335th G-View: Kakegurui

Here is a show I did not expect to be reviewing. Maybe a Yuri Quickie but I chose to instead go into detail what I thought about the overall product. Let us take a look at the insane gambling world full of deliciously creepy meme faces of Kagegurui.

Kagegurui Cover.jpg

Alternate Title: Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler

Genres: Psychological, Thriller

Themes: Gambling, Social Class, School

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary: At Hyakkaō Private Academy, the sons and daughters of the wealthiest of the wealthy engage in a unique curriculum geared to teach them to how to read their opponents. Specifically, students have a rigorous curriculum of gambling where winners live like kings and losers are put through the wringer. When Yumeko Jabami enrolls, she decides to teach the students what a real high-roller looks like.

Casual Yumeko.jpg

Casual Yumeko.

The tone of the show can be best described using two images. The first one above represents Yumeko when not gambling. She does her thing strolling around with her sidekick Shizui and not putting up much of a fuss despite everyone around her being morally corrupt.

Yumeko's usual gambling face.jpg

Game Time Yumeko, aka the MONSTER AMONG WOMEN!

This image represents the mood during EVERY SINGLE GAME!

Basically Kagegurui is about a crazy woman taking on an establishment (student council) run by other morally corrupt and crazy people because only crazy can stand up to or beat crazy. Putting that into a narrative this is one of those anime/manga that goes into great detail describing every single move made during a game. Think card game based series like Yu-Gi-Oh mixed together with shounen or sports anime like Saki and you have a good idea of how most battles flow.

Yumeko in the zone.jpg

Yumeko in the zone.

Speaking of card games, this being a gambling themed anime the games played are primarily card games such as Poker, Solitaire and even a card variation of Rock-Paper-Scissors…except each one has a twist that makes them more challenging. Knowing the rules is not enough to beat your opponent in these games. Also because this is a gambling show…expect fair play to be a rarity. Besides watching the games play out another draw is for the viewer to try and figure out the strategies and tricks implemented to see if you can come up with how victory was achieved or the loser could have prevented the loss before it is revealed by the characters.

Morally corrupt system

Not a spoiler really as Mary is Yumeko’s first official opponent and…

While the main draw of the show is the deliciously creepy cast with their deliciously creepy meme worthy facial expressions, there are also psychological elements to the show. The show being set in a school for rich kids that means the drama surrounding each character who gets screen time are…kind of “first world/upper class problems” heirs to thrones go through such as living up to expectations, pride, ultimate power, wealth and the like, or in Yumeko’s case the thrill of the game. Then there are characters whose motivations are…let us just say I do not think even psychiatrists or psychologists could help these people…oh dear me. Perhaps viewers with degrees will be able to identity why some of the characters behave the way they do. This show is a thriller so while it may not be scary it is oftentimes freaky, creepy and disturbing in both a good and bad way as there are times the stuff is hilarious and other times it is messed up. It is the delightful kind of crazy.

Yumeko REALLY excited to play.jpg

Yumeko REALLY excited to play.

The animation is really good. It has to be to make the faces top notch freak-factory goodness after all. Let me put it this way. Every time the characters were going crazy I could not stop smiling. It was THAT creepy-freaky-deeky and I LOVED IT! The soundtrack is nice but the OP and ED are excellent.

As I already said the show’s top players are mostly crazy people (some are just morally corrupt) who most of their allegiance can be described as “lawful” or “chaotic” evil. Yumeko herself is “chaotic good”. See, while she is not erotically insane outside of the battlefield she is not exactly an upstanding citizen either…yet deep down she is not selfish or deplorable. Think of her as Dragon Ball’s Goku…if his excitement to fight stronger opponents were replaced with getting aroused every time a life threatening wagers/bets are made during matches. The riskier the bet, the hornier she gets essentially. Otherwise she trusts and cares about the friends she makes. Speaking of…

Yumeko X Mary.jpg

The anime greatly hints it but the manga intensifies it.

