320th G-View: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

This show has settled a long debate about Kyoto Animation in regards to how they handle yuri in their shows. Contrary to popular recent disbelief, KyoAni is not anti-yuri. In fact, this anime showed us once and for all that if the adapted series is 100% yuri to begin with then KyoAni does not add or tease yuri in their anime adaptations. They still like to torture the Yuri Nation but do not show disdain toward the community. Question now is whether the anime as a whole was good or not. Let us find out as we take a look at Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

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Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life, Fantasy, Yuri

Themes: Dragon, Maid, Office Lady

Number of Episodes: 13 + several specials and 1 OVA

G-Rating: 9/10

Plot Summary: Miss Kobayashi is your average office worker who lives a boring life, alone in her small apartment–until she saves the life of a female dragon in distress. The dragon, named Tohru, has the ability to magically transform into an adorable human girl (albeit with horns and a long tail), who will do anything to pay off her debt of gratitude, whether Miss Kobayashi likes it or not.


The story of an office lady and the dragon maid who fell in love with her.

Before we begin the review there is a little thing we need to briefly bring up regarding a controversy in the Funimation English dub. Contrary to the scripts the voice actors were given in episode 1, Miss Kobayashi is not someone who is not sexually attracted to women. In the manga and Japanese dub she was more surprised by Tohru/Tooru’s sudden confession and made a remark that is akin to the staple yuri manga trope known as “but we’re both girls”. In short, no, Tohru is not forcing a straight woman to reciprocate her romantic feelings. She is flirting with a single office lady.

Now on to the review. This show can be best described as a hilarious, charming, relaxing and especially heartwarming comedy that shares a few similarities to the third season of Yuru Yuri. It is about the daily lives of Miss Kobayashi, the dragon maid Tohru and a bunch of other dragons disguised as people along with their respective human friends/roommates. The cool part of the dragons is that each one is based off either commonly known Western depictions of dragons in fantasy media or mythical dragons. In fact, each dragon’s personality is partially inspired by their source of origin. Check out King Kai’s post here for more details or go look up more information on the dragons whereever available. They even come from another world that combines both religion and mythology based on the few times their world is mention because the main story is more about the human race than the fantastic so it makes sense to not harp on the other world too much.


Tohru/Tooru’s true form.

To be more specific on what the show’s themes are about than simply saying the human race, it is a study of both the intrapersonal and interpersonal aspects of society looking at the good and bad traits of humans, more so the good  We know humanity is often depicted in a negative light but we are not all bad and not everything about us is deplorable. Besides looking at humanity, the economy and even “otakudom” there is also the intrapersonal study of everyone. Both the dragons and humans’ lives were changed in very interesting ways ever since the two began cohabiting with one another. Many interesting emotional topics such as belonging, lifespans, the self, love and many more are brought up throughout the show’s heartwarming scenes.

Drunk Kobayashi again

Miss Kobayashi is not your run of the mill female anime protagonist.

I have talked about the interesting, educational and heartwarming but I cannot leave out the comedy. Like many anime comedies the effectiveness of the humor depend on how much the viewer enjoys…shall we say, Japanese humor. While I can easily say the show’s humor made me laugh 95% of the time (Fans of the show can guess what the excluded 5% refers to) it may not make other viewers laugh as much. Still I can confidently say the comedy is for the most part as good as the emotional and heartwarming moments, meaning excellent.

When it comes to the show’s animation quality it should be no surprise that it is top notch since it comes from KyoAni, whose excellence in animation is undeniable. The soundtrack is very relaxing with some nice tunes to listen while chilling out. The OP and ED are good too. Not my favorites in the Spring 2017 season but still enjoyable to listen to.


Miss Kobayashi and Tohru/Tooru.

