KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 36-39: Catching Up

So yeah. I haven’t posted a PreCure episodic in a while. Reason being I didn’t feel like there was much to talk about in episodes 36 to 38. Then the plot kicked into gear again in 39 so let’s briefly go over 36-38 and then go to 39.

Akira Checking up on Ichika.jpg

Akira checking up on Ichika, bringing back memories of when they first met.

Episode 36: The last two Cures to have their bonding episode were Ichika and Akira. Therewas a sports cultural festival and the Cures were split into different teams. Akira and Ichika of course were on one team. Akira helped her team get far but caught a cold earlier from Miku and she tried hiding it but it slowly affected her. Ichika figured it out and had her take a break. Ichika then explained the reason she worked so hard to help the townsfolk was because of how kind everyone was to her family when they moved to Strawberry Hill. She wanted to repay their kindness tenfold. It of course ended with Ichika catching Akira’s cold and Akira taking care of her, reminding viewers of their first meeting. You know, how Ichika was super into Akira before learning the truth, though she still acknowledges her attractiveness.

Aoi X Himari

It won’t surprise anyone when I say of the three Cure bonding episodes the one centered around Aoi and Himari was the best.

Bibury and Madame Solene

Bibury and Madame Solene.

Episode 37 was about Ciel possibly leaving KiraPati to follow her dream of becoming a master chef in France because of her former manager from France, Madame Solene. She saw great potential in Ciel and thought her A+ cuisines were better suited for a country like France rather than Strawberry Hill. Of course Ciel chose to stay with her friend and girlfriend, who had the best scenes in the episode…ESPECIALLY the one where it was thanks to her tsundere love Ciel found the answer she was looking for. Madame Solene acknowledged Ciel was doing just fine there but still wanted her to go to France to compete in a super cuisine tournament. The good news was her waifu and the other Rangers were also invited. I think Bibury came along as well. I didn’t pay attention to the OP and ED showing off scenes from the movie. So yes, this episode was to set up the movie where the Baking Rangers went to France. I’ll check it out once it’s subbed.

Human Pekorin.jpg

Pekorin’s human form.

Episode 38 had Pekorin wish to become a human so she could be more helpful to the Rangers. The soul of Cure Sous Chef granted her wish and much cuteness ensued. Her human form didn’t last long because she used it all to protect the Rangers from Grave and his powered up pimp mobile from beating them up. Okay episode with the highlight being Pekorin’s cuteness and courage. It also ended with the hint of a certain character making their…”anticipated” (HEAVY QUOTES) return…

Alright. Now we’re at 39.

Gummies and fairies coming gathered

Lots of gathered fairies and Gummies.

We joined our heroines discussing an upcoming meeting, the Strawberry Mountain Grand Assembly of Fairies where fairies and Gummies from across he globe gathered to discuss the looming threat of Lord Noir’s forces of darkness. The Rangers were also invited.

The Cures trying to assure the fairies they're up to the challenge

The Cures assuring the fairies they’re up to the challenge.

The meeting started with a cute presentation summarizing the events of the war between Cure Sous Chef and Lord Noir’s forces. It ended with the local and foreign fairies worried about Lord Noir’s return but, with a bit of sweet coercion, calmed down by our heroines who assured them that they’re up to the challenge.

Grave's car powered up by Diable's power.jpg

Grave’s pimp mobile powered up by Diable’s power.

On to the villains. Throughout the recent episodes Diable was the one attacking the Cures with him having to recover and power himself up after each defeat. Grave eventually saw an opportunity to absorb Diable’s powers into his pimp mobile. Elysio then goaded him into going all out by trying to use the full extent of Diable’s power…

Dark minions everywhere!.jpg

Dark Minions everywhere!

…which he did. While the Cures and fairies were baking up sweet treats Grave made his move by spreading Diable’s brainwashing fog all across Strawberry Hill. When the Cures arrived to face the threat they were shocked when it was revealed that all the Dark Minions were the citizens of Strawberry Hill! This reminded me of the Powerpuff Girls episode where HIM brainwashed the citizens of Townsville to attack the girls so as to  wear them down psychologically and emotionally. Similar premise here. The Cures were having a hard time dodging the Minions so as to not hurt them.

Grave Powered up.jpg

Grave powered up.

The Cures tried reasoning with Grave but he quickly shot them down that some people like him are just rotten to the core long before Lord Noir’s influence. Pumped up to smash the Cures he absorbed Diable’s energy into himself and became a hulking brute overpowering the Cures. He easily pwned the “PreCure! Animal-Go-Round”

Bibury's shield.jpg

Meanwhile Bibury and Pekorin fled to safety and  ran into the fairies. Bibury once again showed her coolness by talking down the Fairy Elders for being pacifists instead of helping the Cures in battle. Bibury’s words gave the fairies the backbone to stand up to the Dark Minions but there were too many of them. When all seemed lost though…remember when I said the previous episode hinted at a return.

