Reflections – Dreams and Reality

Time to promote another visual novel with yuri content. It’s Reflections – Dreams and Reality by Reine Works and Gamerbum.

Reflections - Dreams and Reality.png

Plot Summary: There’s another side to each person, one that we cannot see without help. There are those who seek out said help, each earnestly wishing to find their true selves. It is then that they seek out the one known as the “Magic Mirror,” a revered sorceress of recent legend.

Watch as the darkness lifts in the hearts of those who seek out the Magic Mirror. Follow Reina and experience nine short and sweet tales of romance, friendship, and unrequited love.

Reina and Sol.png

  • Four GxB routes
  • Four GxG routes
  • One secret, unlock-able route
  • 150,000+ words
  • 19 endings
  • 40+ CGs
  • Two interchangeable sprite sets

Yes there are otome routes but four yuri routes should be plenty for yuri fans. The interested can learn more about the game and pre-order it on or wait for its planned Steam release sometime this year.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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