The characters are all likable with only one duo’s dynamic being give or take. First of all let us talk our leading ladies Tohru/Tooru and Miss Kobayashi. Miss Kobayashi is a kindhearted person at heart who is not very good at expressing herself deepest feelings in order to save face. She is not mean by any means, just has a hard time being honest with herself, even her hidden sex appeal. Next up is Tohru who might as well be a lesbian’s dream spouse. Of course she has “plot emotions” hidden behind her radiant smile but other than that she is a lovable, badass and sexy maid dragon.


Kanna, omega kawaii level of cuteness.

Third on the character introductions is arguably the breakout star for many, Kanna. She is a walking nuclear bomb of cuteness who most of the time has a poker face but her angelic purity is so strong she could cut off the electricity to 500 states all by herself without shooting a single electric spark. EVERYTHING this young dragon does is adorable and precious. Her soul mate is also someone viewers should pay close attention to.

Then there are the other three dragons along with their respective roommates, two of them anyway as one of them seemingly lives by itself. Most of the dragons and humans have excellent chemistry together…except one duo in particular, Lucoa and her roommate. Perhaps it is due to how their relationship is presented but the big-meaty hottie and the small shrimp’s dynamic can be best described as…catering to a specific target audience. I will admit that they do have a few moments, mainly when not focusing on their relationship. Also one of the dragons takes a long time before finally debuting. The side characters are all likable as well.

Speaking of relationships I am happy to say that there is almost nothing to hide when it comes to yuri. All I asked from KyoAni when it was announced that they would be producing this anime was to not subdue the sexual desires of any girl or woman on the show. KyoAni did not tone down the yuri at all and thanks to that we got two memorable blossoming lesbian couples (and even one for our neighbors).

Having praised the show a lot that I suppose I should mention some nitpicks and other stuff that may upset certain viewers. The aforementioned iffy duo (big meaty hottie Lucoa and little shrimp)’s chemistry I hinted being hit and miss. Also Lucoa not getting to shine very much and mostly showing off her wonderful assets will disappoint viewers who wanted to learn more about her besides the obvious fact that she is hot (unless the viewer is not into big meaty hotties). There is also the dragon I mentioned who shows up really late in the show and barely gets the time to shine. Perhaps the “I want to see more of that character” feeling will pop up for some viewers. Then there is Kanna and her soul mate’s interactions. While they are adorable and romantic there is the running gag with Kanna’s girlfriend, an intentional “meme-face”. Also there is one scene that might be too much for people who are not into ” intense youngling love”…shall we say. It is only one segment but it is a steamy one.

Overall Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is easily one of the best anime of 2017 without question. The comedy for the most part, the emotional and heartwarming moments are all excellent, the animation is vintage KyoAni excellence, the soundtrack is chillaxing. the cast are all likable and the yuri is delightfully fluffy. Like all shows in existence it is not perfect but its pros far outweigh its cons in my opinion. Most yuri fans will find something to enjoy in this show and like Yuru Yuri even some non-judgmental viewers who are not part of the Yuri Nation can find a lot to enjoy in this show.

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  2. cirno9fan says:

    Easily anime of the season. Could take year, but it’ll be a fierce battle for sure.

    I just…Kyo-Ani FINALLY got to animate a yuri show, and you can tell they’re super comfortable with it. They also didn’t spare any expense, this was given the usual level of budget expected from them and it really shows. My one single complaint is that the Riko face was pretty much Memeized by them. Would have liked them to maybe work on bringing a little more variety to that. But really, that’s such a minor complaint for this show. They did everything right, and I know people who aren’t fans of yuri that have fallen in love with this show.

    There need to be more shows like this: Ones that are yuri, but don’t make that the focus. The focus is on characters growing closer to each other. I think the “we’re both girls” thing only got mentioned like twice. That’s the sort of thing that needs to happen really. That’s how you get people comfortable with something, when you make it out like it’s completely natural.

    Anyway, when I finished the ep, there was something of a hole left. I’m mostly better now, but I will seriously miss this show…

    I found the Shouta and Lucoa stuff mildly amusing at times, and pretty amusing at other times really xD And I thought their relationship began to feel a lot better as the show went on. Yeah, it’s sitll the weakest relationship on the show, but I’d say it was still a good relationship.

