Konohana Kitan Episode 11: Divine Epiphany

A most interesting episode awaited us this time around.

Sakura in awe.jpg

We kicked off the episode with Sakura receiving a special visitor. He made some pretty cool stuff Sakura enjoyed playing with. Yuzu wondered if it was okay to not attend to the guest. Kiri said he often visited Sakura and had fun making stuff for her and seeing her enjoy playing with them.

Gods of Entertainment.jpg

Gods of Entertainment.

Ren also had frequenting guests in the Gods of Entertainment. She enjoyed discussing fashion with them. The gods talked about how life was boring for them because of the advancement of technology and there not being as many wars or reason to celebrate the gods…something like that anyway. Basically nowadays there wasn’t as much time to party as there was back then because humans only called to them when needed rather than celebrated their blessings frequently. Halloween becoming more popular in Japan also played a part in the gods’ lack of party time. We also got a brief but telling description of the world Konohanatei was located at. It was discussed in comments a few times but now we know for sure what kind of world it is.

Cool propeller.jpg

Cool propeller.

Back to the guy who visited Sakura. He was a retired God of Battle (dare I say, war?) that due to there not being as many wars in Japan he mostly kept himself entertained chilling with Sakura. Yuzu saw him use his katana to carve something instead of an axe. She worried it would break but the god said it’s cool because it’s better for him to carve some cool stuff that could only be done with a katana than let it rust due to lack of use.

Familiar beauty.jpg

Familiar beauty.

Later that night the gods of entertainment were having a blast. Earlier there was a third woman among their ranks. Yuzu and the woman had a talk about Konohanatei being much livelier back then than in present time. Yuzu responded that it being more relaxed now wasn’t bad either because there were great benefits that could only be experienced in the less lively Konohanatei.

Familiar beauty without mascara.jpg

Which is better, with or without make up? I say without.

Before continuing with the second half the mature beauty’s true identity was quite interesting, especially when we learned how she transformed.

Okiku's new friend.jpg

Okiku’s new friend.

We joined Okiku bored and wanting to hang out with the gay foxes but they’re all busy tending to the festival guests. Annoyed, Urinosuke and her went to town. There they found a doll abandoned and in really bad shape. Okiku wanted to help her. When her new friend woke up she wanted to help patch her up so she tried calling her gay buddies.

Okiku's head knocked off.jpg

Okiku frightens me sometimes.

Most were unable to help due to time or inability to do so. Of course the one girl who may have been of some help Okiku outright refused to even try, being traumatized and all. The other doll asked why it ran away from “the little terror” and wondered if it was because she was never played with in her life and was only used to being properly dressed. The flashback and reveal that came after this I’ll leave for viewers to see for themselves. This show excels at giving fans experiences that are best seen than described. It’s THAT GOOD!

The fact it’s almost over greatly saddens me.


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10 Responses to Konohana Kitan Episode 11: Divine Epiphany

  1. Mauron says:

    The god of war certainly appreciates Sakura’s innocence. I wonder if he can make a cool propeller for my cats.

    I think the mature beauty looked best with the first stage of her makeup on. It emphasizes the mature aspect.

    I was hoping Okiku’s friend would fall in the staff category rather than the guest category. Also, I want more scenes with Natsume and Ren acting as Okiku’s parents, and Yuzu as the crazy aunt.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jack Cactus says:

    How can a creature like Sakura be so adorable and evil at the same time. The part where she tried to capture Okiku fits really well into a horror video game.

    Among the gods, the God of Battle is probably my favorite. He’s like a gentle giant, tall, big but always so calm and composed (not to mention his blade work). Guess after all those decades and centuries of war, an adorable little creature was all he need to find peace. And the Gods of Entertainment scared me, I’ll never forget their faces in my sleep.

    I think Ok…. ehm…. the Fox Lady looks better with her make up, really emphasizes her mature beauty. (I actually expected from the start of the show that her demi-fox form would look very good).

    That Okiku x Lili part, so much feels. My heart felt a sharp pain when Okiku said “Stay here with me” because she’s just so lonely there, all the while the (probably) only companion of her kind was fading away. I imagine Okiku rushing towards Lili to embrace her and convince her to stay at Konohanatei, that would be dream come true.

    1 episode left and we STILL DON’T HAVE A SAKUKIRI EPISODE, this is MADNESS.

    (Also, the blade used to make the propeller is a Tantō)

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Reapy_s0ul says:

    I was hoping that Okiku would finally get her own girlfriend, but…
    Either way, it was an entertaining episode nonetheless, big desire of SakuKiri, lots of SakuKiri, more than I, or anyone else, could safely comprehend.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. ArcaJ says:

    What a sublime episode. Sakura does her best to please her guest. it’s nice that a retired god can still feel useful, if only to bring joy to a little girl-fox..thing. Ren’s regulars were a hoot. (yes, I know the “Okama” is an overused trope, but they were fun and pretty chill. Plus, they made Natsume dance. ^_^

    Who would think i’d get emotional over a cursed doll? But, Konohana Kitan excels at wringing poignant moments out of everything. I was worried that something might try to snatch Okiku when she went to town (or exorcise her! O_O). But she found Lily and her first thought was to help her. I remember my favorite doll. Her name was Alicia (shut up!) and she wore a blue dress with white buttons.

    I’m pretty sure Okami-san’s “makeup” is just her using a fox’s shape-shifting ability. Since all the other foxes (except Kiri) seem relatively young, they haven’t learned how to do it yet. but, if I’m wrong, I NEED THAT MAKEUP NOW!!!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  5. yurimylove says:

    lol “I blinked and missed it”

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Okiku x Lili aaa! Maybe one day in the future, perhaps, Lili will find her way to Konohanatei again and this time, having no human that still needs her, instead choose to stay with Okiku. I am not kidding when I say my first thought as I saw Lili was “A girlfriend for Okiku, perhaps?!” and then “Awww……” tears when Lili went away, despite her “happy ending” as it were, with her human.

    SakuKiri episode! SakuKiri episode! Though I also need a 2nd season, so we could get it then, but…I want it now! Next episode, pretty please!

    Though, I do also wonder what exactly the connection between Sakura and the god of battle really is…is it just that she’s cute and her childlike innocence, or is there…something else? For example, perhaps she’s his daughter with someone else, or something strange like that?

    Okami is….very pretty. I agree though…without makeup is prettier.

    Huh. So Konohanatei really is a place like that. An “in-between” place from the mortal world to the world of gods, spirits and the dead. Makes sense.

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