329th G-View: Hina Logi: From Luck & Logic

Here we are again taking a look at another sequel/midquel/spinoff of a series centered around a female cast like Soul Eater NOT!, Hidan no Aria AA and DanMachi Gaiden: Sword Oratoria to name a few. Most of these are made with (usually) a Girls Club audience in mind and whether fans of the main series they are based on enjoy them or not depends on their personal tastes. The question is whether this next one does the others proud and provides fun times for viewers. Let us find out as we take a look at Hina Logi: From Luck & Logic.

Hina Logi Cover.jpg

Alternate Title: Hina Logic: from Luck & Logic

Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life, Action, Supernatural, Magic

Themes: School Life, Magical Girls, Mecha Musume, Yuri

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 9/10 (personal), 7/10 overall.

Plot Summary: Liones Yelistratova is the naive princess of a small nation, who goes to Hokkaido to enter ALCA, an educational institution dedicated to teaching Logicalists who uphold world peace. Liones enters Class S, and encounters many unique classmates, including Logicalist Nina Alexandrovna.

Transformed Lion

Lion in her Trance form with her Foreigner, Rosa.

Hina Logi is both a sequel and spinoff but like the other “moetastic” spinoff. However, like most other “moetastic” Girls Club spinoffs it is not necessary to have seen the main series in order to follow what is going on. It will enhance the viewing experience by understanding the terminology, events, references and recognizing the special guest stars from the main series but otherwise newcomers will be alright when approaching this one without prior knowledge of the main series/prequel. While Hina Logi serves as an expansion to the main series in terms of lore it still has enough world building to help viewers understand the happenings and rules of the series setting.

Glorious Yayoi

Best girl, Yayoi and her twin servants/harem girls Karin and Karen. Good luck remembering which is which despite them being clearly distinguishable.

Like past “moetastic” spinoffs Hina Logi is a Girls Club (cute girls doing cute things) show first and an action-packed extravaganza second. In fact, of all the spinoffs I have seen so far (including Last Exile 2 and Kiddy Girl and) Hina Logic is the least action-oriented by far.

Nina vs Chloe

Nina and one of the main series’ special guest stars, Chloe.

That does not mean it has little to no action. There are some pretty neat “Logicalist” (the term for warriors/Earth’s defenders in this series) battles here and there and there is somewhat of a main obstacle that is slowly built up as the show progresses but unlike other “moetastic” spinoffs it is not as important to the overall narrative. What this means is the show is not plot driven but like a majority of Girls Club shows in general, character driven, meaning the character development is more important than the plot. More on that in a bit. One small disappointment for peeps who enjoyed the main series is that while the Foreigners (term for denizens of the other world) were prevalent in the main series, sharing the scenery with Logicalists, that is not so much the case in Hina Logi as the Foreigners are limited to showing up during henshin/transformation sequences (or Trances) or in Rosa’s case showing up every now and then. According to some peeps, the popular theory is that this is primarily to promote a Luck & Logic card game since the Logicalists Trance using cards in this spinoff. Not a deal breaker but worth keeping in mind while watching.

Mahiro Transformation Full Body Shot

Mahiro in her Trance form.

The animation is very colorful and cute with the show having its fair share of cute and sexy moments as readers can see here in one of, if not the sexiest Trance in the show. The soundtrack, like the show is cute with some decent action tunes. The OP and ED are also delightful to listen to. The OP is a personal favorite of the Summer 2017 season.

Girls stargazing

Stargazing with Mahiro, Nina and Lion

The characters are all a likable bunch of cuties who fall under familiar anime girl stereotypes but are still fun to watch interact, grow and fight together as they train and study to become great Logicalists in the future. As mentioned before my personal favorite is the red haired ojou-sama Yayoi Tachibana who, fun fact, shares the exact same name as Yayoi Tachibana from Growlanser III. Also for readers who have issues with high pitched female leads, Lion (pronounced Lee-ohn) has a cute voice.

Before we continue, there is something I need to clarify. Just because I said there is little action, does not mean the show is devoid of story or plot. On the contrary, the girls’ time working together to become Logicalists is packed with story and developments for the cast. A lot can happen in one year at a school that trains magical girls and mecha musume essentially. Most of the characters experience growth throughout their time at the academy and their bonds stronger, some much more than others as I will hint at right now.

Lion X nina

The surprise pairing of Summer 2017.

Now we come to what I consider the most surprising aspect of the show, the yuri. When it comes to “moetastic” spinoffs more often than not yuri goodness is to be expected that ranges from strong shipping power (Last Exile 2) to GLORIOUS undeniable gayness (Aria AA). Hina Logi started off like the former but as it progressed…let us just say jaws dropped and there was much “squeeing”. All I can say is be patient and you will be GREATLY rewarded. Without spoiling much it basically went the extra mile that few Girls Club shows dare to do and deserves AS MUCH CREDIT AND SUPPORT as it can get.

