Love Live! Sunshine!! 2.11: Party Hard

We joined our heroines and the rest of their classmates preparing something extra special this episode.


I’m 100% sure the girl in the middle was not making a face.

This episode will be more a highlight reel than an in-depth analysis because on the surface not much happened in terms of story. Instead we got plenty of great moments. First of all was the obvious Perfect Episode Summary by the Perfect One. The only one that could match its greatness was Yohane’s.

Smug Hanamaru sensing Yohane's fear of ghosts.jpg

Smug Zuramaru detecting Yohane’s fear of ghosts, calling her a wimpy fallen angel.

Walrus duo.jpg

The two mascots.

Chika and You having a moment.jpg

You taking advantage of the writers’ unfortunate botch.

Chicken Riko Returns.jpg

Been a while since Riko’s lovely secret was unearthed.

The Quizmaster.jpg

Quizmaster Dia.

Quizmaster Dia 2.jpg

More from The Perfect Quizmaster.

GanbaRuby Quiz.jpg

GanbaRuby Quiz.

Triple Bzzzzt!.jpg

Triple Perfect Catchphrase Combo of Awesomeness, raising the catchphrase count to 9.

Fortune Teller Yohane

Fortuneteller Yohane.

Idol Cuteness


Hand holding.jpg

I hope you’re all happy people on this boat.

Kanan proposing to Mari

Kanan proposes to Mari.

You know why KanaMari is the best ship in Aqours? Because it’s one of the few couples that wasn’t botched or fell victim to “shipper pandering”, them and ChiYou but more so KanaMari. None of this “Oh I have to change my mind after this episode” crap. They remained consistently strong since their introduction. Plus it didn’t make a certain event that happened in S1 POINTLESS! I’m sure some people will say otherwise but unless something happens in the coming two episodes or potential movie that S1 moment currently has lost most of its “hyper squee power”.

Mari determined to be victorious.jpg

This entire scene from the beginning of Mari’s speech to the song after the ED.

“All good things come to an end but before that time comes make sure to go all out enjoying every last minute of that good thing.” That’s the message I got from this episode and it’s a very valuable one.


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29 Responses to Love Live! Sunshine!! 2.11: Party Hard

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Yeah, I gotta agree

    This season has been just a whole lot of ship pandering. But somehow KanaanMari has stayed the course. Throughout it all. it’s pretty commendable.

    While I do think the story was handled better in this one, the ships were handled way better in the original. This has been way too all over the place. There’s no consistency, and everything is just weaker because of that.

    Too bad we still haven’t gotten a LilyCle anime. Would be an amazing showing of couples that are friends with each other, but still very much couples.

    Anyway, was an amusing ep, but nothing very special.

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    • OG-Man says:

      With μ’s it was in S2 where the Super Mega OTPs were firmly established and the movie solidified them. Sunshine!! gave us some excellent ships in S1 but sadly went down a pandering route in S2 because of a “We need to please everyone!” mentality. Doesn’t work that way…except for Yuru Yuri but that’s part of its appeal, though it at least has more than two Super Mega OTPs it didn’t botch…yet.

      Not all episodes in idol shows are home runs. That’s always been the case.

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  2. Shinryu says:

    I’ve been on board the KanaMari ship since the beginning and it was so nice to see it progress this season as it has. It’s nice to see a series actually stick to at least one of it’s obvious intended pairings.

    I do agree about the other ships. I mean, the whole ChikaYouRiko triangle basically ended up pointless this season outside of the magical moment at the beginning of the season. It was nice to actually see You this episode though I wouldn’t blame anyone who forgot who she was given how little screen time she has been given.

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  3. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    I agree, this season has made it difficult to stay on any given ship, but I’m still trying to hold strong on my ChiRiko ship or at least the ChiRikYou ot3. However, there’s no doubt about KanaMari and it doesn’t get more canon than a not so implied, but rather obvious, proposal such as that. Let the naysayers do their thing, but we know the truth. Sad that its over next week, but we’ve had a good run.

