. piano_cello_conducting says:

    The second season seems a little uneven though there were good moments. The producers seemed to forget that Chika x Riko was already established in the first season and there was no need for all Yoshiko x Riko moments. In any case, I got the overall sense that Riko and You decided to share Chika and agreed to be a threesome because Riko and You found that they also liked each other. The Kana x Mari moments needed to be more frequent.
    In any case I liked Love live sunshine more than the original Love live series. Mostly because the yuri was more obvious.

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