KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 34+35: Kitty Fairy Brawl and Custard Ice Cream Loving

We’ll quickly run over episode 34 since that’s a straightforward episode. Episode 35 however…HOO DOGGY!


Kirarin vs Cat Yukari

Okay. So all we need to know about episode 34 was that Yukari and her crystal animal bumped heads and somehow switched minds. Yukari, being Yukari didn’t panic at all and rolled with it. She got involved in a “gang war” between cats and the chubby puppy fairies. Yukari and Kirarin ended up fighting each other and Yukari used her wits to put an end to the war. The war was instigated by Diable’s “hate smog” as I like to call it. After making peace and understanding each other better Cure Macaron and Parfait led the rangers in a victorious battle against 3 of Diable’s dark wolf spawns. Diable himself was resting until he powered up enough to pose a greater threat than last time. And there we have it. Not my favorite Yukari or Ciel episode but enjoyable for what it was.

Now let’s get to the REALLY GOOD STUFF!

Aoi inviting Himari to a Chic Roche event

Aoi inviting Himari to a Chic Roche event.

Everyone was baking some sweet treats as usual but Aoi wasn’t entirely into it because she was thinking about a corporate event she had to attend and wasn’t looking forward to it. When she explained that it was a Chic Roche product launch party Himari went into “sweets otaku mode” and pleaded with Aoi come along. Aoi was like “Sure.”

Breach of etiquette.jpg

Breach of etiquette.

Before the party began Mr Butler (Can’t recall his name) said Himari needed to show proper eating etiquette. Himari tried eating slowly but got it wrong. When Mr Butler had Aoi show her how it’s done she was surprised by how good Aoi was at being ladylike. She explained that it was part of a deal: Take charm school classes to learn how to better represent the Tategami family and in return she got to continue being a rock star.

Aoi treating Himari.jpg

Aoi feeding Himari.

Aoi was “It is what it is. Now let’s chow down!” and fed her cute friend. Mr Butler wondered how the two were such great friends despite being so different. More on that in a bit.

Himari in sweets nerd mode again.jpg

Himari impressed by how good the sweets taste.

The party went as expected at first with Himari feeling out of place and Aoi putting her training to good use. Afterwards she took Himari to chow down some more and Himari was very impressed by how good the sweets tasted. She wanted to learn the secret but was nervous to approach the hoity-toity crowd. Aoi was about to accompany her when Mr Butler called her to go talk to the Chic Roche representative. Himari said she could handle it…

Snobs talking down Himari.jpg

Rich snobs talking down Himari.

…until some rich snobs showed up and talked her down after telling them she wasn’t a rich girl. She ran off and unknowingly left her book behind.

Crystal Lion and Crystal Squirrel.jpg

Crystal Lion in the light and Crystal Squirrel in the shadow.

After that Himari wondered if she had any right to be Aoi’s friend, them being from different social classes and all. We then got a pretty cool light and shadow backdrop between Aoi, Himari and their crystal animals, meant to represent their different social classes and moods. At least that’s what I got from it. Either way it was a short yet very effective moment.

Smogged snobs.jpg

“Smogged” snobs.

They found the book, which was conveniently left on a table near the stage where the new product was about to be introduced. Unfortunately that’s when Diable showed up and infected the guests with “hate smog”. One snob made Himari have a domino effect on the other snobs leading to the presentation being ruined. The hate infected snobs went on a tirade and Himari tried shouldering all the blame. This only made things worse so Aoi then stepped up to take the blame. The snobs then talked her down by saying she wasn’t worthy of being an heir because of her wild lifestyle.

Himari defending Aoi.jpg

Himari standing up for Aoi.

Himari had heard enough and once again stepped out of her comfort zone to defend her “friend”s honor. Long badass moment short she called Aoi the coolest girl she had ever met. That’s when Diable attacked.

Cure Custard and Gelato in trouble.jpg

Diable overpowering Cure Custard and Cure Gelato.

Cure Custard and Cure Gelato held their own against the (I think) 50% stronger Diable but were no match. Cure Custard was pinned down and Cure Gelato brushed aside.

Aoi X Himari.jpg

Aoi X Himari.

As Diable gloated over his advantage Cure Gelato paid back Cure Custard for before by telling him what an amazing girl Himari was and she loved her. AoiHima are Super Mega OTP now and I squee’d. With Custard’s intelligence and Gelato’s vigor they led the Rangers to victory. The episode ended with Mr Butler giving Himari and Aoi his blessing. So much win! I still loved episode 25 more because it had more build leading up to it but episode 35 comes at a close 2nd in making me squee with unbridled delight.

Since we had four of the six Baking Rangers pair up and strengthen their bonds, or in HimaAoi’s case, their true feelings, next time it’s Ichika and Akira’s turn, which for peeps who remember how they first met should make for some interesting potential dialogue. We’ll see what happens.

Now to go turn on the Rory signal.

KiraKira PreCure Movie Roadshow poster.jpg

KiraKira PreCure Movie Roadshow poster.

Also worth mentioning is this hilarious poster.

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4 Responses to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 34+35: Kitty Fairy Brawl and Custard Ice Cream Loving

  1. cirno9fan says:

    it was ❤

    I always wondered waht they’d do with the original trio, and we’re finally getting some of that answered. It’s a great pairing, and I hope they do more with them before this is over!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rory says:

    Episode 34 was fun.
    Episode 35 is one of the best the show has to offer, though 25 remains my favourite.
    Episode 35 was one that I was looking forward to after seeing the preview for it last week, and it turned out to be even better than I expected.
    Himari and Aoi make a great pair, and I loved the speeches about how they feel about each other.
    First AkiYuka, then BibuCiel and now AoiHima; this season of PreCure is turning out to be a real treat.

    Liked by 1 person

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