So yes there is yuri in this show. A casual viewer would only see it as sensual fanservice that only serves as mind games between the ladies. HOWEVER, not only are some of the girls interested in other women (Viewers do not need to read the manga to confirms this. It is clear as day for some of the girls) but also despite Yumeko’s super friendliness with her female compatriots…there is one blonde she is ESPECIALLY friendly with.

Two more thing. Yes, the show is co-ed but the kind of co-ed where the ladies rule and the men drool. Besides Suzui and the sole male member of the student council no other guy on the show is worth worrying about. Regarding the two relevant guys, I expected to not care about Suzui but as far as him Yumeko’s sidekick goes he does a good job helping her and being her cheerleader/worrywart buddy. As for the student council guy…as weird as it may sound the “boss fight” against him was my favorite, mainly because listening to him amused me for some reason. Oh and do not fret, neither guy gets in the way of the ladies being awesome.

The second thing. The anime has an original ending to help the show not feel like a blatant “manga lure”. I thought it was a fair attempt by the writers to end the season on a solid note but the manga goes in an entirely different direction…since it if of course ongoing. What this means is in a way the whole show was a well done “manga lure”.

Overall Kakegurui is an enjoyably creepy-freaky-deeky show. The leading lady and most of her opponents are crazy. The gambling battles are fun to watch unfold and try to figure out the strategies and tricks, the animation and soundtrack are really good and the cast are delightfully nuts. While the show’s main draw are is the gambling and craziness it does a good job giving these rich snobs multiple layers and making them interesting nut jobs to try and figure out what makes them tick. The yuri is good enough to give viewers a taste of what more the manga has to offer. However, it can be really uncomfortable at times (stomach churning levels of uncomfortable for some) so it is not for everyone.

Sexy legs.jpg

PS: This show is a goldmine for animeniacs who love women’s legs, especially ones wearing tights/stockings.

The show’s ED is pretty sexy but the main source of eroticism besides sensual yuri are LEGS!

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42 Responses to 335th G-View: Kakegurui

  1. B-M says:

    I am surprised you’re reviewing this but it did have some tastey yuri. Also, in the yuri department, best not to forget that one girl literally masturbated over another girl lol.

    Super fun show, though a bit too dark at times (things like biting off nails, gouging eyes were all very hard to watch). I’d be tempted to check out the manga but don’t think I enjoyed it that much.

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  2. yurimylove says:

    as BUER (from Pandora in the Crimson Shell) puts it, “thighs shots are artistic” 😀

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  3. anonymous says:

    I’m still not over them ignoring the Tower of Doors arc (the tower of GAY ch. 31-33) where Yumeko gambles against the secretary. The Tower of Doors focused on the relationship between the President and the Secretary. “I have never loved anyone more than you, President.” was a line I wanted to so badly hear BUT it’s still possible that season 2 could begin with ToD arc and we’ll get to see the gayest arc animated,

    Liked by 4 people

    • OG-Man says:

      It can still happen. Keep in mind the show went for an anime original conclusion so as to not be TOO MUCH of a “manga lure”. We can hope there’s an S2 that adapts said arc at least.

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  4. LiteraryScribeOtakuGamerGirlT says:

    This was certainly a crazy good time and I enjoyed it very much just for it’s main plot. The Yuri themes however, were a nice cherry on top. I’d definitely advise everyone to give the manga a go, because as far as the Yuri goes, you’ve only seen a snap shot of it. Good adaptation overall.

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  5. Shinryu says:

    I just didn’t get into this show at all. It felt like pretty much the anime definition of “all style and no substance” or “all sizzle and no steak” to me. The show felt like it thought it was really clever but it just felt really predictable and almost boring to me. Despite the risks supposedly involved with all of the high stakes being undertaken nothing ever felt like a risk and the stakes never felt all that high, and Yumeko felt particularly untouchable. The visuals were at times fantastic and I loved the weird but everything around that just fell flat for me.


    • OG-Man says:

      Not for everyone, as I said. Reminds me of someone who could not get into My Hero Academia. Basically it’s cool that you didn’t dig it. Not a problem.


  6. DarkYuriSide says:

    Wow! i love yuri in Ero style? :v

    btw Are main caracter is Female (Fem&Male?) i hope Female!

