338th G-View: Konohana Kitan

The following show is about a group of lesbian fox girls working at a hot springs inn serving guests based Japanese mythology and folklore. That should be more than enough to get most Yuri fans interested but of course I need to elaborate so join me as we take a look at Konohana Kitan.

Konohana Kitan Cover.jpg

Genres: Slice of Life, Iyashikei, Supernatural, Yuri

Themes: Japanese Folklore and Mythology, Spirits, Gods.

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: Perfect/10

Plot Summary: Kokohana-tei is a hot spring hotel located in an inn town where many people go to visit. The story portrays the lives of fox girls who work at the hotel and their various guests.

The friends Yuzu met there

Some of the Konohana-tei employees, guests and other people Yuzu meets throughout her life working there.

In my life before seeing Konohana Kitan there had been only one anime in existence that I deemed “Perfect”. That being Mouretsu Pirates. What that means is MP had EVERYTHING I like about anime in it. It is the perfect overall show FOR ME. Konohana Kitan is the second anime to receive the prestigious and ultra rare “Perfect/10” G-Rating. One would read this and think that means the show is flawless and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with and ANYONE can watch a show like this and enjoy it. No. Like I said the Perfect/10 applies to me. MP is the perfect overall anime while KK is the perfect “iyashikei” anime, meaning a show meant to help cleanse the viewer’s mind and soul after coming home from a stressful day in the real world. That is what KK is for me.

So KK, as stated in the introduction, is a show about fox girls (six of them lesbians) working at an inn that serves various guests that include the traditional humans, animal people and more importantly beings throughout Japanese mythology and folklore such as oni, gods, wandering spirits and even souls given corporal form. I mentioned Japanese mythology and folklore because many of the characters and locations come from said sources from the easily recognizable Kappa to the goddess of bubbles. Almost every character that is not an animal-person is someone that viewers not familiar with Japanese culture will have to look up information on after the show properly explains who or what they are and where they come from. Having said that it is absolutely not necessary to be Japan-savvy to enjoy this wonderful show. It is, like other shows centered around JP mythology and/or folklore, very interesting to look up and learn more about them.

Yuzu scolding a naughty boy

This was one of the most surprising episodes.

Besides the cast’s diversity the other appeal about them is their personal problems they all have. What I mean is each one has relatable personal problems that because of the supernatural element in the show become more interesting than they already are. the problems range from familial ties and responsibilities to more profound topics like existentialism, creationism and the life cycle. Most of the characters have an interesting story to tell.



Even the Konohana-tei hotel/inn and the world it is set in have interesting stories behind them. As the show progresses viewers learn bits and pieces about the world and its denizens of all shapes, sizes and species complete with their own life cycles. Some of its secrets are spelled out while others require careful observation, specifically one recurring guest in particular (Hint: Mask.). Speaking of secrets expect to see several surprises upon the first blind viewing…and the feels, lots AND LOTS of feels.

As the above image shows but a small glimpse of, the anime is BEAUTIFUL! Well it has to be since it is an iyashikei show. The world Konohana-tei is set in oozes with visual beauty and wonder from the character designs to the changing weather from Spring to Winter. Nothing short of spectacular. The soundtrack is relaxing and Japanese in the best way with both its OPs and EDs also being relaxing. Fun fact: because the show takes place throughout the four seasons, each Volume of the Blu-Ray collection has a different ED based on the setting.

Since I already talked about the guests and other characters Yuzu meets throughout her time at Konohana-tei let us talk about the main six next and cover the yuri element at the same time as they are split into three couples.

Satsuki and Yuzu onsen

Yuzu X Satsuki. There are sexy moments on the show here and there.

First of all we have leading lady Yuzu and Satsuki. Yuzu is a walking time bomb of infinite cuteness whose kindness and adorableness mask a very clever, observant and intelligent fox. She may come off as naive and eager to serve at first glance but quickly surprises with her social and observation skills she learned from her loving mentor Lady Bikuni. She is also the same age as Satsuki. Speaking of Satsuki is a serious girl who does not tolerate anyone not doing/focusing on their assigned duties but is kind behind that stern wall. Besides being kind she is also a tsundere. There are only two people who can break through her stern wall, that being Kiri because of her sly nature and Yuzu for…obvious reasons. The same goes for Yuzu with Satsuki. She is the only one whose emotional influence on Yuzu is as strong as Lady Bikuni’s.

Ren and Natsume at the festival

Ren X Natsume.