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  4. Jack Cactus says:

    Actually, it’s 9 and a half times of the Perfect Catchphrase (the half is in the opening recap sequence)

    I kinda want……(rewriting my wishlist)….. seriously want that approval seal stamped on my forehead by Mari, and u forgot to highlight the Perfect Seal of Approval…..HOW COULD U???

    And that Perfect Quiz, my heart was immeDIAtely put in the state of peace when I saw that Perfect Quiz Hat and her costume. Bet that all Dia followers would purposefully give the wrong answer just to have the catch phrase yelled to their faces. (also, I demand a Dia Quiz made by the OG Man himself)

    More You and Kanan in seal (?) costume please, them squeaky noises when they move are just so adorable.

    That bonfire sequence pretty much concluded how the pairings should be for the rest of the show. YouChi is probably obvious, YohaRiko is a weird combination but I dig it, ZuraRuby (?) is okay but nothin’ beats the Kurosawa Sisters duo and finally, KanMari is …well…..Duh!!!
    I think at this point, KanMari is pretty much ……..”kanon” already judging from how gay the two expressed themselves toward one another.

    I wonder what lies ahead in the next 2 episodes???

    (Also, in the timestamp 11:25, I assume it was a sheer coincidence as it looked TOO GOOD to be a cameo and I don’t blink, u might miss it.)

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    • OG-Man says:

      I’m nowhere near as perfect as our Perfect Queen.

      KanaMari is the one that’s legit. The others are up in the air.

      I’m intrigued as well.

      Yes. I’m aware of that pseudp-cameo by a certain school idol who was voiced by a school idol of the same name.

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  5. Mauron says:

    I’d like to start with a calm and rational statement on one scene near the end of the episode.


    This explains why Kanan is getting her diving instructor’s license in “another country”, instead of in Japan. She’ll be living with Mari in Italy for a few years, and will need a local license at that point.

    This is the first episode that gave me a problem with one of my ships. All the prior scenes that might have been a problem could have felt more romantic by themselves, but taking the series at a whole still pushed me to existing ships. Like when Yohane and Riko were missing Laelaps Nocturne, I got more from Chika and Zuramaru’s worried faces than Yohane and Riko’s mirrored “let’s draw and play fetch.”

    Wait, Riko has demonstrated super speed/teleportation this season, right? And Chika has clothing related superpowers? Clearly Riko and Chika were holding hands there, and it just looks like Yohane from the back.

    I like Mari’s stamp of approval.

    I was hoping the Love Live! quiz would have George as an answer.

    I had a feeling Uchicchi was empty when Chika was talking to You.

    Yohane has familiar looking tarot cards.

    Riko wants Chika to recreate that magazine cover with her.

    Did I mention Kanan and Mari are engaged?

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  6. ErikoK says:

    Something to mention, the YohaRiko ship is kind of like NicoMaki. It was strong before the first season even came around, with some small shipping hints in the original material, then when the first season of the anime came around the block it wasn’t all that present, only for it to return with the second season. The difference is that the writers bothered to develop a bond between Riko and Yoshiko, unlike how NicoMaki kind of came out of nowhere.

    The scene with Kanan and Mari is totally a marriage proposal, no person can’t convince me otherwise. The Perfect One even cheers Mari on to say yes.

    I feel like the part where they said that knowing something may not repeat is what makes it all the better applies not only to Aqours but to μ’s. It’s like the writers wanted us to think from the beginning that they were going to copycat μ’s only to surprise us when things went differently, all that fanservice and references were intentional, it’s all there to make you think that this will be μ’s 2.0 and then it all falls apart, this isn’t the second coming of μ’s, this the story of Aqours.

    The part with the waves erasing Aqours name left me on the verge of tears. When everyone started singing the ED, I just couldn’t hold it back anymore.

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    • OG-Man says:

      I mentioned before that when it comes to idol shows I don’t pay attention to any other continuity but the one in the anime.

      Yes. The end is nigh and it is very sad indeed. Let’s cheer them on till the end!

