YMC #86: Resounding Echo (By Your Average Joe)

My 11th Manga Review: Resounding Echo

Genres: Yuri, + more genres (varies)

Length: 3 one-offs, 1 three chapter long Manga + 1 bonus chapter

By: Kigi Tatsumi

(Sorry for the poor quality image, couldn’t find a better version)

Story (Written by me): A collection of one-offs featuring loosely connected stories of Yuri Romance. Most contain some sort of Drama or angst.

Didn’t know what to read so I just picked this up at random. This will also be a short one, very very short.

There isn’t much to about at all since I’m simply reviewing multiple one-offs.  The story and characters aren’t engaging either as due to the lack of time it had to develop, the author couldn’t possibly conceive interesting characters and story in 1 chapter. Except for that one 3 chapter long Manga, I started to like the characters but then it abruptly ended. Sad -_-

I must say the author does seem talented from the precious little amount of work that was posted on ‘Dynasty Scan’, she started getting me intrigued in characters using just 3 chapters but now as I write this, it isn’t rare for me to be vowed this early. Unfortunately, there isn’t more work in her profile than ‘Resounding Echo’.

(The captain (girl on bottom left) perfectly summaries my thoughts towards most Dramas)

Yuri: As I’ve mentioned countless times before, the Yuri is not great due to the lack of time it had to develop. If I am to poorly analogise starting off a Manga, it is like planting a flower. It is not possible to describe the life of this flower (describe the story and characters in an interesting way) if it has been given only a day to grow (few chapters to develop). In my opinion a one-off should only feature light-hearted and context-free romance without any regard for story. Something that can exist without any reasoning, “These 2 girls love each other because reasons, and we may even explain why that is so but we will not include an actual story but just show the daily love these heroines share”.

Romance, Action and School life are examples of genres that can exist without context. Drama, which is a genre a lot of these chapters in this Manga have, cannot as there NEEDS to be some sort of betrayal to create Drama, and betrayal and can only exist if there is a story.

Sorry to go of on a tangent. What can say, there isn’t much to discuss with this?

So, to conclude:

Forgettable? Yes. That 3 chapter one, slightly less.

Recommendation? No. With the possible exception of the ‘Uta-Kata’ Manga, I wouldn’t recommend this Manga over any other I’ve read.

It is unfair to score multiple loosely connected one-offs as one so I’ll let you be the judge if you decide to read this. But you can imagine my score is low for this one.

Story: (N/A)/10, Characters: (N/A)/10, Overall enjoyment: (N/A)/10, Yuri Goodness: (N/A)/10

Overall Score: (N/A)/40

Thank you for reading!

On a completely unrelated note, has Santa changed the time of year he operates as he has been unusually busy this year so far as he gifts the Yuri Anime/Manga community with fantastic surprises. I mean seriously, ‘UMA-MUSUME’ and ‘KONOHANATEI KITAN’ Anime adaption. I am in aww. And also other things as well such as ‘Kase-San’ and more. I’m still eagerly waiting for the ‘Citrus’ and ‘KanColle season 2’ premier dates. I want to see more “Panpakapan!”. I really love the Atago X Takao ship in that Anime.

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