    Choosing between KannaRiko or TohruKobayashi is the single most difficult thing to do…they’re both so amazing together! While KR got the “I’ll give my everything to you”, TK got “The point is whether you can see yourself with them in the longterm”. Both huge shows of love, but in different ways. Unfortunately, one day, Tohru and Kanna will have to say goodbye. That will probably be one of their most fond and painful memories, but they’ll never forget the time they shared…And now I’m tearing up T_T

    And that’s where I finish whatever it is I’m trying to say xD Will greatly miss this show….

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    • OG-Man says:

      Too early to tell if it’ll reach that accolade but it’s a contender.

      Hence why I made the YY comparison, it’s accessible to the mainstream.

      Riko’s face being a meme face was obvious.

      They found a way for it to work and that’s cool.

      As I said the two have their audience and had their moments.

      It’ll be interesting seeing which of the two will win in the end.

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  3. philipbaxton says:

    It was a good anime despite it’s over the top fanservice at times with the younger cast members. I did have a few problems though. One was that everyone besides Kobayashi, Tohru, abd Kanna felt pointless. It felt like KyoAni made so many filler episodes so that the side characters could do something but all they did was play up their character trope. Takiya and Fafnir were still cool side characters though.

    Another problem I has was that the anime felt like it didn’t know what it wanted to be. The sol comedy, the ecchi, and the serious parts never really connected at times. The last episode was a big example of that. Given how the series was going the last episode felt out of place with the rest of the show. Even though I say that it still was my favorite episode.

    Kobayashi x Tohru waa amazing and Kanna waa adorable is all I really can say about the anime. Other than that not much else happened and some of the jokes felt repetitive. For me the show was a solid 7/10. It was good but not really memorable outside the Kobayashi family and Saikawa.

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  4. LuzeriP says:

    Ah it is kind of similar to Yuru Yuri. When Tohru loose her hair down she’s like the grown up Kyouko. I love Yuru Yuri btw. I worship them.

    This is my anime of the year. At least for now. I read the manga too and I’m satisfied with the anime. I have to apologize to KyoAni for doubting them. I’m not good with words for me this show is perfect. And I’m gonna miss it so much.

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  5. Shinryu says:

    I was never a fan of the KannaxSaikawa stuff and I do feel the side characters were underutilized for how much promise they showed but, as a complete package, this was a great show. As far as yuri is concerned, I’d say the show actually pushed more towards yuri than the manga does especially when you consider the debate with Tohru’s dad is essentially a “coming out to your disapproving parents” scene. This is an easy series to recommend but the few missteps it had drop it to probably my third favourite of a season that had a few really strong shows.

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  6. Teatime93 says:

    Excellent review!
    As you say, KyoAni finally did a good yuri anime since years… Kobayashi-san will be at the top ten of anime yuri for many people including me hehe I’m gonna miss them so badly.
    At least, KyoAni will comfort us bringing out an OVA in September!
    Guys, you must go watch the preview right now.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Wouldn’t say finally did a good one, rather they finally decided to adapt a yuri manga and got to show yuri love without holding back.

      The bonus episode will be worth the wait.

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  7. JC says:

    I cried for about 10 mins after i finished watching the last chapter. It was so damn good. The whole ‘coming out to your parents’ plot is always a solid hit for me. But Kobayashi-san in despair without Tooru and in the end taking Tooru to her parents was so heartwarming ❤
    Yes, i doubted kyoani in the beginning. Now i ask for another season, the manga has material for so much more love-filled yuri fluff and the comedy potential is great. I am ultimately delighted with the result!

