Nanoha Detonation and Kemono Friends 2 Announcements

Just wanted to briefly share two big announcements.

Nanoha Detonation Armor

Super Saiyan Blue, eat your heart out.

The first announcement was that the 2nd part of the 3rd entry in the Nanoha movie Trilogy is called Magical Girl Lyrcial Nanoha Detonation which continues the story after Nanoha Reflection. A US screening of Nanoha Reflection is also scheduled sometime in October.

Plot Summary for both movies: A pair of researchers stay behind on their dying planet of Eltria with their two daughters, Amitie and Kirie, in hopes of finding a way to revive the planet. But when the husband Granz falls ill it seems their dream of reviving the planet will die. Against her older sister’s wishes, Kirie sets off with her childhood friend Iris to seek help from a distant alternate world. They arrive in Japan on Earth to search for the key to their planet’s regeneration. There, they meet Nanoha Takamachi, Fate T. Harlaown, and Hayate Yagami.


The second announcement is what many had hoped would happen. That is a 2nd season of the little anime that could and surprise hit of the Winter 2017 anime season, Kemono Friends!

2018 already has some big shows for The Nation to get hyped for but Kemono Friends 2 is certainly one of the biggest. Also here’s hoping Nanoha Reflection and Detonation won’t take too long to get subbed in 2018.

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11 Responses to Nanoha Detonation and Kemono Friends 2 Announcements

  1. Ivn says:

    Wow that new suit looks awesome, also “DEMOLITION” the entire planet needs to prepare to be befriended.

    And YAY for kemono friends, hope its as good as the first one. Hopefully we can get more games too.

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  2. yurimylove says:

    Great news to start the week! It’s been quite a while since we got any original Nanoha-centric animated work, so definitely hyped.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. LuzeriP says:

    Favorite anime getting a sequel is always a good thing. Waiting for you Hanayamata and Sakura Trick.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. More Kemono Friends! Woo! Also, you probably realize how much I’m looking forward to seeing the Nanoha movies by now.

    I still remember when the first part’s release date was confirmed last autumn and me needing an hour or two to calm down after nearly having a “good” heart attack from seeing the news…who knows what actually seeing the link to find the subbed versions, or the movies themselves will do to me…especially since some new key visuals confirmed a couple more characters from the PSP games to be appearing, who happen to be some of my favorites in the franchise.

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  5. Reflection is taking awhile to go up on the streaming sites. I really want to see it.

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