Rio Returns.jpg

Rio/Julio/Pikario Returns…hooray…

Yup. Mr Blandypants himself had awakened from his coma thanks to Cure Sous Chef’s power and the head Gummy’s peace offering earlier in the episode. We knew this day would come. I was hoping it would be held off till episode 51. Peeps would say “But OG. PreCure shows usually have around 48-50 episodes”….exactly. Some of my homies said “Eh. Better to get it over and done with quick so we can move on” and that is the best course of action. Whatever his name is had returned and many of us gave a collected sigh and said “Whatever”.

Hopefully he won’t be the one who ends up beating Super Grave. That would be lame. The next episode title HOPEFULLY hints at that not being the case.


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5 Responses to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 36-39: Catching Up

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Yeah, it would be pretty disappointing if he were the one to defeat Grave. Him coming back and being superpowered is already enough of a -_-

    At least we saw that Biburi has some kind of magic power left in her. That was something I did not expect.

    As for the movie…I’ve yet to see her anywhere in the movie pvs so….sad to say she didn’t go. And to further accentuate that, there was fanart about Biburi sending Ciel off, so I am positive she doesn’t go. But hopefully she gets a send off scene.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MarkS00N says:

    I start with my negative opinion first, then the positive ones.
    I don’t know if it is the lack of competent director/producer or they simply has too many ideas (or toys to sell) that this Precure season felt more disjointed than previous one (even taking account that the episodic nature of Precure meant they will have episodes that doesn’t contribute to the overall narrative). Like, I like Akira x Yukari, but if one want to enjoy their moment, they only have episodes specific for this couple (episode 10 and 25, for example) because the other episodes they lack the closeness they have in those particular episodes. Like in this episode (39), Akira doesn’t call Yukari’s name when Yukari got hit by Grave, even though Yukari call Ciel’s name when Ciel got hit. Akira should’ve shown a lot more concern because she is the closest to Yukari (and vice versa). And I can say the same to the character development for all the Precure, where their character only get depth in their particular episode but that development rarely played in to other episode. This hurt my enjoyment for this season because I usually felt their achievement in each episode, most of the time at least, doesn’t feel like they deserve it. Or because opportunities for shipping moment (just show Akira and Yukari stand really close in the background, for example) do not materialize and it left me empty.

    The lack of physical fighting (though the lack of fighting choreograph to be precise), due to Toei following parents’ complain, also hurt the flow with enemy encounter. It become even more predictable than Mahoutsukai Precure (whose only complain I have for it is that the moment the Precure use their Rainbow Carriage, you know the enemy will be defeated) where the enemies don’t feel like they are threatening, and that sucks.

    But enough with the negative.
    While I say the lack of continuity hurt the season overall, each particular episodes when shipping happened (like Ciel x Bibury in episode 37 or previous Akira x Yukari episode), it does it really well. Ciel x Bibury is my OTP for this season and personally that speak volume about how well they manage their limited appearance together (they just felt like a perfect opposite couple that can fill each other’s weaknesses). And I like the fact that Ichika still has feeling toward Akira, even though you can only see it again in episode 36. Most shows with this kind of cliche never revisit the character’s love after the gender reveal. The fact that this Precure gives some hint about Ichika lingering feeling, makes it certain that Ichika’s love is not a fluke, and she does love Akira regardless of her gender (though of course, Akira is for Yukari only). From a manga review I saw in youtube, manga-Ichika even has a Cure Chocolate dakimakura (what a lewd rabbit).

    The manga overall seems to be gayer and I can’t wait to have my hand on it.

    On Bibury in the movie.
    Unfortunately, Bibury is not a Precure, so the chance for her to appear in the movie (or future season, if Kira Kira is included) is very slim.
    However, it appears that in unprecedented moves, Mahoutsukai Precure will be involved in Kira Kira Movie. And every chance to see more of Mirai x Liko is a big plus for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. neptuniafan says:

    The fights with the brainwashed civilians is pretty dumb, I mean the Kirakira team can’t really fight, so fighting someone who can’t fight with brainwashed people is redundant. Plus the Kirakira team can do a lot of things to defend themselves like breaking the mask to make them unconscious, or use the cream attacks to bind the people or stuck them in one location to give them more space. But no they have to be punching bags throughout the fight.

    I’m sorry but this series is a huge disappointment and this might be my most dislike Precure series in the entire franchise. This show feels like a show ONLY for kids, which is something I don’t want to see Precure turned into, but here we are. I can only hope the next one doesn’t follow the same path.


    • OG-Man says:

      Reminds me of complaints whenever older fans don’t get their way watching My Little Pony: FiM.
      Anyway fight scenes aren’t all I watch PreCure shows for nowadays. I got used to this entry being less martial artsy than previous ones after episode 3. Other complaints longtime fans may have with the show I cannot do anything about.


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