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  8. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    I’d like to say that it’s really wonderful to see that KyoAni showed us that they’re not anti-yuri (just sadists most of the time -_- ). I’m glad they didn’t change the yuri.ness of this show and made me enjoy it as much as the manga 🙂 otherwise I wouldn’t feel sad about it ending today huhu. This is one of the shows that I’ll definitely miss. I do hope they’ll make more 🙂

    Also, that last episode was pretty awesome! 😀 Especially Kobayashi’s expression that was really great, that was a bit of a surprise since I’m used to Kobayashi’s mild personality and to see her be like that…nice KyoAni :3 Tohru’s dad didn’t really have any issues about Kobayashi aside from her being a human that will only live a few years. If humans can live as long as dragons do and somewhat keep up with them then he’s totally fine with it, it seems he just wants someone to be with her daughter for as long as she lives. He’s a nice dad for me,….really scary though….but overall nice 🙂 Tsundere.ish? 😛

    But yeah thinking about the future of Tohru and Kobayashi is a little sad but just as Tohru said “Just enjoy the present…” Since their time together is short (in dragon years) it’s better to spend it happily instead of being sad about it. Plus, who knows they might find something to help them with that problem since she’s a magical being 🙂 .

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    • OG-Man says:

      The show will be missed. KyoAni did very good.

      Yup. Gay daughter confronting defiant parent(s) is good stuff most of the time.

      I imagine the two will find some kind of solution to prolong Miss Kobayashi’s lifespan before the end of the story.

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  9. chikorita157 says:

    I have to admit that this show is probably the most enjoyable comedy that came from Kyoani for a while. I have to admit that the characters are enjoyable, especially Kanna who is adorable. In short, it exceeded my expectations and hopefully we will see more in the future if they decide to do so.

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  10. Darks0ulreaper says:

    This show could only be described as a triumphant victory, I’ll admit that I kinda wanted a kiss at the end, but the couplings are so damned solid that I don’t really care that much. The show was at the very least an 8/10 for me, everyone was great throughout the entire ordeal, all of the characters are likeable to some extent, which isn’t something I can say about most other shows. Also, this is somewhat unrelated, but what shows are everyone keeping an eye on in terms of yuri content during the spring season? I’m actually paying close attention to “Alice to Zouroku”, despite the first impression of the show that most would get, I think there’s some hidden potential for yuri couplings, but I won’t spoil as to why I think that this is so. As for the spring season Anime in general, I have a good idea of which shows I’ll be keeping an eye on for general consumption (although I’ll be keeping my eyes open for yuri, I always do): Hinako Note, AoT S2, Nobunaga no Shinobi S2, Berserk (2017), Seikaisuru Kado, Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine, Alice to Zouroku, Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul, Boku no Hero Academia S2, Uchouten Kazoku S2, and Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho; I’ll probably end up dropping a few of these shows when their first episodes air, but these are the ones I’ll definitely try out at the very least.

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  11. bobdude says:

    I hope KYOANI does a yuri show that is more than just teasing the viewers.


  12. yurimylove says:

    beside the dragons, Saikawa is the shining star of the show… and i’m not just talking about her forehead ^w^

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  13. Ann Sears says:

    I have a question.
    are Tohru and Kobayashi Canon? uum, such as… Ymir and Christa in AoT.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yes and not yet. Miss Kobayashi greatly treasures Tohru but has not fallen in love with her yet. Either that or subconsciously she loves Tohru back but is not yet aware of these feelings. Tohru undeniably loves Miss Kobayashi. To put it simply Tohru is patiently waiting for Miss Kobayashi to reciprocate her feelings and Miss Kobayashi is still trying to figure things out though her feelings are slowly leaning towards love.

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  14. KueKyuuQ says:

    It’s a wonderful show and I looked forward to each and every episode with high anticipation and there wasn’t a single let-down.

