Serment – Contract With a Devil Demo

Last year an Indiegogo campaign went up for a dungeon-crawler game with yuri routes called Serment – Contract With a Devil. The game was later picked up by Sekai Project for publishing.

Serment Main Menu.jpg

Plot Summary: Serment – Contract with a Devil (or Serment, for short) is a visual novel – dungeon crawler hybrid where you play as a girl who was revived by a beautiful devil.

Though, instead of claiming our heroine’s ever so cliche human soul, the devil demands a huge sum of money for payment. If the payment comes even one day late, the heroine’s soul will return to the afterlife.

And so, her light-hearted, comedic adventure to save up enough money before the deadline begins.

Despite the dark sounding premise, the majority of Serment will be light-hearted slice of life events (more commonly known as cute girls doing cute things).

Game features:

  • Cute anime girls!

  • 4 playable main characters, each with their own unique story and endings.

  • More than 20 side characters, each with their own personalities and subplots.

  • Over 20 dungeon floors with manually designed puzzles and 200+ unique items to discover!

  • A lot of cute anime girls!

  • Turn-based RPG battles with simple mechanics but tons of depth.

  • A detailed dating sim time management system.

  • Cooking, crafting and fishing minigames!

  • Light yuri (GxG) romance.

  • Steam Achievements and Trading Cards.

  • Did we mention that there will be cute anime girls?

Serment demo main menu

Serment Before.

Serment Character Select

Serment After.

Compared to how the game looked last year when it launched its Indiegogo, in the trailer readers can see a massive improvement.

Check out the demo on Steam HERE or HERE.

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2 Responses to Serment – Contract With a Devil Demo

  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    I’ll keep an eye out for the full release, as I like anime dungeo crawlers such as Sakura Dungeon. I also like cute anime girls.

    Liked by 1 person

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