Battle Girl High School Episode 1: Sloppy Jills

Here’s a show I may be covering weekly based on how much there is to talk about.

Nightmare Tree.jpg

Nightmare tree.

We begin the episode with the main girl Miki having a nightmare about the holy tree being corrupted by darkness. Most likely this will happen as the show progresses.

Lots of girls in class

Lots of girls.

This yet another one of those shows with a large cast of ladies and each one of these are fighters. Hopefully we’ll get to know as many or all of them as the show progresses. Oh and yes there is a male teacher. I’m not worried as there are other female teachers keeping him in check…that and I doubt he’ll try anything.



The monsters the girls fight are called Irous. Their animation quality is slightly better than Kemono Friends’ Ceruleans.

Transformed Miki.jpgUrara.jpgHuggies.jpg

Speaking of animation, be careful when coming to the part where the cavalry arrives to help Miki, Haruka and Subaru fight the Irous. It is blurry.

Idols Singing

These two idols are OTP.

During the battle with the Irous the girls were all pretty cocky and were a bit sloppy despite getting the job done. The teachers were concerned but made sure the girls were always focused on saving the day and not underestimating their opponents.

Token mystery girl.jpg

Token mystery girl.

Main and vice president.jpg

The president reminds me of Eli and the vice president is Nozomi without the groping. I ship them too. Currently they’re my fav characters.

Gamer and shogi girl.jpg

Purple hair is a PC gamer and the brow hair likes shogi.

Fashion girl and Warrior.jpg

The orange girl is obsessed with fashion and the redhead is a warrior. Another potential ship.

Nice pierce

This girl piercing the Irous is Kokomi, the sidekick of Urara, the twin-tailed redhead making a pose. Another ship.



After another battle against Irous the girls still weren’t taking things seriously so they had them pair up and face each other in exhibition team battles. The mystery girl got more and more annoyed by how sloppy the girls were until she could take no more and stepped in to show how it’s done. She introduced herself as Misaki, someone Miki seems to know very well.

Next time it’s the “Let’s try and get along with the brooding tough girl” episode.

Overall, despite some hiccups early on the rest of the episode flowed smoothly and it kinda reminds me of Schoolgirl Strikers but a bit more moe. Again if the show continues being decent I’ll continue covering it.

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20 Responses to Battle Girl High School Episode 1: Sloppy Jills

  1. cirno9fan says:

    quality of animation aside, I really did enjoy the ep, and look forward to more. Has good potential going for it~

    Liked by 3 people

  2. philipbaxton says:

    I should’ve went into this series blind instead of looking up info about it. I read that yhis is based on a mobile game where all the girls love the male teacher. That means I probably won’t watch this one. That’s a real shame cause it looked promising. Even if it doesn’t turn into a harem I’ve never been a fan of yuri based on harem series that uses the same characters. That’s why I didn’t like Girlfriend Beta. It feels too much like it’s only yuri to keep the otaku men from being upset over their waifus being with another guy. That, to me, is an insult to yuri and yuri fans.


    • OG-Man says:

      Like I always say, “it’s up to you”.


    • cirno9fan says:

      Maybe you can try and look at it as: It’s yuri because they know they can get away with this and be fine, whereas the mobile game likely stands no chance. Though I wonder about that with the popularity of SIF….must dl kirara fantasia


      • OG-Man says:

        I use the “separate universe” myself when it comes to anime of mobile adaptations like this one but by now you know I really don’t like forcing people to pick up a show they adamantly don’t want to watch.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. x says:

    Not bad for a first episode, but it still can go anywhere at anytime for two or three episodes.


  4. LuzeriP says:

    I enjoyed the first episode. There so many (cute) girls and with a lot of potensial ship. The idol couple is my favorite for the moment. And I like how they showed us the seiyuu of every single girl in the classroom scene (There’s Aoi Yuuki). Looking forward for more.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    Hmmmm…nice start. Going to be hard for me to remember most of the characters once again with this many cast, also seeing that there are 8 more empty seats in that classroom I’m guessing there will be 8 more girls that will join them later. Wait…make that 7 more because the first one has already arrived 🙂

    And they are pretty chilled and that’s understandable because the enemies are not that much plus they don’t seem to see the possible casualties that could happen among the civilians. The teachers must become more strict and I mean really strict if they want the results they want from the students. The president seems really chilled too so…
    Also, maybe witnessing some f*cked up stuff could probably help too like people dying or at least getting badly injured because of the Irous (and their sloppiness) though I doubt that would happen in this kind of show. Then again, there’s Gakkou Gurashi and Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku that went beyond the kind of show I expected to see 😛 . Oh well, it’s still the first episode so I’ll see how they improve later 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Keitchup says:

    I was actually overwhelmed by the number of girls that showed up in the first episode. I didn’t think they’ll introduce them all at once. Hopefully all of them would get their own developments because it would be such a waste if they’re just background characters. There’s also so much potential for this show and I enjoyed watching it. Look at all those ships. I hope it will get better in the next episodes.

    Liked by 3 people

  7. kitsu260 says:

    Okay, here some usefull info:
    The game you play as the Sensei BUT you don’t romance with him until the Valentin Even, who is totally optional, Idolmaster also had one, like the married sistem of KanColle.
    Actually the anime going beyond and 4 teacher, all with names and importants, even Sugita one had a name who should be unaceptable if he was from the game.
    Also the mc here is Miki, pretty clearly.
    The game had a lot yuri, so probably will be good and maybe or Ange Vierge of season.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Ying says:

    When yurination turns into mahoushoujonation


  9. yurimylove says:

    G-view’s already out? It’s marathon time 🙂


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