    That said, one COULD argue, that KyoAni still somewhat played it save. Yes, Tohru and Kobayashi-san have undeniable chemistry and the last episode was certainly to make a point about their mutual devotion to each another. But compared to Kanna&Saikawa… well, despite them being younglings, their interactions were much more yuri-obvious and … shall I say, ‘steamy’? (Though, most of that obviousness and heat came from Saikawa’s sweltering reactions, enhancing spotlight on these exchanges.) But they are kids, and society may not take it as seriously (“they’ll eventually grow out of it”).
    While the adult Tohru&Kobayashi was not played down, it wasn’t as blatant either. I am speaking about direct comparison here; I am fully aware Tohru had several I’m-totally-crazy-about-my-waifu-moments. But compare hers to Saikawa’s moments, and Tohru’s thirst pales significantly.
    One is full-on on-screen yuri-craving and the other a rather platonic deep sense of devotion – neither is badly handled, but the latter, while within our yuri-goggle perspective endearingly heartwarming, could still be interpreted as a sort of friendship (with one being a dragon who doesn’t know how to interact like a human) rather than necessarily female-on-female romance…
    (I have not read the manga, and it all may be the same here, which wouldn’t necessarily negate the point, as KyoAni then may have picked up this adaptation as a mean to test the boundaries while still playing it sorta save…)

    Don’t get me wrong. Personally, I loved the show, I cheer for fluff-ball Kanna. I enjoyed the gradual, caring, lighthearted and sweet relationship between Tohru and her much adored hoomin to the fullest. The show made me laugh, squeal and empathize. Within its genre and target, I certainly give this show a lavishly good rating. Especially with the well-handled deeper undertones and topics OG addressed in this (very well written!) review.
    And yeah, hopefully, on the long run, this puts the KyoAni-Yuri-handling debate aside….

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    • OG-Man says:

      It’s two different kinds of yuri relationships. Tohru and Miss Kobayashi are simply taking their time. Miss Kobayashi greatly cares for Tohru but has not yet developed romantic feelings for her. She subconsciously loves Tohru the same way but is not yet aware of these dormant feelings. Basically she’s still trying to figure things out. Tohru’s love for Miss Kobayashi is undeniable and she’s patiently waiting for her to reciprocate her feelings.

      Kanna and Riko are children who have a basic understanding of how the world works. Kanna may know a bit more but she’s still as much a youngling as Riko.

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    • cirno9fan says:

      Personally, I’d say this easily goes beyond “friends” with Kobayashi. She’s not the best at expressing what she wants, but she basically said she wants to spend the rest of her life with Tohru. Tohru though? It’s unquestionable. She’s said on multiple occassions that she wants tohru both for the romance/etc of it, and for sexual reasons. She’s been 100% clear about what she wants. There’s nothing “platonic” about that. With Kobayashi It’s more a case of Kobayashi being terrible at expressing how she feels, and maybe not fully sure herself what her feelings mean.

      Kanna and Riko just don’t care how to explain/label what they have. They just enjoy each other, and while it’s childlike in that they have such an innocent way of expressing themselves to each other, they do it in a more adult manner. Though, that’s mostly because of Kanna. Who is much less innocent than she gives the appearance of. Basically, Kanna is actually surprisingly horny, and Riko’s much more of an M than Kobayashi is, so that’s why Tohru’s not as forward in the more adult parts of a relationship.

      Not to say that Riko and Kanna’s relationship lacks any of the maturity that Kobayashi and Tohru have, they take everything very seriously, it is no “game” that they’re playing. Just, because of their youth, they don’t have any of those boundaries that are ingrained into people as they are raised. Because time hasn’t given them that yet.

      And my rambling goes on xD
      I hope a point has been made somewhere in there…

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      • OG-Man says:

        This was pretty much an “extended cut” of my own explanation.

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      • KueKyuuQ says:

        I’m not denying any of that, I whole-heartedly agree, in fact.
        My point was more about the fact that the kids have this much more obvious relationship, while the adults get a comparatively much more delicate approach. I am not saying one has to read between the lines or that it’s not an endearing portrayal, but point out, that the adult relationship could much easier go by unnoticed and excused as Tohru being a dragon by the non-nation audience; meantime the kids’ relationship, as obvious as it is, could still be excused as “kids fooling around”.
        This is NOT my personal standpoint, but a thought I had when reading all the praise directed at KyoAni. It IS a great show, and possibly one breaking new grounds in regards of executing yuri themes, and we may as well praise KyoAni for it. However, I think the portrayal of the yuri, especially once you start comparing these two couples, is still a somewhat cautious approach.

