Your Average Joe gives author recommendations: Itou Hachi (By Your Average Joe)

This will be short but hopefully sweet 🙂

Intro: Anime and Manga reviews are all well and good but I want to also give the creators praise for their work. For Anime it is harder as there is an entire studio of people behind the scenes but I’ve been an avid Manga reader for some time. Seeing works of some of my favorite authors fuels my passion for writing even though the writing process of reviews isn’t particularly very fun for me (In no way am I saying it’s not fun, I’m just not good at writing)

Personally, I just want to let you all know which authors I love reading. Feel free to let me know whom you like to read the works of.

(Manga name: “Legally Married Yuri Couple“. Nuff said)

Itou Hachi

Not much is known about this author in real life (as I imagine is the case for most authors I may/may not review in the future) but s/he was one of the first Manga authors I discovered online, therefore s/he holds a special place in my mind.

If you search this author’s works on ‘Dynasty Scan’ it consists of incredibly moe female leads (obviously Yuri). Most characters are a hybrid between human and cat which is a trend I wish becomes more popular within Yuri media. All Manag is SFW.

The main themes this author dabbles with is Age gap, moe, school life, romance, animal ears and marriage. I’d recommend reads regardless of whether you like these genres or not. These works are heart-warming and slice-of-lifey. However there is one Incest one so be wary of that you’re touchy about this subject. Unfortunately his/her work does not get updated frequently so get attached at your own risk.

This is the part I’d say to support these talented creators but I’m in no way pressuring anyone. It’s rather hypocritical coming from me but believe me when I say I would support my favorite creators if I could.

Thank you for reading!


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5 Responses to Your Average Joe gives author recommendations: Itou Hachi (By Your Average Joe)

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  2. youraveragejoe010 says:

    I think it goes without saying the art is gorgeous. Forgot to mention that.

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  3. Denny Sinnoh says:

    For these “cat girl” anime and manga — does it mean anything if their ears are perked up or lying back.

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