330th G-View: Controversial Edition. Netsuzou Trap -NTR-

Well. Here we are, about to discuss one of the most controversial anime/series in all the Yuri Nation. A show so divisive that detractors called it cancer. While I would certainly not go that far (at all), this show is definitely not for everyone. Let me put it this way. People who dislike seeing male characters anywhere near their yuri are advised to stay far away from this one. It is not for…let us be blunt here, “pure yuri” watchers. With that out of the way let us take a look at Netsuzou Trap -NTR-, or Netsuzou TRap -NTR-.


Genres: Drama, Romance, Yuri

Themes: Ecchi, School Life, Infidelity

Number of Episodes: 12 (9 minutes each. Take away the OP and ED… then about 7 minutes, give or take.)

G-Rating: N/A

Plot Summary: Yuma and Hotaru have been friends since childhood. It is only natural that when Yuma is nervous about her new boyfriend, she asks Hotaru and her boyfriend along for a double date. But when Hotaru offers herself to Yuma as “practice”, strange thoughts begin to form inside Yuma. Thoughts she initially considers disturbing slowly become “not-so disturbing after all”…

Embarassed Yuma

Me while watching this show before I slowly began understanding it.

Let us get the simplest to explain part of the review out of the way first, the presentation. Like the show it is divisive but not in a complicated sense. The viewer is either cool with the animation quality or irritated by it not living up to expectations or something like that. Personally it gets the job done. The leading ladies are sexy and that was what mattered most to me, the ladies being well drawn. Are the kissing scenes also done well? That depends on the viewer’s tolerance of anime kisses. The soundtrack is nothing to write home about. The main theme is decent though. The next part is connected to the show’s pacing. It has what I like to call “fast forward pacing”, similar to the Sailor Moon Crystal series. What this means is the show focuses solely on the important parts of the show. It rarely slows down to show what is considered “filler”. In this show’s case however, there were a few times it went by a little too fast. Not often but a few times.

Hotaru groping Yuma

Expect many steamy scenes.

Now for the main topic of the review. While covering the show weekly I described it as a “twisted hot mess of a romantic drama with telenovela/soap opera elements (Except evil relatives, twins or clones) normally found in Latin regions or the Lifetime and Hallmark Channels” and it most certainly was. I also brought up the infidelity mentioned in the plot summary and theme is more of a plot device than the central focus of the show. What the show is REALLY about is one girl coming to terms with her long dormant feelings and another having difficulty conveying the truth due to intrapersonal reasons and the messy situation they are both in. Basically a show about sexual discovery and self-acceptance. More on that in a bit.

Let us quickly go over the guys. They are very easy to describe at first glance:

  • Takeda: aka Sad Panda, is the token nice guy viewers are meant to feel sorry for.
  • Fujiwara, aka Re-Todd, is…something else.

Now while they are easy to describe on the surface, there is one more interesting tidbit about the two. See, one of the most basic plot setups in live-action romance media is the following: Lesbian gets a crush on a woman. The woman is either interested in/dating/married to a guy. The guy is either revealed to be a douche from the start or, as the woman slowly becomes infatuated with the lesbian “turns heel”. The commonly used number in basic romances starring a lesbian is the number 3. In NTR it is the number 4. See where I am going with this? Instead of one obstacle there are two, each one representing both sides of the coin…with a twist in regards to the Yin. The Yang is what it is and that is “blech”.

Hotaru doing her thing with Yuma

Leading ladies Yuma and Hotaru.

Back to the leading ladies. As I said above this is primarily a story about sexual discovery and self-acceptance but in a very messy situation. We have Yuma, aka Sheepy Sheepdog, who had struggled hard trying to understand what it was she really wanted deep down. On the surface she seemed content with where she was before Hotaru made the life changing move but as the story progressed and more was revealed about the two maybe Yuma did not know herself as well as she thought, much less Hotaru. As for Hotaru…

Hotaru in her jammies

Hotaru, for better or worse, the the main attraction.

