323rd G-View: Frame Arms Girl

While I know that the concept of an anime about a boy/girl and their living female action figures is not new as it has been done before a couple of times like Rozen Maiden and Busou Shinki, this is the first one I saw in its entirety. Question is whether it is a good show. Let us find out as we take a look at Frame Arms Girl.

Frame Arms Girl Cover.jpg

Genres: Comedy, Action, Slice of Life

Themes: Action Figures, Mecha Musume, Fanservice, Yuri

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary: The show is about Ao, a teenage girl living on her own while her parents work abroad. One day she got a mysterious package containing a little action figure who was sentient. She introduced herself as Gourai, an F.A. Girl and explained that she was sent to Ao to gather data on combat and her emotions. Over time other F.A. Girls were sent to Ao to test Gourai’s combat abilities. The show follows Ao, Gourai, the other F.A. Girls and their daily shenanigans.

Gourai with her armaments

Gourai guiding Ao on how to attach her gear.

The first important fact that apart from the humans and the suburban setting, the F.A. Girls, battle arenas and some drones are all CG. As usual this is to inform readers who have issues with CG in anime. Personally the CG is fine and I have seen far worse. Another important facet is that the F.A. Girls’ designs are indirectly based on the Strike/Brave Witches (Not really but they might as well be.). What I mean is most of the girls’ armor cover their upper bodies…but their booties are bare. In short expect several panty shots. Heck the OP starts with a shot of Gourai’s tooshie. Keep these two facets in mind before deciding to check out this show.

To sum up Frame Arms Girl as a show it is: A cute girl and her cute action figures doing cute things while occasionally engaging in mecha girl battles as Gourai learns more from her experiences about what it means to feel emotions. Of course since the stars of the show are small action figures it means that even the most mundane of tasks, like doing groceries, can become a big adventure and this is part of what makes the show a lot of fun to watch. Being primarily designed for battle it is amusing to see the F.A. Girls living simple lives with Ao when not fighting each other. Speaking of fighting…

Gourai vs Stylet

Gourai vs Stylet.

As mentioned above the F.A. Girls and battle arenas are all CG and while the quality arenas are nothing to write home about the battles are pretty cool. It is still cute girls wearing badass armor hitting each other with all their equipped weapons and it is all delightfully chaotic. It is cool seeing Gourai executing strategies and her opponents trying to counter them. The rest of the animation is decent. It is a slice of life anime that does not have a spectacular or noteworthy setting so solid quality is all one can ask for and sure enough that is what viewers get. The same goes for the soundtrack with its solid background music during casual scenes and battles. The OP is pretty good though and the ED is neat.

The Frame Arms Girls group shot.jpg

From left to right: The Materia Sisters, Gourai, Stylet, Baselard and Jinrai.

Now shenanigans and cool battles are fine and all but what about the cast and their personalities? Each one is delightful in their own way and deliver fun times and laughs along with solid emotional moments here and there.

  • Gourai is the leader who slowly develops more emotions and becomes more expressive.
  • Stylet is a tsundere.
  • Baselard is a genki.
  • Jinrai is a kunoichi style fighter who has a fascination with the Edo-era, meaning most of her gags revolve around her stoic personality and love of old school Japanese customs.
  • The Materia Sisters…more on them in a bit.

Architect, OG’s favorite F.A. Girl.

My favorite of the bunch is Architect for two reasons:

  1. She reminds me of a smaller KOS-MOS from the Xenosaga series. Acts like her too.
  2. She is adorable.

Ao and Gourai.jpg

As for our leading human Ao, she is a special cutie. See, she does not really fall under a specific anime girl archetype. While it is made clear that Ao gets paid to help with Gourai’s research that does not mean she falls under the “greedy girl” archetype. No, she simply likes that she gets paid. All of her actions and reactions are all what one would expect from a (mostly) positive girl who rolls with the situation she is in. There are other F.A. Girls and human characters but the ones mentioned here are the important ones.

Materia Sisters Introducing themselves

The show has yuri of varying degrees.

Now back to the Materia Sisters as we discuss the yuri. See, the sisters are sadistic incestuous troll lesbians who are into BDSM. They enjoy teasing the others, especially Stylet for obvious reasons and all the time they are intimate with one another. Not over the top sexual mind you but…they, shall we say, are inseparable. This is a good third facet to keep in mind. Besides the sisters’ antics there are other yurirific moments as well, and when I mean yurirific I do not mean ambiguous. Now while the yuri is not subtle at all, whether it is more than “Oooh! Cute girls touching and kissing each other” I leave the viewers to find out for themselves.

Overall Frame Arms Girl is a fun show to watch about the daily lives of a girl and her sentient action figures who, when not fighting, go on epic adventures that seem mundane to regular people. The animation is solid, the CG is decent, the battles are cool, the yuri is not subtle at all and again it is all-around fun. Readers who like Girls Club style shows and mecha musume style combat who are not sensitive to fanservice or anime CG can check this one out. It is a cool watch.

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11 Responses to 323rd G-View: Frame Arms Girl

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Ao is best MC, and Bazet is best girl 😛

    Liked by 2 people

  2. LuzeriP says:

    I enjoyed Frame Arms Girl so much. One of my best this season. It was like Yuru Yuri kind of anime. With awesome battles. My favorite is Materia sisters. I like it when they’re teasing the others. And I like their voices.

    It was kinda sad when Materia sisters and the other left. Gourai must be lonely. But from what I saw they’re hinting a new season? I hope so. I would love to see them again.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. yurimylove says:

    a fun show indeed with some cool mecha musume actions! My favorite Frame Arms Girl is Base, for being goofy and genki. The only thing I’d have liked different, is to see a bit more of Bukiko. She’s apparently a big plamo otaku… and she likes to grope Ao’s boobies 😀

    I hope Base wanders into Bukiko’s home and becomes her Frame Arms Girl. Then they can hang out with Ao and Gourai often. As for the Materia sisters, I bet you’d agree with me that they can wander into the first circle of hell and become excellent demon lords XD

    Liked by 2 people

  4. K says:

    It was an alright watch.

    I saw Ao as a girl who wouldn’t stick to a hobby for a long period of time and, at first, she was only interested in collecting data for Gourai because she was getting paid for it. She also does things at her own pace…at least when the F.A. Girls aren’t calling the shots. Despite all that, she’s a nice girl. Her freak outs over money were hilarious.

    Bukiko was very knowledgeable about F.A.Girls and model kits in general, I assume. I bet she wouldn’t look out of place in a series like Gundam Build Fighters. Also, I just liked the sound of her voice.

    Of the F.A.Girls, I like Gourai and Architect the most. In terms of shipping, Stylet didn’t forget that shock kiss she got from Gourai at all. The Materia Sisters don’t need any explanation.

    I prefer Hraesvelgr’s original form over her ‘Ater’ form. It just looked bland to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Ao’s not your run of the mill leading lady that’s for sure.

      More Bukiko would have been swell and seeing her cameo in the upcoming new Gundam Build Fighters anime would be swell.

      Architect is love and Gourai is cool.

      Yeah. She looked generic in her super form.

      Liked by 2 people

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