KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 32: Secret of the Crystal Power Ups

When we last left the show a familiar “enemy” had been bestowed with powerful dark energy to take down the Baking Rangers. Let’s find out how both sides fared.

Super Bibury and Iru.jpg

Bibury and Iru powered up to the max by Lord Noir’s darkness.


So yeah. Bibury (Apparently it IS pronounced Bibury and not Bibbly after all. Hopefully we’ll get the correct spelling later) and Iru, having been powered up by Lord Noir last time immediately attacked the Cures who were at KiraPati shrine trying to figure out the meaning of their newly powered up animal crystals. Bibury and Iru proved to be a match for the Cures’ “Cake of Doom” finisher. Suddenly the Ancient PreCure awoke and emitted a powerful light that swallowed almost everyone.

Cures attacked by dark wolves.jpg

Cures attacked by dark wolves.

The Cures then found themselves in what appeared to be a Strawberry Hill of the past where darkness reigned supreme and there was no kira-kiraru energy anywhere. The Cures were about to fight some incoming dark wolves when suddenly…

The Ancient Precure appears.jpg

The Ancient PreCure appears!

The Ancient PreCure who I dubbed “Cure Sous Chef” appeared to fight the wolves! Our heroines of course aided her in battle.


Cure Sous Che’s civilian form, Lumiere.

After the battle they all returned to KiraPati. Cure Sous Chef was working hard baking enough sweets to heal everyone. After our heroines volunteered to help her out she introduced herself as Lumiere.

Bibury learns the truth.jpg

Bibury learns the cruel (yet obvious) truth.

Meanwhile Bibury wandered around the darkened town when she noticed her past self. It was then she learned the cruel (yet obvious) truth: Lord Noir, the one who saved her from eternal loneliness and gave her a reason to keep on living, was the one who ruined her life all along.

Kangaroo cupcake.jpg

Kangaroo Cupcake.

The animal crystals resonated with our heroines helping Lumiere. While Ichika had one of her signature “flashes” when she saw Lumiere as a motherly figure to everyone and came up with the Kangaroo Cupcake.

Bibury begging for help.jpg

Bibury begging the Cures for help.

After the shocking (to her) revelation Bibury fled from the dark wolves right into KiraPati and begged the Cures for help. The Cures, knowing she had been manipulated all this time and being all-around awesome people, obliged. Lord Noir then hit the scene.

Ancient PreCure attacking Noir

Cure Sous Chef attacking Lord Noir.

Before our heroines could join Cure Sous Chef in battle she told them to leave him to her while they head back to protect the future. She explained the meaning of their crystal power ups (They’re just that, power ups) and also gave them a special gift to aid them in future battles.

Back in the present our heroines, especially Cure Parfait, tried convincing Bibury, who thought she was too different from everyone to befriend them, that being different is precisely what strengthens their bond because they all have something special and unique about them that help compliment each other.

Iru facehugging Bibury.jpg


Before Bibury could see the light Iru leaped into her face and tried drowning her in darkness.

Iru X.jpg

PreCures vs Iru X.

The Cures tried combining both their finishers (Cake of Doom and Wunderkind Parfait) but it wasn’t enough. They tried willing Bibury to fight the darkness. again especially Cure Parfait, but it was too strong. All seemed lost…until…

Kira-Kiraru Creamer.jpg

Kira-Kiraru Creamer.

Cure Sous Chef’s soul appeared once more to show our heroines how the special gift, the Kira-Kiraru Creamer, worked and also helped them awaken the power of their new Super Animal Crystals.

My reaction to what happened next can be best described in this one video.

PreCure, Animal-Go-Round.jpg

PreCure, Animal-Go-Round.

I’m certain Rory felt the same way watching the absolute awesomeness that was the Cures’ brand new Super Finisher. He can also vouch for how right it felt that the Cures FINALLY got a finisher where they uttered the sacred words “PreCure, ‘insert super cool finisher name here”. I REALLY wanted to express my excited in full hyperbole but you get my point by now. It was incredible.

Bibury cured.jpg

Bibury cured.

With Iru destroyed for good Bibury was finally freed from Lord Noir’s dark grasp. And you know what the best part is?


Hopefully we’ll get to see Bibury as a permanent (or at least recurring) ally of the Baking Rangers from now on! Heaven knows she deserves it after the all the suffering she’d been through. Oh and of course, most important of all, let’s hope for more BibuCiel romantic development…or at the very least Bibury FINALLY eating Ciel’s sweet treats…if you know what I mean.



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7 Responses to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 32: Secret of the Crystal Power Ups

  1. Rory says:

    PreCure got a spectacular new move, they met their predecessor and we’ve got a great addition to the cast. This episode certainly delivered.
    If anyone deserves to eat Ciel’s sweet treats, it is Bibury.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Kaylee R Smerbeck says:

    So Im picturing Yukari being all this could get our reality destroyed by messing with the past
    I’m in.
    Actually did the fall happen in timeline b is it like Orange where your interaction with the past doesn’t fix your time but saves the other

    Liked by 1 person

  3. cirno9fan says:

    while it started off kinda mediocre, and even got a little poor….once Ciel was introduced everything just kept on going uphill

    In short: This has strong potential to be one of my top Precures depending on how they handle things. Could even take top spot from Doki.


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