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      • ErikoK says:

        The point I was making about YohaRiko was concerning the anime’s continuity. I feel like the ships were handled better in Sunshine rather than in the original, sure, you had the big ships like NicoMaki or NozoEli but NicoMaki comes a little out of nowhere considering the anime’s continuity and EliUmi (best ship btw) was botched completely on order to have NozoEli appear.

        Even after the YohaRiko episode and following scenes there’s still some ChikaRiko material and some YohaMaru material.

        Was YohaRiko put there to please the fans? Absolutely. But it was handled way better than the other ships that came out of nowhere in season 2 of the original, you can actually see Yoshiko and Riko going from “distant friends” through Aqours to close friends thanks to Laelaps/Nocturne, there’s a feeling that their relationship grows (yeah, Nozomi and Eli were friends before the original even began, but admit it, UmiEli was THE Eli ship in the first season).

        Oh, and ChikaRiko and YohaMaru fans shouldn’t be salty or worried that their ships are “botched”, I feel like ChikaRiko is still strong (season 2 episode 10 anyone?) and even in this episode Riko says that Zuramaru helped Yoshiko with the fortune-telling stand because she wanted to make her happy (and to be fair, if I ever met someone with such a pure smile I would want to make that person happy too).

        So… No, ChikaRiko and YohaMaru haven’t been botched, not yet at least (and as much as I love YohaRiko, I don’t want others ship to be botched because of it).

        Oh, and as a plus, we got a nice moment between You and Chika. It may not make up for the lack of proper You screentime this season, but it delves a little into You’s bond with Chika and explains a little about You’s motivations. Pretty nice I say.

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  7. Bayuro says:

    I’m a bit disappointment that this episode is not featured on the second years compare on the last two episode which feature the first and third years. It turns out this is the Uranohoshi’s last school festival before the Love Live Finals. Despite of the disappointment, I still understand the season are running out of time because it only has two episodes left.

    For me the real highlight of this episode is Chika and Riko are doing a maid cafe and the two are complimenting their costumes which was inspired by Riko’s “Porn”.

    I agree that KananMari is the best of all shippings, it also the most stable of all the ships without any interference. As far as I know Kanan and Mari are the most underrated members of Aqours that’s why they’re like a neutral country on a world war of shippings. Their moments are the most vivid through out the two seasons. My ChikaRiko ship seems have to struggle with this other ships like ChikaYou and even YohaRiko ships. Well, ship pandering is one of those reality of this franchise to deal with.

    I bet those YohaRiko shippers are going crazy after witnessing their pair have finally holding hands for the first time ever. No big deal, as a ChikaRiko shipper myself, it really doesn’t bother me that much because in that sequence everybody in that school are holding hands together and surrounds the bonfire including Chika, Riko and You. It’s a Japanese school tradition where everybody are holding hands (usually dancing) and surround the bonfire is one of the popular anime cliche everytime there’s a school festival.

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    • Mauron says:

      I suspect at this point Riko is bringing those magazines out more as a hint to Chika.

      KananMari is great with their quite blatantly romantic moments, but my personal favorite is YohaMaru. Riko’s also quite good at the vivid moments, being the only character to say “I love you” to someone else.

      Somehow I hadn’t connected the “Yohane and Riko join hands” to “everyone joins hands.” Clearly the fallen angel’s ability of premonition just got her a head start on the process.

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      • Bayuro says:

        YohaMaru shippers like you are a true ally for us ChikaRiko shippers. I don’t see any contradictions between both ships. According to my principle when it comes to shipping characters from school themed anime, it’s more practical to ship characters from the same school year than with different years. The bond of the characters with the same year are stronger, they share the same classroom, they share the same homework etc. They even graduate together. YohaMaru is no exception. The best smoking gun of this principle is KananMari. When it comes to shipping characters with different school years, it would be difficult for the younger character if the older character graduates and inevitably loneliness follows. Usually that’s the end of that pairing.