I will not mince words. Hotaru, aka Sexy Devil, was the main reason I eagerly anticipated this show despite my prior knowledge of the hot mess that is the manga. She certainly lived up to my expectations as the main attraction with her sexiness, seductiveness and “practice” sessions with Yuma. However, like Yuma, as the story progressed there was more to her “practicing” and actions. Complicated is the best word I could use. She started off being “best girl” in the unconventional sense but as story went on…wellllll…again it is not that simple.

Both ladies are very pleasant to look at but as far as characters, personality and actions go…I described Hotaru initially being “best girl” in the unconventional sense. The same can be said for Yuma’s evolution. It too is unconventional so I highly suggest the curious to expect the unexpected. Let us just say the four leads are interesting psychological character case study subjects….

Lastly the show aired before the manga could end, meaning the show’s conclusion is a different one from the manga. However, perhaps it could be similar to the Akuma no Riddle anime and manga where the anime conclusion was not far off from the manga’s. Viewers who plan on watching the show before the manga ends may want to keep this in mind. Also as some peeps have pointed out in the comments, similar to AnR the anime left out a few important details that are better explained in the manga. No worries though as the show does its job of convincing the interested to check out the manga and also give them a pretty good idea of what to expect from it.

Overall Netsuzou Trap -NTR- is an…interesting case. It is a “twisted hot mess of a romance drama” but an interesting one nonetheless. Again the show is definitely not for everyone, especially “purists” (If calling some viewers “purists” is insulting, sorry but I have to be blunt when describing certain viewers’ preferences. It is kinda justified after the hullabaloo in this post). The leading ladies are interesting but not in the conventional sense. The guys serve their purpose and little else. The presentation, while I consider it solid, is “take it or leave it”. The sexiness and yuri goodness definitely deliver but it is not the pure kind. In the end while the show definitely warrants its controversial status, it, again, is not cancerous to the Yuri Nation. It is more like…a hardcore animated lesbian telenovela with guys in it. Tread carefully if curious…

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36 Responses to 330th G-View: Controversial Edition. Netsuzou Trap -NTR-

  1. automaticimperfection says:

    I did end up watching it, the very last episode though, it was a nice ending that I hope the freaking manga has, I didn’t hate it as expected, the character design is good but I was on the wagon only for the kind of ending it had, you made a good cover of this, I did read it all.

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  2. Pozapie says:

    A sugary nice ending (although fast-paced)! I have to admit it’d be more interesting if they did pull a last hat of trickery with the audience, combined together with a sly wink and nudge. To sum it up, I enjoyed the ride! I would actually recommend the anime for anyone who wants a “compact” version, then what the manga’s offering. Thanks for the review, OG!

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  3. LiteraryScribeOtakuGamerGirlT says:

    I enjoyed this G-view very much. I thought you described this series perfectly and the telenovela/lifetime movie comparison was spot on as well.

    For my basic thoughts, I will say that yes it was rushed, yes it did chop up the manga and cut some things, yes it was a mess, but despite all of this, it was the best adaptation we could’ve hoped for. It worked with what limited resources it had being only 9 minutes and covering such a controversial manga. It got the key points in and allowed non-manga readers to understand the general situation. It ultimately did it’s job, which was to get people wanting to read the manga and on that front, it delivered perfectly. As I’ve said before, if I wasn’t already reading it, I’d go read it now.

    As for my thoughts on the ending, like I said, I have a theory and while I want to remain silent on it for a bit longer, I will say this much. I don’t think this was an ending they pulled out of thin air and am fairly confident that bits of it will end up in canon. I already think I know where the manga is headed, but for now, I’m going to just keep enjoying this ride, until it’s over. I have a strong feeling the end is near. So, I’m sure we’ll have an answer soon enough.

    Overall, NTR was a success in what it was trying to do and I’m not disappointed. I definitely do suggest those who haven’t, to read the manga though, to catch those little details the anime skipped. They give the story a more complete feel and will likely fill in any gaps.

    Thanks for sticking with this OG, it was a fun ride on this crazy train.

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    • OG-Man says:

      I’ve seen enough of that stuff in my youth to have an idea how these kinds of drama work.

      Well said. It did exactly what it set out to do and for what it was it was enjoyable.

      I have a feeling the manga’s ending will be somewhat similar to the anime but more detailed. I’ll get back to you on your theory once the manga’s run is finished.