Overall I may be praising Hina Logi: From Luck & Logic more than necessary but I enjoyed the show THAT MUCH! It is similar to past “moetastic” spinoffs but what it does it does quite well. It may not have as many action scenes as other shows of its kind but the one it has are enjoyable and while its main plot is not out of this world and fans of the main series may be disappointed that the Foreigners do not get much screen time but the character development throughout more than makes up for it. Highly recommended to Girls Club aficionados and Nation members looking for most delightfully fluffy and even sexy yuri. In short, fans of this blog know what to expect when yours truly gives a Girls Club show high praise.

PS: Make sure to tune in after the ED for a neat bonus subplot. Like with main show, the patient will be rewarded.

PPS: Importing the show’s Blu-Rays is cheaper than ever. There are only going to be 2 BDs and they’re 9k yen each. That’s a CRAZY steal compared to BDs being 2 or 3 eps each and 7-8k yen a piece

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42 Responses to 329th G-View: Hina Logi: From Luck & Logic

  1. Amir Syazwan says:

    This is one of the best “all girls” anime spinoff so far for me.
    The MC, Lion and Nina loves each other and the most important thing is that the kiss seal the deal.
    This is not something you will see often in other anime.

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  2. Shinryu says:

    I found the show to be a very pleasant surprise. I watched the first series and didn’t hate it but found it sort of bland and unexciting overall, largely due to the super typical MC. The story was actually fairly solid. Anyway, Hina Logi also started off feeling a little samey and bland to me but proved itself fairly quickly with a focus on a small cast of very likable characters it was willing to give some real development too. It really grew into it’s own as the series progressed and is an easy recommend to anyone who likes this sort of show (aka those who don’t feel they need Story or Action in their anime).

    Above all, though, I really do need to complement the show for actually going yuri. It feels like pretty much every show these days that has more than one female character plays the yuri angle as much as it possibly can just for the heat and buzz it generates. Sure this is enjoyable, but it’s also frustrating and annoying when there’s no follow through due to pointless “reasons” and/or blatant lack of guts. Hina Logi could have easily gone this route like so many others but it didn’t, and I feel that it deserves extra credit for this above and beyond just being a really solid, fun show in it’s own right.

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    • OG-Man says:

      As I told cirno9fan, just because I said there isn’t much action in this show doesn’t mean it lacks story or plot. It has plenty of it. I did say it’s a character driven show after all, meaning they go through a lot.

      It definitely deserves A LOT credit for going the extra mile instead of the usual “softness” or not daring to go all the way on screen.

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  3. cirno9fan says:

    I think you’re undervaluing things with this show. I also never got how “story” can only refer to “action”. This show has PLENTY of story. Surprisingly a romance plot that started from the beginning, just none of us realized that was what was actually going on. Or we just couldn’t believe it was actually doing that. Maybe some realized it from the beginning. I’ve no clue. Either way, you just don’t see this very often at all. I hope it pays off, I might be importing the BDs myself. The price isn’t the end of the universe comparably. And it just would be a great way to support full on yuri in shows like these, instead of tip toeing around the issue like is done so much.

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    • OG-Man says:

      I said there was little action. I never said there was no story or plot. The story is about a group of girls working, studying, training and fighting together to become Logicalists. Naturally that means A LOT happens/happened in that time as you pointed out. I have to explain it as it is that this show doesn’t have many action scenes.

      As you said though this show deserves all the support it can get, especially from Yuri fans.

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  4. Liddo-kun says:

    I don’t have enough money to buy BD’s of this show. But I will try to support it another way… like for example, buying figures or music cd’s from CDJapan These kind of shows need to be supported, to make them know that there are people who want more things like this. 🙂

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  5. A great show of it’s genre indeed, and indeed well worth the praise for going further than others with it’s Yuri as others have mentioned.

    As for last episode stuff: While Ep11 was amazing for going the extra mile, slightly saddened/disappointed that Ep12 didn’t mention that stuff again all that much, or go “all the way” as Ep11 did, and instead used “friends” to describe their relationship. Oh well. There were enough shipping moments to make up for it, and Nina’s decision to stay certainly is excellent and allows for more gayness to continue to blossom & bloom.

    So, alas, Mizuki did not get her chance to confess, and neither did Yuko realize things, but then they get to go to the same workplace after graduating. Oh well. It’ll do for now, I suppose. Hopefully eventually something more does happen between the two.

    Season 2! Season 2! Or other continuation (like of the main series with these characters having enough of a role in it)! Hopefully the BD’s being cheaper than usual will get more people to buy them, resulting in good sales, so Season 2/equivalent becomes more likely.

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    • Mauron says:

      I took Yuko’s arm linking as a sign that Mizuki got her chance off screen.

      Season 2! Give Nina more of a chance to grow!

      Liked by 3 people

      • OG-Man says:

        Most likely. That’s what I got from the scene. The kouhai saw the two and pretty much asked Yuko if she and Mizuki started dating.