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      • Mauron says:

        I’m also firmly in the ChikaRiko camp. Chika’s good at over the top gestures of love, and it won Riko over, which is why she joined Three Mermaids… I mean, Aqours. My guiding principle is who looks cutest together, practicality be damned. Same year tends to have a bonus in this regard, but the best ships will convince me they’ll last beyond separate graduations.

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    • OG-Man says:

      What more is there to say that hasn’t already been said about the 2nd years?

      That was cute.

      No. The pandering is strongest this season. μ’s in S2 established stronger pairings and the movie solidified them. Here they established pairings in S1 but then went crazy with most of them in S2.

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  8. Bayuro says:

    Oh! I almost forgot, there’s one scene where Dia, Hanamaru and Ruby seems not amused on Kanan proposing to Mari scene. Dia with her ususal buu! buu! reaction make me speculate that she was jealous and Ruby’s reaction reminds me of the meme “But that’s forbidden love!”. Unfortunately OG didn’t include that screenshot.

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    • Mauron says:

      Dia probably was a little jealous, but I think the driving force behind those reactions was “We’re school idols! Don’t publicly get engaged until after we win the Love Live!”

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    • And here I am, as a newly converted Ruby x Leah shipper, imaginining Ruby imagining thoughts about someone else suddenly getting flustered over it in that scene…probably including a little bit of that meme, though, too.

      Dia & Hanamaru could be encouraging them too, though/telling them to “hurry up, we have other things to do this episode too!”. Hard to tell without hearing what they’re saying or such.

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  9. themarrowbook says:

    To be honest, I care less about shipping Aqours girls this season than I did in S1 (KanaMari is an exception).
    I know it’s nothing new in this franchise that we get setting inconsistencies between media and the Love Live anime staff would introduce fan-favourite elements from other media at any time.

    What I loved about Love Live! though, is that all the nine members and their interactions are relevant to the plot. I may be in the minority, because as far as I observe, the fandom seem to concern much more about individual characters and their favourite pairings than the plot, and the anime staff are probably aware of that.
    Still, I felt this episode were more plot-relevant than it looked. The main plot of this season was the effort to save their school, and later the effort to preserve its name in the LL history. This week’s episode was important in exploring each student’s feeling towards the place, which should have been done sooner in the season as well.

    And they finally did Mari a justice, in an unexpected yet dramatic way.
    Yohane’s fortune-telling tarot cards might have been a gift from a certain goddess of music.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Well said. You helped confirm my hypothesis that every episode in season 2 had meaning. Though I didn’t have much to say doesn’t mean it’s “filler” or “nothing special”. It had its message and relevancy to the story.

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  10. yurimylove says:

    grilled oranges… wait wut? 😀

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  11. Good stuff once more. Others have already said needed to be said about specific moments, mostly, and as a (mostly) eternal OT3 shipper, I am already resistant to many things.
    starts thinking up a fanfic where after the show ends and perhaps several years have passed, Kanan & Mari come back from Italy on vacation to visit lonely Dia, who they’ve been keeping in contact with but haven’t seen in a while

    Probably an unintentional cameo indeed. Though…maybe someone should check the backgrounds of earlier episodes (also season 1?) to check if there’s aren’t any other sneaky ones somewhere…

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  12. philipbaxton says:

    I really liked that ChikaYou part. It felt like a callback to last seasons 11th episode where you was feeling jealous of Riko. Unlike last time this time You was able to talk to Chika about how she feels about her. I agree the reason I like KanaMari and ChikaYou is because these two ships have been pretty consistent in the amount of support and trust they show each other. KanaMari is the biggest OTP in the show though.


  13. K says:

    It should have been a funeral but it was turned into a very festive event. It was quite the joyous occasion indeed!

    Mari was apologizing for not keeping Uranohoshi afloat. However, no one blamed her. They knew how hard she worked to save the school as its director. No shame in that at all. By the way, the way Kanan offered her hand to her was cool.

    Uranohoshi may be dead but it can still attain immortality. Aqours, to the finals!!!


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