        I don’t need Kobayashi and Tohru getting it on or a flat out mutual “aishiteru” love confession. I understand and like the way their characters and relationship are constructed in a relatable way, and with all the unspoken things, character flaws and awkwardness that comes along. But the fact that the kids are so much more physical – and Saikawa having a joygasm due to -focused in on- physical closeness with Kanna, almost every scene she’s featured in – just stood out to me a little and caused this trail of thought and interpretation of the approach / portrayal. To my knowledge, the extent of Kobayashi&Tohru’s physical intimacy… was a pat on the head? Compared to Kanna licking Saikawa’s face much to the latter’s delight, yeah, I’ld call that ‘platonic’ (though certainly not ‘asexual’). Even the hugs / glomps each couple shared were different in just the same way (to paraphrase – Sa&Ka “…ngah, so friggin close!! Wanna grope!” / To&Ko: “…hnn… this feels nice, can we stay like this a lil’ longer?”). Each is good stuff, though.

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  15. LiteraryOtakuGamerGirlT says:

    Well, not much more I can say that I haven’t said every week, so no doubt this was a quality yuri anime. Saikawa and Kanna were my fav pair, but I loved Tooru and Kobayashi as well as Takiya and Fafnir. This was a win for both the Yuri Nation and Yaoi Republic for sure! I’ll never have enough Kanna being adorable, or the Kobayashi family moments, which I think made the show. Though the support characters were a nice addition too and had their moments.

    The finale was my favorite episode, as I thought it gave such a realistic portrayal of a lesbian family being unexpectedly separated for a certain amount of time, and how the partner left behind has to keep on living for the child’s sake, but is silently hurting, realizing she never told the other partner all the things she should have. I feel like Kobayashi’s actions this episode, proved that she does love Tooru, but she’s just not that best at saying it. She claimed her, which leaves no doubt in my mind.

    So, to sum it all up, this was definitely one of the best anime this season, could be the best SoL for the year. I lived for the domesticated moments between the main three. You could say the ending wrapped things up pretty nicely, with Tooru’s father giving his reluctant approval temporarily and with Kobayashi finally ready to introduce Tooru and Kanna to her family (also makes it official as far as I’m concerned), but I wouldn’t mind another season if it’ll give us more sweet moments of the Kobayashi family.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Oh yes. The show gave both communities happy times.

      Definitely. If nothing else the finale gave the Nation hope that Miss Kobayashi’s feelings for Tohru are slowly leaning towards romantic but she’s still trying to figure things out.

      We definitely need more.

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  16. ArcaJ says:

    I was not prepared for the feels in the last episode! I even teared up a little. Kobayashi mentioned in an early episode that she wasn’t used to being wanted. At the time,I wondered if she’d been hurt before. So,for her to throw herself into a freaking DRAGON BATTLE to save Tohru, all the while laying her feelings bare, was just excellent. (MY HEART!) Also, how could you not fall for Kobayashi? That “dead fish stare” is magical!

    I like that nearly all the other duo’s just rolled with a dragon in their lives. A good and heartwarming show, with fantasy elements. And lesbian dragon maids. And gay dragon butlers.

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    • OG-Man says:

      It was a most excellent conclusion.

      Do not forget that Miss Kobayashi has a sexy slim body hidden underneath.

      Definitely a great and fun yuri show with a pinch of yaoi on the side.

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  17. themarrowbook says:

    Was there a script-alteration in the English dub? I have only watched the Japanese dub, so I’m kinda curious to know.

    The show was interesting as well as well-written, easily one of the best I’ve seen this year.
    The characters were all likeable to me, but Kanna and Saikawa were both the cutest and funniest. And I too wish Elma could have more screen-time.

