Melody of Sorrow: The Cross Heart Sequel

A couple of years ago one Anakris gifted the Yuri Nation with a drama titled Cross Heart (Check out my review of it HERE) that was about the painful yet also hopeful love story of two adorable girls named Haru and Kotomi. Sometime later Anakris returned with a sequel story titled Melody of Sorrow which takes place a couple of years after the events of Cross Heart. Find out how Haru and Kotomi are doing years later. As of the date of this post Melody of Sorrow is still ongoing.

Haru and Kotomi Return.png

Image source HERE.

  • Read Melody of Sorrow HERE.
  • For readers who have not yet read the prequel story Cross Heart check it out HERE.

Note: Be sure to drag the icon on the left to the top so readers can start from the beginning.

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8 Responses to Melody of Sorrow: The Cross Heart Sequel

  1. I’ll make a list of currently available and updating Yuri and GL comics on Tapas. Where can I post that?

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  2. yukkaonna says:

    One of my most favorite manga. Yeah. So touching and soft, aw~

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  3. Trans Homura says:

    I thought she abandoned the series based on her Deviant art

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  4. appbeza says:

    Just one more pending chapter till the moment.

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  5. yurimylove says:

    thanks for telling me about this title. I’m on page 22 now. Anakris’s drawings are simply amazing! And it’s in full color too. I wonder how much time she spends to complete one page?

    Very nice story development so far, a worthy follow up to Cross Heart!

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    • OG-Man says:

      I imagine a bit longer than say, Ratana Satis takes on her stories. Based on the difference in pages I guess a more accurate guess would be half a week or so.

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