    I want to watch but, Are this show many Scene with guy? i hope no! (Just little ok for me! :v)

    Liked by 1 person

  7. DarkYuriSide says:

    Hm, Almost same as Mikagura tought (maybe?) :v

    i mean this girl does not see this guy in romantic way, and only Patrner? in game (Gambling?)

    so Couple in this anime is main Female x Girl (in this anime) btw I like that blonde girl :v looks hot xd

    some main x Girl x girl little harem maybe?

    Sorry many question?

    and Sry for my bad English Language ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Yes. That’s a good example, except the guy in this show is nowhere near as annoying as Eruna’s cousin.

      Also there are several moments between the ladies on the show. Think of it as a preview of what can be found in the manga.

      Main girl X Blonde is definitely a super ship.

      Liked by 3 people

  8. DarkYuriSide says:

    Wew!!! ihink i must watch hehe…

    Awto Download! fufufu~

    and Thank you for answering my question ^_^


  9. Error says:

    If they made a 2nd season i pray to drop the guy and the lolipop girl, they’re annoying…
    Just follow the yuri (girls only) line and i would be happy. 🙂

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  10. I liked this show, but the gambling part felt like watching a diet Kaiji.


  11. Omeganah says:

    I wouldn’t have had a problem with the ending if the studio didn’t tease us with the Tower of doors in the OP. The President & her Secretary have a dedicated fanbase in Japan and they were so ready to throw money at Mappa too… OVA when???
    Are you going to review Re:Creators? The show is surprisingly good with awesome female characters and 2 hinted-at yuri couples.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      I’d love to see a second season and the Tower of Doors adapted or at least an OVA about it.

      I was recommended that show but I have other Summer series to finish and review before I get to it.


  12. Azi Dahaka says:

    Nice to see you reviewing this show, there were a lot o subtle(and not so subtle) Yuri scenes, specially the president and the secretary. I just have to disagree on the Yumeko x Mary hints, I too read the manga and for me, Mary always seemed to show a small crush on Suzui(wich is good for me since I like the idea of Yumeko x Kirari or Yumeko x Midari and Suzui x Mary). Still, pretty good review, my score for the anime was he same as yours.

    Also, I know that practically all of the reviews in this site are about Yuri anime/manga/Visual Novels, but it would be great to see you making a review about the Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel movies(or even the Fate/Zero and Unlimited Blade Works anime if you watch them some day), a new trailer just came out today(beautiful trailer by the way and Aimer always rocks with her beautiful voice) and it was announced that it will get a theatrical release on the US in November 3.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Who knows which girl Yumeko will end up with? We shall see in due time I suppose.

      I had a second blog called OG’s Anime Island where I reviewed non-Yuri shows but it ended up being way too much. I appreciate you wanting to see me cover non-Yuri shows but again it’s a lot to watch and do and my schedule is already full enough as is doing these female-centered shows, comics and games.
      I will say that while the Illya show is my favorite Fate-related series I enjoy the Fate universe as a whole though I don’t know if I’ll watch Apocrypha or that other upcoming show.


      • Azi Dahaka says:

        I completely understand, doing also Non – Yuri shows would really be more problematic with a tight schedule so I shall comtempt myself with just Yuri centered reviews lol, perhaps this will change in the future haha.

        Illya is probably my least favorite Fate but I still enjoy the show, it was a pretty cool idea and the author didn’t fuck up with the laws of the Nasuverse,I also like the fact that it is based on the three routes of the visual novel(especially 3drei, wich is practically a Heaven’s Feel 2 and while it’s not as good as HF, it’s still awesome and the best part of the Prisma Illya series) but it’s not up there with Zero and UBW(and HF in the future)

        Regarding Apocrypha… It’s an okay show, I’m enjoying it but it’s not even near as good as UBW and Zero, still worth a watch if you’re already a fan of the Fate franchise.

        If by upcoming show you mean Fate/Extra Last Encore than I recommend the latter, Extra is defintely better than Apocrypha(in my opinion of course)

        Liked by 1 person

      • OG-Man says:

        Right on.

        I’ll possibly check out the Extra anime then.