    Just as you mentioned, Kobayashi is quite unlike the usual female protagonists who are dependent and “girly”. Tohru comes from the fantasy world where the dragons seem to be constantly fighting with humans, believing their coexistence is impossible. But she learns to live with humans after finding her love in the new world.
    Though Japan had been conservative about its social and gender-related values for a long time, now the values seem to be rapidly diversifying, often clashing with more conservative ones.
    The main theme of this show, and perhaps KyoAni’s decision of not toning-down the yuri moments , may have been related to the acceptance of newer social values, namely homosexuality and otaku-culture.

    Diversity of values may also account for the inclusion of different couples in the show.
    If you could enjoy 95% of it, then I think your coverage is far more than wide enough. Unfortunately, many Japanese viewers don’t seem to enjoy as much as you did…

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  18. Zuneko says:

    I loved this anime, despite it’s few negatives. I am glad that the yuri was shown without restraint and I even think that there is more yuri than the actual manga, especially with the young future wives. While I liked the ED, I absolutely loved the OP of this series, it is one of my favorites! Though I do wish Quetzacoatl and Elma had more time to shine besides being pretty much running gags.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Can’t say if it had more or less than the manga since I haven’t nor want to read it just yet.

      Should there be a 2nd season I predict Elma and Lucoa will get more time to shine.

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  19. Ah, this show. Just wonderful. Too many feelings to put into words, hence why it took me this long to write this despite watching the last episode last Wednesday evening. Wonderfully animated Yuri with comedy, serious moments, too much cuteness to deal with at times, and deviating from the manga in many of the right places.

    Like in the last episode. The scene with Tohru’s father was much shorter there, and the final battle between Tohru and her dad, with Kobayashi interrupting it with Kanna’s help, didn’t even happen there, as far as I know/have read. And the end of that fight was amazing. So definitely on my list of best adaptations of a manga to date, really.

    Kanna x Riko is definitely one of my favorite ships of the season. Almost too adorable to handle. And all the added bits KyoAni seems to have fit into the anime gave them so many more moments together. ^_^

    Kobayashi x Tohru and Fafnir x Mr. Otaku are good ships too, though, and both, though obviously more Kobayashi and Tohru, got so many good moments together. Even if KyoAni may have been a bit on the failing side when it comes to Yuri before this (according to some, not really me), this show certainly proves they can, and will step to the plate when it counts. Certainly one of my favorite shows of the season.

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    • OG-Man says:

      It’s alright. I knew you too enjoyed the show as much as several others among the Nation besides myself.

      It was an amazing finale.

      The younglings’ love is too cute for words.

      We got lots of great scenes between Tohru and Miss Kobayashi and the Yaoi Republic got nice stuff with Mr Otaku and Mr Fafnir.
      The yuri in previous shows weren’t lacking as you said, just super teasy for the most part.

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  20. K says:

    When Kobayashi heard that Tohru wasn’t coming back, she tried to keep her cool but it clearly hit her hard. The life she led after Tohru left showed how much she depended on her (Tohru is a maid, after all).

    Tohru’s dad was very terrifying but Kobayashi was able to keep her nerves together to give him a good talking to. Due to that and Tohru’s unrelenting resolve stay with Kobayashi, he relented. He didn’t accept their decision, though but it was good enough. Also, to me, he may seem big and intimidating but he’s a big softie on the inside. He really does care about her well-being. Otherwise, he would’ve just taken her back (by force that time) again despite her protests.

    I wonder how Kobayashi’s parents would react to Tohru and Kanna…

    Indeed, Maid Dragon* was one of the better anime this season for me. Good lessons learned, swell humour, nice animation (no surprise there), cool characters and sweet pairings. Wouldn’t mind more if they decide to make it.

    I know it’s supposed to be Dragon Maid but I got used to saying it the other way (and it sounded cooler to me).


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