        Let’s hope for the best.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Liddo-kun says:

        really agree with that, Nina needs a chance to grow more. I like it when Nina got shy and took her hand away when people saw her and Lion holding hands,, that means she really has some hidden feelings there. Season 2 or at least one special episode please! 😦

        Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Their friends acknowledged Lion’s love for Nina while Nina, being Nina, wasn’t being honest with her true feelings, so really the “f” word had little effect on what was already established. Still canon.

      Mizuki still has college years to try again. Besides, Yuko seems willing to give it a shot. All Mizuki has to do is stop playing games and tell her straight up how she feels…and make sure there are no love potions nearby.

      Hopefully it will happen with enough support.

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    • OG-Man says:

      That, or as Mauron said, which is the likeliest answer, she already won off screen.

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  6. LuzeriP says:

    Aah I’m sad. I’m gonna miss the girls. One my favorite this year so far. Is there any chance the spin off get more seasons than the main series?

    What a sweet ending. Nina decides she wants to be with Lion. And then they’ll go to ALCA together. Of course with Yayoi and her harem too. Mizuki finally got Yuko for herself at ALCA. You can do it Mizuki, and don’t be a creepy.

    I definitely buy the BD. With animation this beautiful, I need to see it in BD version.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      We will all miss them,
      I definitely want more Hina Logi than Luck & Logic OG despite not having seen the latter yet. Might approve LL OG after seeing it but right now more HL is what we want.

      NinaLio/LioNina are canon! Huzzah!

      Best girl’s harem lives on!

      Either Mizuki already won off-screen or she’s almost there. Either way she’s all set.


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  7. Loved Hina Logi with passion. All the girls were so likeable, there was no need for a mean character, just a slightly strict one, but just as likeable as the others.

    The show made me smile quite a lot and I would always recommend it.

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  8. B-M says:

    I initially skipped this since I have a busy schedule around weekends, but gosh was that a mistake.

    I suppose the first half really appealed to my love of magical girls and cute-girls-do-cute-things, but I thought it was actually quite good for the genre anyway. What set this apart was the unique structure (alternative universe, let’s put an onsen IN THE SCHOOL and have an ONSEN EPISODE EVERY EPISODE! also the father subplot with Kiniro Mosaic-esque random languaging but Russian instead) etc), actually being quite laugh-out-loud funny a lot and of course, becoming a romance half-way through.

    The romance was really, really good wasn’t it? No dancing around the “but we’re both girls” and it didn’t make quite everybody a lesbian (though most are lol). Nina and Lion had a really nice and heartwarming progression. The others were quite good, especially poor Mizuki and Yayoi’s harem. Also, that Valentine’s half-episode got very uhm… wow. Were they allowed to air that?

    I felt like this show had balls for days. I’m sure you and I have seen far too many shows half-arse the yuri or half-arse the festival or the other subplots but I felt this show just went for it, and I really respect it for that. Just like Centaur, though I’m not really enjoying that show all that much even though I definitely respect it.

    I feel a bit of a goon for not picking it up sooner 😦 Is it show of the season? I think it might be mine, though ofc PriPri is yet to end.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      What matters is you picked it up and enjoyed it. Better late than never and all that. It was filled to the brim with fun and amusing episodes. It becoming a romance in the 2nd half was also very welcome.

      Yup. Most of the girls are gay.

      True. Not many shows out there that stepped out of the ” super strong teasing” zone. While those are still delightful, shows that have the guts to go all the way are much more appreciated or respected.

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  9. yurimylove says:

    the last 2 episodes pushed this series to 10/10 for me. I really liked them. Plus every single one of these characters are so likeable, despite them being anime archetypes (the ditz, genki girl, ojou-sama, hot teacher, quietgirl, etc.) i guess it’s all about execution, and in this show they wrote the characters and their interactions really well. Very enjoyable for viewers like me 👍

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  10. Liddo-kun says:

    To show support for this great anime. I have ordered the Ending and Character Song Mini Album from CDJapan. Going to show a few pics when it arrives. 🙂

    Really poor right now, and can’t afford the Blu-ray. @_@

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Liddo-kun says:

    Claimed the music cd from the post office yesterday. Took pics of it today. I’m surprised they even put a card inside. ^___^

    Nina looks shy in the cover…


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  14. piano_cello_conducting says:

    This was one of the greatest yuri surprises of the year. This could have gone the half-assed way like Nanoha or other so-called yuri francises by keeping things vague but this show actually went all the way and made the yuri canon. Too bad there is no sequel for now. Any idea how the manga is like (if there is one)?

    Liked by 1 person

    • KZO says:

      You can buy the manga here in e-book format, it just came out:

      Actually, it would be nice if you could buy it and upload it to nyaa, I’ve been looking for torrents for it for a few days. The name of the manga is: ひなろじ あまくち if you want to look for torrents too.


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  16. KZO says:

    Hey, Hina Logi got new subs, you should download them: https://nyaa.si/view/1070843
    They fix a lot of mistakes the original subs had and it serves for archiving and rewatching purposes.

    Liked by 1 person

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  18. Christian Appel says:

    OG, I´ve got two words for ya: Episode 11.

    Most surprising yuri couple and anime of 2017. Hidden yuri gem.


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