Action Heroine Cheer Fruits Episode 10: Rank Pressure

Kind of a Midorikawa episode this time but not really.

An panicking.jpg

An panicking.


We kicked off with a huge announcement that Hina Nectar had reached 10th place in the rankings. As if that weren’t enough, Misaki had received notice that an interview would be taking place between Cheer Fruits and a very special guest.


Jane Cena finally graces the girls with her presence.

An’s reaction was self-explanatory.

An overwhelmed.jpg

An lost for words.

The intention of Cena’s visit was to motivate our heroines into working harder by getting positive words and some advice from the #1 ranked performer…

An messing up.jpg

A huge botch.

What actually happened was that half of Cheer Fruits were overwhelmed by Cena’s incredible savvy both on stage and working with the crowd. It carried over to their next performance. The best way I could describe their performance and the reception from the internet was the same way diehard wrestling fans respond to a heavily botched match. That was exactly what happened after that faulty performance. They were DESTROYED online.

Kanon upset at An.jpg

Afterward the girls who managed to keep their cool were a bit irked by the affected girls’ inability to concentrate, especially when it came to Kanon and An. Their argument went something like this:

Kanon: Yeah, Jane Cena’s cool and all but we have what it takes to become just as cool or even greater if we keep up the pace.

An: It’s hopeless. we’ll never surpass the godlike Jane Cena.


Kid Misaki.jpg

Kid Misaki having had bad luck for a long time.

We then cut to Misaki who blamed herself for messing up the team’s mojo by agreeing to have them meet up with Cena. She reminisced of all the times her “bad luck” messed things up for everyone around her. Her two sweeties tried cheering her up but she secluded herself.

Hina Nectar fans cheering Mana on.jpg

Hina Nectar fans cheering Midorikawa on.

So now we can finally talk about Midorikawa. Throughout the show she did her usual thing of balancing her desire to help the team with her own desire to sell more merchandise, legal or otherwise. Also throughout the episode she was seen carefully observing the others, taking mental notes to prepare for something later on. After a second show that didn’t fare any better than their previously botched one Hina Nectar went down to 25th place. Midorikawa hoped her big plan would somehow help turn the tides. Luckily she got help from another source. The fans all around the town.

The people cheering Cheer Fruits on.jpg

Overwhelming local fan support.

Our heroines were then reminded what they were fighting for. Sure it would be cool for them to get 1st Rank but what was most important was to help their town’s economy grow and give the people a great show every time they perform.

Mana's big surprise.jpg

Mana’s big surprise.

Midorikawa later revealed what she was carrying in her big bag all this time. It was brand new uniforms for Cheer Fruits, signifying them being a one-lemon unit of awesomeness. To no one’s surprise we then saw that, as usual, Midorikawa already had another merch scheme planned but her heart was in the right place so it’s cool.

Cool episode overall. Next week…more Misaki moping from the looks of it.

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8 Responses to Action Heroine Cheer Fruits Episode 10: Rank Pressure

  1. Kakarot says:

    Its great episode do you know about Seifuku-no-vampiress lod manga its great manga shoujo ai


  2. For some people, actually meeting their idol face-to-face is more than they can take, I guess…oh well. Midokawa’s plan seems to have been enough to get them going and motivated again.

    …It almost feels like the title of the next episode is a deliberate reference to Haruhi Suzumiya and that series’ titles…

    Liked by 2 people

  3. x says:

    Midorikawa is a very very clever business women.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. yurimylove says:

    I just learned that a smack to the behind is the best way to cheer a girl up 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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