      Thank you for joining me when I invited you to come along for the crazy ride.

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  4. Mauron says:

    Perfect title for the final episode.

    I went in to this not particularly caring for it, but I was quite hooked by the end. Now I need more.

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  5. LuzeriP says:

    Although I’m sad that this show’s ended, I’m happy with the story and how it end. It was a bit fast, but I don’t care. I got the ending I wanted. And I too like NTR mostly because of Hotaru. She’s so hot and an interesting character. And she’s so hot. Yeah, I know I said hot twice. Thanks for covering it every week OG-san, and nice review.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. Compared to the other super dramas that aired this year with a lesbian character I didn’t mind that it was a simplistic ending.
      Yup. That’s why I nicknamed her Sexy Devil. She’s HAWT!
      Despite my having opened Pandora’s Box by doing so it was worth it.

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  6. philipbaxton says:

    The anime wasn’t bad but I do think that it’s short run time kept it from being as good as it could’ve been. Each episode felt like the characters were saying and doing the same things due to the lack of time to branch out the story. In every episode Yuma was clueless to the point of annoyance, Hotaru was lying to herself, Fujiwara was a jerk, and Takeda was overly nice (though by the end he becomes the most honest and most genuine character). The only thing that felt different in the entire anime is when Yuma and Hotaru finally got together at the end (even though I felt that was pretty anticlimactic). I just wish the anime was given more time to do something and leave a lasting impression on people.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Repetitive but it makes sense regardless.
      Simplistic good end is preferable to a complicated sad end. Plus this was the least sad of the three super dramas featuring a lesbian character that aired this year so I’ll take it.
      There’s always the manga.

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  7. cirno9fan says:

    First, regarding the ending, I don’t think it’s a “happy’ end exactly. That last part with the elevator looked A LOT like someone watching the footage/recording it for a reason of some sort. I have a feeling it’s actually going to be related to a plot that Fujiwara is going to pull. I don’t think the love confession is the end of the story at all. Pretty sure the manga will have that in it, but I don’t read it, so can’t say.

    Second, I am thinking Takeda will be their main support against Fujiwara when this final arc starts. I mean, he seems like he’d do something like that. But there’s no way to know.

    Third, it’s really amusing to me how the characters switched roles gradually over the course of the series. I mean, I deifnitely thought Hotaru would be my favorite character, but then as it went on, Hotaru frustrated me more and more, and Yuma actually became Best Girl somehow. Truly some well crafted storytelling in my opinion.

    Finally, I loved it~ It was beyond my expectations really. I agree it could have been better with full length episodes, but you take what you can get. Maybe one day it’ll get another season. I will miss it…

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    • OG-Man says:

      The show is a manga lure at its core so we at least got to see them hook and will have to read the manga to find out if it goes in a similar direction. If so, we’ll get to read what happens next. Or the manga will go in an entirely different direction and conclusion.

      True. Hotaru’s still the main reason most of us anticipated more from the show after the premiere episode or in my case, wanting to see her seduction animated. But yeah, Yuma becoming more “likable” as far as this show goes was interesting. People who took the time to really see what’s going on and not shun the show for having an “impure” narrative may find an interesting tale.

      Yup. I dunno what the process was to get this show greenlit but it happened and I too enjoyed what we got. Not amazing but still good.

      Controversy creates cash. Here’s hoping that holds true with this show.

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  8. Hildemarie says:

    I’m actually more concerned about you apologizing about calling purist well… purist, because that’s what I am – a purist. But I don’t… DISLIKE Netsuzou trap. If there’s a series I DO hate it’s masou gakuen(fucking kizuna) haha.


    • OG-Man says:

      This IS the internet so one has to be careful about what they say. I said that in case someone is offended by that term because, again, internet.

      Hmm. Masou Gakuen looks like a het-harem. Not interested.


  9. yurimylove says:

    REDEMPTION! That last episode has redeemed the anime for me, what with Yuma finally being able to convince that idiot Hotaru of her love. Now I can forgive whatever other faults this anime may have. Long live yuri!