      • OG-Man says:

        Very nice find, yes.


      • Yeah this makes it pretty much semi-canon some people got the wrong impression of Mary having a crush for Suzui while in fact even in that moment in chapter 43 it was all about Yumeko the reason why she was a all dere was because Suzui mentioned Yumeko’s name the reason she spaced out was because she got surprised by his thanks because she isn’t used to that. and after Suzui told her what Yumeko told him about her the way she walked to Yumeko and her body language give it all away at moment Yumeko is the person Mary cares the most for. Suzui is just a friend of the person she cares for.

        Liked by 2 people

      • OG-Man says:

        Good to know.


  13. LuzeriP says:

    Friends of mine recommended me this and I decided to watch it when it finished. I’m glad I did because I don’t think I can wait a week to watch another one. I like it when they have that crazy face on them. Yumeko normal face is beautiful but when she goes crazy it was glorious moment. I enjoyed watching every thing about this show except the scene with the gun. It’s too much for me. I’ll check out the manga for more Yumeko x Mary and Sayaka x The President. Also Suzui is a fine guy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Glad to see you enjoyed it. Tis a surprisingly wonderful show, provided you can handle the more intense scenes and are cool with the explanatory format.
      Do enjoy their manga antics.


  14. Nick says:

    Right from the get go I had a feeling this show would be a special kinda crazy, and boy was it ever. Saori Hayami absolutely stole the show as Yumeko, just wow what a treat to listen to her play such an insane and sexy character. Just that aspect alone is something I love so much about this show. But yeah overall it was such a wild ride. Yumeko is by far one of the best girls of the season (she’s actually my top pick for best girl of the season) and and never failed to entertain.

    I just had such a great time with this show, yes it was a bit hard to watch at times like the whole nail pulling or pen in the eye, but aside from that it was pure madness. Probably my second favorite thing about the show is the eyes, lips and legs. Such a healthy dose of all three, it was amazing. Especially the eyes, man I loved that glowing effect they used, looked so cool.

    But yeah overall I had a great time with this show and I really hope to see more of it in the future, although the anime original ending kinda makes me think that won’t happen. Maybe if the manga is translated I might check it out. Anyways, nice write up and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Yumeko was undeniably the highlight of the show and one of the best anime babes of 2017. She helped make the show better than it already was.

      It’s so crazy people who could handle the rough stuff kept on watching because of how engrossing it was.

      Very alluring crazy chicks with nice bodies, faces and especially legs. The glowing eyes of madness were also part of the allure.

      Here’s hoping we somehow get more because by George we could use some more sexy insanity in our lives.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. YayaSamuko says:

    Gotta watch this ASAP in that case! I can’t wait!


  16. YayaSamuko says:

    I just finished watching this with a cousin of mine and wow! I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Seriously; Yumeko is the best main character I’ve ever seen. My only problem with the show (what I hated the most) is the fact that they had to put that Suzui guy in every situation even though someone else could have taken his place (e.g. That gamble they had underground against that psycho Cyclops or even the last match. Why did it have to be him, the one who pick the last card?)

    I’m not a huge fan of Maria, the blonde but I kind of really like that President and her Secretary. Also, kudo for the kuhai girl who bit off her nails and that psycho girl who pierced her own eye.

    My only regret was to enjoy this anime too much despite not knowing any rule of any game they played. (I guess I’m too innocent for my own good)

    Still hoping for a OAV or a movie maybe. There might be a chance we’ll get more yuri fanservice. I just hope Suzui will get less screentime and give the girls more chance to get to know each others 🙂

    Anyway, I do not regret watching this anime. Even my cousin has said he will be waiting for a second season.

    Nice work as always, Senpai! Have a good day!

    Liked by 1 person

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  18. yurimylove says:

    things i learned from watching Kakegurui,
    – if you lose a lot of money gambling, your hair will turn white instantly
    – you can bite off all your nails when you’re super determined
    – student councils in japan get to dictate “life plans” to students
    – you will be forgiven a debt if you poke your own eye with a fountain pen
    – idols who hate their fans will become more popular
    – japanese schoolgirls like to masturbate over other schoolgirls 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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