KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 21: Pudgy Revelations

Even more Ciel goodness awaited us in the latest episode.

Ichika and Ciel almost spilling the beans.jpg

We started the episode with Ciel still puzzled as to how Ichika could produce so much kira-kiraru despite there apparently not being anything special in her baking. She was so focused on finding out how that she almost spilled the beans on her secret identity, as did Ichika. But of course both didn’t fail to notice the other girl’s awareness of kira-kiraru.


I think this is the first time his eyes were revealed. Could be wrong.

Fairy reunion

Pudgy Puppy Fairies reunited.

Earlier Ichika thought she saw ghosts which were later revealed to be the missing fairies.

Gummy Returns.jpg

Gummy Returns.

The fairies explained that after being found and saved by the Gummies they were all told to return to Strawberry Mountain to reunite with Master Chourou and Pekorin.

Kirarin and Pikario.jpg

Kirarin and Pikario silhouettes.

The fairies mentioned two twin fairies named Kirarin and Pikario who went to study overseas. I wonder who they could be…

Fairy Mousse Cake

Fairy Mousse Cakes.

We were then treated to the return of “Happy Sweets Time”. I really liked that song and am so glad it’s back. Everyone teamed up to bake Fairy Mousse Cakes. It was delightful.

Lord Noir Silhouette.jpg

Lord Noir appears…I think it’s a silhouette or maybe that IS what he looks like.

After Bibury ridiculed Julio for his failure he angrily swore to surpass someone at all costs. Again I wonder who it could be…Anyway Lord Noir responded to Julio’s ambition exactly how one would expect a big bad to do.


Ciel reveals herself as Kirarin.

As usual PreCure is terrible at keeping secrets. Oh well. That’s not really why fans love the franchise Everything else around it is. with the cat being out of the bag Ichika and the others also revealed themselves…right after Bibury showed up.

Iru of the Week.jpg

Iru causing trouble as usual.

Ciel helping the Cures.jpg

Ciel lending a hand.

Infuriated by the Cures’ meddling Bibury powered up Iru with her own dark kira-kiraru. Things looked bad for the Cures when suddenly Ciel pulled a Haa and stepped in to help the Cures like a boss. One mega cake burial later and it looked like Iru was trashed worse than usual. Bibury’s become desperate so the Cures better be ready the next time she shows up.

Role Reversal.jpg

The tables have turned.

Now Kirarin wants to learn how to become a Power Ranger from Ichika. Oh the sweet irony. All was well. Till next time folks.

Powered up Julio.jpg

Oh. I almost forgot about you.

Oh right. Pik-, I mean the newly pissed off Julio had arrived for one more match. Whatever. Next time it’s the Baking Rangers vs Super Dee Duper Julio.

This episode was pretty good btw.

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2 Responses to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 21: Pudgy Revelations

  1. cirno9fan says:

    To say I’m not worried would be lying. Why does Leo exist? ;_; Two possibilities are now there to crush our yuri ship…

    In other news: It was a great ep! Ciel is continually amazing, and Ichika is really shining. The other characters are losing all their presence, but ah well. It’s super common in this series.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      We shall see what happens but yes, Julio’s presence is not a welcome one.

      Keep in mind that Ichika’s not had much time to shine until Ciel popped up. She’s mostly been that lovable goofball leader. As you said though it’s PreCure 101 for them to be in the background when the focus is on the leader and a newcomer.


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