Out of the three main couples Ren and Natsume give off the strongest yuri vibes. Think Yoko X The Ayaya (Kiniro Mosaic)…but unlike Yoko Natsume is much, MUCH LESS distant, if you know what I mean. Ren is a short bishoujo who somewhat similarly to Satsuki gives off tsundere vibes but is more strict about neatness and tidiness. She herself strives on looking as good as possible and being courteous…though she is easily irritable. Also like Satsuki she is super nice behind her wall of strictness. My comparing the two is purely due to their tsundere similarities. How they express themselves both interpersonally and intrapersonally, completely different, especially when it comes to…you know. Natsume is the cool chick of the group. I do not want to say tomboy but that is the best way to describe her. Besides that as I already mentioned she is far from oblivious to what goes on around her.

Kiri and Sakura

Kiri X Sakura.

Lastly we have Kiri X Sakura, aka the age-gap couple. Kiri is a sly and naughty fox who has an answer to most things and often shows off her veteran prowess both in her brains and body. Sakura is kind of the “Kanna” (Dragon Maid) of the show except she only speaks when necessary. The childlike innocence and wonder that made the aforementioned dragon child so much fun to watch are present with Sakura as well. Unfortunately the one itsy-bitsy-teeny-tiny little nitpick I have with the show is that we did not learn very much about their relationship. All viewers get are some scenes showing they have much more than a mere “adult taking care of child” relationship. Oh well. This does not detract from my (and I imagine many others) enjoyment of the show in the slightest. Just something I would have loved to get more info on. Maybe someday.

Overall Konohana Kitan is easily one of my favorite shows of the Fall 2017 season, top two easily. The show ended with a delightful whimper (No galactic explosion but something fantastic regardless), telling me the tales of the gay foxes is obviously far from over. As usual with these shows I am left hoping we will somehow get more in the future and it does not end up being yet another “manga lure”. Having said that this show still deserves its “Perfect/10” G-Rating. A must watch for SoL fans and Girls Club aficionados (Even though this is technically, in theory, not a Girls Club show). Iyashikei fans are also invited to give this one a look. You never know.


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48 Responses to 338th G-View: Konohana Kitan

  1. Jack Cactus says:

    Konohana Kitan rightfully deserves the title of “BEST Yuri anime of 2017”.

    The characters are masterfully crafted with all of em’ being so lovable on many levels, especially Yuzu with her destructive cuteness. (°◇°)(°◇°)(°◇°)

    The fact that KK is not just an ordinary SoL or Cute Girls Doin Cute Things but with lots of moral lessons, philosophies and folk lores blended in made it an unpredictable but also very meaningful and emotional anime.

    The yuri is amazingly structured, being subtle yet so obvious at the same time. There were no moments where the couples excessively express their gayness, just light and fluffy moments between them, enough for the viewers to know that they’re in love with each other.

    The animation is brilliant and often change to the chibi art style which is one of my favorite things in anime this year. Hope that more animes can adopt the same kind art.

    The soundtracks are also great, so soothing and peaceful.


    I’m not goin to rest in peace because we’re YET to have a SakuKiri episode despite them being the gayest of all couples (already canon)

    To let out my frustration, “What is Sakura’s favorite food? Oni-Kiri” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) grabs Bleach.

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  2. EasyO's says:

    So much goodness this season! I first came into this show expecting cute fox girls flirting with each other and not only did we get that, we also had an absolutely wonderful selection of heartfelt and sometimes even tear-jerking short stories. I’d say Konohana Kitan more than any other show this year is most deserving of a 2nd season.

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  3. Mauron says:

    This is an excellent show, and would make for an easy “best show this season”, except that it had some competition.

    Yuzu x Satsuki was wonderful and my favorite couple this series. Natsume and Ren had a lot of great moments together, and partnered with Okiku made me really want a yuri family series. As for Sakura and Kiri, Sakura acts way too young for me take any feelings of hers as more than a childhood crush, and Kiri just came across as creepy.

    Yuzu is definitely not a mere mortal.

    I hope we get a season two and official print manga translation.

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  4. John says:

    Guys, here you have it, the seventh and last BD special for Sin Nanatsu no Taizai. At this point I don’t need to mention how NSFW it is right?
    BTW, it seems that the anime of the Virtues will be a series of 5min shorts. Bummer.

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  5. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    Such a magical, fantastic show! I came for the gay foxes, but came to love it for the amazing and heartfelt stories based in the various folklore. Satsuki and Yuzu were def my fav couple, followed by Ren and Natsume. I agree, I was waiting for an episode focusing on the relationship between Sakura and Kiri, but it’s only a minor blemish. I’m curious if the fact that it was age gap and Sakura seemed so childish had anything to do with why they didn’t elaborate much on them? (Things to ponder I guess). Overall, one of the best of the year and definitely a contender for Yuri of the year. If nothing else, we absolutely need a second season.

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  6. OG-Man says:

    Satsuki X Yuzu was totes adorbs.

    Natsume X Ren also had many delightful moments.

    Pity. Oh well. No big deal.

    Again let’s hope for the best.

