Filler Post: Lesbian Grasslands (Special Thanks to @widhoemaker)

A recent tweet train showed me a very important yuri discovery. That being lesbians enjoy chillaxing together looking up at the skies while holding hands or embracing their loved ones. Thanks to the tweet I shall now share a slew of examples of lesbians and ambiguously gay ladies chillin’ on grass.

Strawberry Panic Grasslands.jpg

Strawberry Panic. Tamao and Yaya were robbed.

Love Live Grasslands.jpg

Love Live μ’s NozoEli, HonoKotoUmi, NicoMaki and RinPana.

Sakura Quest Grasslands.jpg

Sakura Quest features some yuri ships.

Little Witch Academia Grasslands.png

Little Witch Academia, specifically Diana X Akko.

Tokyo Mew Mew Grasslands.jpg

On the right, Mint X Zakuro from Tokyo Mew Mew.

New Game Picnic.jpg

Still related to grasslands. RinKo from New Game! There are other couples on the show of course.

Madoka Magica Grasslands.jpg

Meduca Meguca: MadoHomu and KyouSaya. MamiNagi also exists but only Mami is here.

Soul Eater NOT! Grasslands.jpg

Tsugumi X Nene X Anya from Soul Eater NOT!

K-ON! Grasslands.jpg

Mio X Ritsu and Yui X Azu-nyan from K-ON! Tsumugi can be paired up with anyone.

My-HiME Grasslands.jpg

Mai X Mikoto are the only ones here representing My-HiME. There are other couples such as the iconic ShizNat and even HaruYuki.

Sailor Moon Grasslands.jpg

HaruMichi, ChibiHota, and even some ships among the main 5 Sailor Guardians excluding Usagi herself. Sailor Moon.

Girls und Panzer Grasslands.jpg

Girls und Panzer has some ships.

Yuru Yuri Grasslands.jpg

Can’t forget Yuru Yuri.

Koufuku Graffiti Grasslands.jpg

Ryo X Kirin from Koufuku Graffiti.

Yuki Yuna Grasslands.jpg

Yuna X Togo from Yuki Yuna is a Hero.

Aoi Hana Grasslands.jpg

Aoi Hana.

Stella Academy C3 Grasslands

I suppose Stella Academy Group C3 has a ship or two.

Gokujou Seitokai Grasslands.jpg

I forgot which other ships there are besides Rino X Kanade from Gokujou Seitoka.

Utena Grasslands.jpg

Utena X Anthy

Flowers Printemps Grasslands.jpg

Suou with one of her love interests, Rikka from FLOWERS: Le Volume sur Printemps.

Special thanks to to dani, aka @widhoemaker for starting the thread.

If there are other pics of lesbians or ambiguously gay ladies lying on the grass together, do share in the comments below.



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4 Responses to Filler Post: Lesbian Grasslands (Special Thanks to @widhoemaker)

  1. LuzeriP says:

    How about Maid Dragon episode 2 (I remember correctly because that’s when Kanna appeared). Kobayashi, Tohru and Kanna went to a big field to exercise and they got tired laying on the grass playing shiritori.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. yurimylove says:

    wow… I’ll never look at grass the same way again 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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