Introducing Color-LES

Mage and Demon Queen Poster.jpg

Post promoting an experienced Yuri Webcomic artists known as Kuru (along with Haru) from the website Color-LES. Kuru has published several works, though only her webcomics are in English. Her other work is written in Philippine. The webcomics in question are the ongoing Springroll’s Daily Life (Written and drawn by both Haru and Kuru) and the newly introduced Mage & the Demon Queen.

Color-LES pages:

Kuru and Haru pages:

About OG-Man

Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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4 Responses to Introducing Color-LES

  1. gremriel2016 says:

    Thanks. These look great. Bookmarked 🙂

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  2. Keitchup says:

    I’ve been following Kuru for years now. She’s a known yuri artist in our country and I’m glad that her fanbase is now growing. Just a correction though. Springroll’s Daily Life is her girlfriend’s (Haru) webcomic. It features their relationship and what they do together. But sometimes Kuru also draws for SDL when Haru is not able to do so. Kuru’s new webcomic looks promising. The RPG aspect reminds me of Sword Oratoria.

    Another artist worth following is Shilin. Her main webcomic “Carciphona” is worth reading although the story doesn’t feature any romantic relationship between the two female characters yet. I think she’s just waiting for the proper timing because it will seem rushed. But she made an AU webcomic where these two characters are lovers. It’s super sweet as well.

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