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  7. cirno9fan says:

    Very few shows can I ever say that I didn’t dislike an episode. And ever fewer can I say that every episode was “good”. But it is truly a feat for a show to pull off “amazing” consistently. And that is what this show did.

    My only complaint is the same as many: Not enough on SakuKiri.

    I can’t decide between this and Kobayashi for AotY. It’s quite a difficult decision ;_;

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    • OG-Man says:

      Oh yes. Good to great consistently.

      SPOILER ALERT! They’re both in my top 5 of 2017 for sure.

      Indeed. That origin story NEEDS to be animated.


  8. LuzeriP says:

    Perfect 10, could this be your anime of the year? For me it’s definitely top 3. It has everything, not only a show to laugh and relax, but also to learn, to reflect things about life. Sometimes I cried. The yuri was over the top, it’s romantic and nothing’s subtle about them. My fav character is Natsume so my fav couple is Natsume and Ren. Yuzu and Satsuki’s also cute. And I agree we need more story about Kiri x Sakura. Hoping for second season or at least 12 OVAs.

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    • OG-Man says:

      It’s in the top 5 for sure but you’ll have to wait until my Top 10 post to find out where it ranks.

      Good choice for a favorite character and couple.

      Yup. We all needed more KiriSaku/SakurKiri, especially their origin story being animated.

      Yup. We need more.


  9. exqalph03 says:

    This is definitely within my top 3 for the year!! there’s just great competition that I can’t say that it’s the best! But definitely fantastic!! It made my days easier, cozier, and happy!! I really appreciate the subtle nuances between the characters, the meaningful messages sent from the events that happened, the growth, and interconnection of their lives.!! Ugh..!! I’ll really miss this anime!! I want more!! Honestly, this anime can be extended for 24 episodes or more but I’m also worried about the quality if that really happens just because of the fans, lol.

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  10. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    Waaaahhhh!!! T_T

    It’s over! huhuhuhuhuhuhu T_T

    This show really made me happy that it’s making me so sad now it’s over 😦

    The ships, the characters and the music are all so wonderful. It made me so warm inside especially this last episode. I was hoping to see Bikuni-sama one last time but it’s fine, it’s Okami’s episode 🙂 Yuzu really likes to make Satsuki worry about her by always being on the verge of dying or not going back. But it’s nice to see Satsuki looking really worried about Yuzu. The last episode was really amazing and I’ll really miss this show. I hope to have more in the future.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Most of us are sad it ended.

      The cast was so wonderful that everyone deserved more screen time besides what they got, like Miss Bikuni.

      Satsuki cares deeply for her short bae.

      Yes. MORE GAY FOXES!

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  11. Yurilover says:

    Quite easily my favorite show, now

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  12. I definitely agree with the rating. I came into this season only really anticipating LL Sunshine, but…wow. I had already fallen in love with this show by like episode 3, and it’s only gotten even more amazing since then. Just…aaaa. I love this show.

    Like many others, SakuKiri episode is needed, and 2nd season/More Stuff is needed. If I lived anywhere I could easily buy the show, I would most definitely do it, and If I find some way to get it even slightly difficultly, I would definitely do so. Must support this amazing show!

    Anyways, others have mostly said things here that I have nothing left to say (Jack Cactus and EasyO’s), so I refer you to their comments, as my thought are largely the same, and feeling too emotional to really articulate my thoughts properly.

    sobs violently

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    • Also, thoughts on last episode:
      Definitely did not expect to see Okami’s backstory. Yuzu’s god-powers extend even to time-travel, huh? Though her wanderings did almost end up with their permanently stranded elsewhere in time. Nuu. That would have been waayyyyyyy too heart-breaking to see. Sad Yuzu breaks my heart, sows it back together, only to then break it into even tinier pieces again.

      Though…Yuzu actually just gave the inspiration to then-Tsubaki for Konohanatei in the first place though time-travel because of having been to Konohanatei in the future…so Konohanatei inspired its own creation, in a way…damn. Yuzu inspired the goddess to make Tsubaki make Konohanatei and become Okami, which in the future inspires Yuzu to talk about Konohanatei to the goddess and Tsubaki…head spins

      Distressed Satsuki! Oh noes! Also, cute.

      AAAAAAAAAAA! ITS OVER! tears of joy for having found this series and tears of sadness for having it end and no longer having a new episode next week

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      • OG-Man says:

        Twas a welcome backstory indeed. Also as I told someone else here Demigod Yuzu confirmed but you also noticed.

        Poor Satsuki missing her short bae’s company. Delightful.

        Like all great shows when they’re done it shall be missed.

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    • Also, you’ve now convinced me to finally watch Mouretsu Pirates off my “to watch” list. I’ve seen the movie before due to my anime club showing it a while back, but the series itself has been on my long list for a while, but now that many shows are ending, I will have the time to watch it, and so I shall.