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  10. YayaSamuko says:


    I think you meant bisexual girls… XD


  11. Alexis says:


    Pues aquí estamos con esta serie, me costó trabajo verla, de hecho tenía que irla pausando pero se terminó. Lo interesante es la parte del autodescubrimiento, cuando descubre que una chica es la dueña de tus pensamientos y posterior conflicto, porque como dice el viejo adagio “para acción hay una reacción” y en este caso creo que no es necesario mayor explicación. Hotaru y Yuma… no sé… creo que necesitan un fuerte correctivo sobre todo Hotaru, no puede hacerse la mártir ante semejante imbecil y Yuma requiere que se ponga en la linea de fuego para sacar a Hotaru de su situación. Sobre los dos protagonistas restantes no diré gran cosa, Sad-Panda… pobre tipo, pero al miserable de Fujiwara si pudiera haría esto:

    Imagine que en vez de Green es Fujiwara y en vez de 007 es Alexis (con cabello de color oscuro hasta la espalda y cantidad de musculos promedio), para que ensuciarse las manos si al final alguien más insertará en el cráneo de Fujiwara dos balas y le rellenará el estomago con aceite de motor.

    Saludos y seguimos en contacto.
    cyao ——

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    • OG-Man says:

      No es un show para todos. Tiene que estar acostumbrado/a viendo telenovelas locas para tolerar este tipo de drama.

      En un sentido ese tambien es el punto. Si recuerda el final ambas chicas saben que su relacion tendra problemas pero al menos quieren hacer lo mejor esfuerzo para que funcione. Dependera de ellas para que funcione.


  12. ArcaJ says:

    Well, that was a thing that happened.

    I’ll spare you the diatribe. Yuri fans deserve better. Yuri as a genre deserves better. I deserve a drink.

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  13. K says:

    This was an alright watch. Since it was a short, I shouldn’t be surprised that there were things that were left out.

    It was, indeed, funny how my opinions on Yuma shifted over the course of the show. She was a tad bit annoying at first but as she started realizing how she actually felt about Hotaru (including those armour-piercing questions from Hotaru) she grew on me. I think Hotaru was consistent in her thoughts, even when she was clearly lying to Yuma in the last few episodes due to that pact she and Fujiwara made. Speaking of…

    Looking at Scum’s Wish, the pact those two made reminded me of Hanabi and Mugi’s pact except the former pair’s pact was more cynical than the latter’s. Heck, I thought of Fujiwara as a darker version of Mugi because he didn’t care about finding love, unlike Mugi.

    Takeda really was a nice guy. He had to finish last, sadly. I don’t think he’d flip out if he ever finds out who Yuma’s love interest is.

    As for the controversy…why? Not every yuri story’s gonna be filled with puppies and rainbows. There are things to criticize this show about but going “this is a bad example for yuri!” isn’t a good one in my opinion.

    One question; why’d you nickname Fujiwara ‘Re-Todd’? Just curious.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Indeed. They did the best they could with the time given. Whether fans of the manga were accepting of it or not is up to them.

      I imagine that was the plan from the start with Yuma and it worked. Hotaru also stayed true to herself and went a bit too far trying to keep Yuma safe, not realizing she was further complicating things.

      Good comparison, which reminds me I need to finish that eventually.

      Yeah. He was doomed to fail from the start. Hopefully he’ll find someone better…which based on a certain rumored spinoff I saw seems unlikely…

      Well said.

      DC Comics. Countdown to destruction. Jason Todd acted like a douche (as usual). This was Donna Troy’s response.

      For a more thorough explanation go to Youtube and type in “Linkara Countdown”, or check out the below video at the 8:50 mark.


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  15. Error says:

    That anime was real painful one to watch… Exept the last episode, maybe.

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  16. sukisuki says:

    screw this anime hopely it crash and burn or there will more of this kind of old josei yuri.


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  18. piano_cello_conducting says:

    I honestly can’t recommend this show. What makes or breaks an anime frequently for me is what happens to the villain. The villain either has to redeem himself or get the painful payback he deserves. Fujiwara got off too lightly. And it was idiotic of Hotaru to stick with him. The yuri confession wasn’t enough to touch me.


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