Action Heroine Cheer Fruits Episode 8: Demon Director

This time it was Genki’s turn to take the stage…sort of.


These girls’ shtick looked very familiar.

Before we get to the above pic let’s briefly discuss what happened before. Misaki was discussing the Cheer Fruits’ growing success and popularity thus far but auntie told her to not let her guard down. There was still a ways to go before reaching the ultimate goal of a packed stadium. She then got a distress call from An.

Birthday cake.jpg

Misaki’s Hina-Nectar Birthday Cake.

She was called to check out the new stage entrance device but more importantly to celebrate her birthday! Very cool. There was one problem though…An kinda jinxed it for everyone by reminding Misaki that it was August 9th, the “day of misfortune”.

Now we go to the first pic. While checking out their ranking they saw a video for a new group that at first seemed to ripping off Momotaro…but that wasn’t all they ripped off…

An imagining Doctor Genki.jpg

An imagining Doctor Genki.

Because of the Momotaro group’s little stunt the Cheer Fruits agreed they had to go back to the drawing board a bit and come up with new ideas. Things weren’t looking good with Misaki being stumped and also discovering that a fireworks festival the next town over would take place on the same day as the next Hina-Nectar show. Luckily for them Genki had plenty of them. Because of that Misaki appointed Genki as the director of Hina-Nectar’s upcoming episode. Before accepting Genki asked Misaki if she was sure about this.

Demon Director Genki

Demon Director Genki.

For whatever reason Genki turned into a “demon director” pushing everyone to their limits. The more straightforward objectives included:

  • An finding her own special pose and not emulate Kamidaio’s.
  • Midorikawa becoming closer to Buddha the old fashioned way.
  • Yuki learned to be as Mexican as possible.
  • Kanon be Kanon…much to her disappointment.

Now for the more interesting tasks.

Mikan vs Hatsuri butt sumo.jpg

Hatsuri and Mikan KEIJO!!!!!!!!

I miss KEIJO!!!!!!!! so much. Genki had Hatsuri and Mikan train their booties in order to perform powerful hip attacks since they didn’t seem to be anything special about their fighting styles. Take a wild guess what motivated Hatsuri to go all out and drag along Mikan…

Roko trying to seduce Misaki.jpg

Roko trying to seduce Misaki.

And the best one of all…Roko being told to try and seduce her girlfriend because, as the sexiest girl in the cast and the fact she played a villain meant she had to level up her seductiveness ala Doronjo. What they ended up getting from her was even better…

Genki feeling bad.jpg

Genki feeling bad she pushed everyone too hard.

At first I thought the episode would go down the route of “smart side-character gets an important role and pushes everyone so hard they quit on her but come back later after an apology”…but that wasn’t the case. Yuki understood what Genki was trying to do so she had the gang review their training one last time to make sure they adapted their new techniques.

Bra and panties Cheer Fruits.jpg

I suppose bra and panties fanservice is the best we’re getting on this show. It’ll do.

Genki's bittersweet tear.jpg

Genki’s bittersweet tear.

After some scenes showing that Hina-Nectar was definitely popular and that there could be a chance of rain on the day of the show we joined the Aoyama sisters making lots of teru teru bozu. They talked about an invitation by Misaki for Genki to join the gang on stage in the upcoming show. She refused because she saw Yuki already doing a great job leading the girls on stage and she was having more fun working as a stage hand. She did however, she a bittersweet tear that I think meant two things:

  • The joy of getting to live her dream of working together with Yuki on a big show.
  • The sadness of not being able to perform in sync on stage with Yuki due to her disability.

I could be wrong and the tear was only meant for the first thing. Tune in next time and find out how the show will fare against the fireworks festival.

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10 Responses to Action Heroine Cheer Fruits Episode 8: Demon Director

  1. hotler99 says:

    But this is ep8, right?


  2. cirno9fan says:

    Darn stealing stealers!

    Anyway, is the ecchiservice really not good enough for you??? I quite like it personally, but could just be my preferences

    I am pretty sure that was a tear of regret. I think it would make them stand out quite a bit if they could incorporate a wheelchaired girl into the actual team properly. And I’ve been wondering about her joining for quite the time. We shall see where it goes though.


    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. All part of the job, putting up with ripoff artists.

      You have to be a swimsuit connoisseur to understand. It’s not like I’m not satisfied with the bra and panty scenes we’ve got, I am very much so, but again bikinis are special.

      We’ll see if she does end up performing next time.


  3. Eurowatch says:

    Genki knows what the adience wants.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. x says:

    Roko need a lot more training to seduce Misaki or maybe a class.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. yurimylove says:

    “For whatever reason Genki turned into a “demon director”…” Well guess what, Genki is secretly Gendo Ikari’s long lost daughter that’s why 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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