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    • OG-Man says:

      This show needs all the support it can get, yes.

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  13. TmTapani says:

    And yet an another great show that went out with a whimper. I loved it up until this last episode which was just pretty much… well… a pointless one. At first I thought they were on to something with Satsuki panicking because she couldn’t find Yuzu but they never really followed that through. Instead they gave us the Okami / Tsubaki backstory , which, while fine in itself, was a weird choice for the final episode when the relationships between the fox girl pairs have been a major focus in the series so far. Just compare it to the last episode of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid for example. The last few minutes of it were perhaps the most important ones in the show.


    • OG-Man says:

      Actually it was both Okami AND the Konohanatei Inn’s origin. Also Demigod Yuzu confirmed. As far as the yuri in the finale went it remained as subtle yet obvious as it had been since the beginning. That’s what I meant when I called the final episode a “delightful whimper”.

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  14. ArcaJ says:

    Yuzu diety status confirmed! She is the Goddess of Inspiration. She basically wished Konohanatei into being. No wonder the Afterlife wants her so badly. ^_^ Tsubaki’s voice and manner seemed familiar to me, but I didn’t put it together until Inari started asking about a hot spring.

    Yuzu does have some kind of mysterious power. She gets dragged into another space-time and she still ends up surrounded by cute girls. The idea that all the Inari shrines are connected and they spend their time granting wishes. Not so much by magic, but by inspiring humans to help one another. It warms my heart! Hopefully, some of those foxes will end up visiting Konohanatei on their break.

    Once again, Satsuki shows us just how much she loves Yuzu. It’s telling that Yuzu was dumped right on top of her. (even the GODS are shipping those two!)

    Once again, I am so glad we got to experience such a lovely anime. No matter how odd they all are, the foxes of Konohanatei are some of my favorite characters I’ve met this season.

    I hope we’ll meet again.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Demigod Yuzu at least.
      That’s the beauty of this show. All of its surprise reveals had subtle enough clues yet many couldn’t put them all together until after the big reveal, or at least a super hint before said reveal.

      Such beauty and pathos throughout the show.

      Precisely. We didn’t get a blatant “I love you” but it was written in her face when she panicked after her sweet bae disappeared…again.

      Konohanatei, its staff and all their guests shall be dearly missed.

      S2 please!

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  15. Reapy_s0ul says:

    I liked
    wanted more sakukiri
    and yuzusatsu orwhateverthefuckitscalled
    and natsuren

    anyway, I liked it but it was a bit corny at times and a lot of the situations felt kind of forced

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  16. paw says:

    Ah AOTY for me. And idk if this is considered spoiler for anyone who hasn’t glimpsed the manga but just in case,


    Kiri and Sakura’s backstory is shown in the manga. Those two met when they were kids way before any of them were hired to work at Konohanatei. Based on their looks, the age gap might be around 6-8 years? You be the judge: https://imgur.com/a/REAg8

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    • OG-Man says:

      One of the best of 2017 for sure.

      Neato. However, it’s one thing to know about what happens in the manga but another in wanting to see the events animated. We all want the latter.

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  17. yurimylove says:

    I hope the Inari foxgirls have heard our collective prayers for a new season and grant us our wishes soon.

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  18. Ann Sears says:

    the ending is so beautiful, I thought it’s gonna end with cliche stuff like satsuki leaving or something. but thanks goodness, it didn’t happen.

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  19. K says:

    I know I sound like a broken record but seriously, Yuzu’s a truly special girl because, if you think about it, she’s the reason why Konohanatei exists now and the reason why Okami found a nice place to call home.

    By this series’ end, it also cannot be denied that Yuzu has a knack for attracting supernatural beings. In that sense, she reminds me of Hibiki of Re-Kan fame.

    This was a delightful watch. Good lessons, swell ships and nice surprises abound.

    I just have one little “OBJECTION!” to make though; I don’t think you meant anything by it but why the aversion to calling Natsume a tomboy? It adds to her charm, I say.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yuzu is pretty much a demigod. No doubt about it.

      Great stuff for sure.

      Because you know there are people who would be offended by the term on the internet.


  20. chikorita157 says:

    I have to admit that this show is enjoyable. The fox girls are adorable and it”s nice to see the girls solve people’s problems and such with some nice production values. Of course, I wouldn’t mind a sequel if they decide to one.

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  23. Teagan Blayn Litcott says:

    Alright, I just got to the end. But not because I’ve put it off for a random pet peeve of mine, but because I’ve read the manga way before and I knew I’ll absolutely love it till the end, so I treated it like the amazing delicacy it is, and savored it on special occasions.
    And as expected it did not disappoint at all, there was no episode that did not leave me at least teared up.
    Also, sorry Aihara Yuzu, but my fox daughter will always be the prime Yuzu in my heart.

    And awesome review as always! 🙂


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