Pale Spectrum: Part Two of The Book of Gray Magic Available Now

The long-awaited sequel to a personal favorite Visual Novel of mine, Brilliant Shadows: Part One of Book of Gray Magic

NOTE: The story is obviously set after the events of Brilliant Shadows so it is highly recommended to have played the prequel before picking up Pale Spectrum.

Check out my review of Part 1 HERE.

Pale Spectrum

Plot Summary:

There are seven magics, five more than have ever been explored, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. The kobolds, once a beast of myth, have forged an alliance with Celeste. A mad demigod rages across the land, aiming to end the tyranny of monarchies with Celeste in his sights. Meanwhile, a magical talking sword is busy preparing the misfit mages of the Ryuusian Royal Cabal for a clash against an arcane foe from distant lands of fable.

You know, normal things.

One thing is certain, no threat the cabal faces compares to their greatest challenge: relationships, love, and family troubles.

Pale Spectrum is the sequel to Brilliant Shadows, and both are adventures from the Book of Gray Magic. Follow along with Necromancers, Paladins, Witches, and Changelings in this story of intrigue, mystery and magic.


Pale Spectrum is around 6-13 hours of play time depending on read speed and route choice. The game has a number of large branches and a plethora of smaller ones, enhancing its replay potential. It sits at just over 200k words.

Voice Acting


All spoken lines in the game are voiced, bringing an extra level of life to our cast of 30+ characters.



There are over 50 choices that you can make in the game, all of which influence the 10+ unique endings.



Pale Spectrum features an extensive, combined sound track from the Book of Gray Magic series. Pale Spectrum boasts 27 original tracks, and, combined with Brilliant Shadows 21 original tracks, has an hour of beautiful orchestral music composed by Johnathan Johnson.

The Main Cast


The story follows along with Belinda, Ash, Terra, Hektor, Prude, Aelfnod and Aku as main characters.


The main protagonist of Brilliant Shadows, Ash, returns along with the friends she made last time…along with someone more. This does mean she will be sharing the spotlight with the others as they are equally important to the story. When it comes to yuri that means it is not the only kind of romance that will be explored in Part 2. Keep this in mind. Also be on the lookout for FREE DLC updates such as the “Evil End Continuation” and Journey of the High Witch along with other additions and tweaks.

Pick the game up on Steam or (Link is currently being worked on).

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2 Responses to Pale Spectrum: Part Two of The Book of Gray Magic Available Now

  1. ThreeOfEight says:

    It took me about 6-7 hours to complete (I read a little on the fast side too and don’t listen to full voice acting of the sentences so potentially a little longer for those who do)

    And it was nice! Love the MC and her GF. I think theres a potential for 2 more WLW couples (3 if you include the “joined” one near the end lol. I didn’t given it’s context but who am I to say, I know at least one person who does lol) too depending on your choices in game. Obviously spoiler free so I don’t ruin it for people.

    The gay guy gets a LI too which was nice. I think my game only had one het route (the same main het couple from the first with Hek and Prude) but one of those WLW choices mentioned above that I believe counts as queer can also go het if you choose so (I got that potential yuri part by turning down two male LIs over the course of the game).

    Anyway I enjoyed it. Going to be doing a few speed runs with diff choices to see how the endings differ but i’ve liked it so far!

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