New Game!! 2nd Season Premiering This July

Can we switch the Spring lineup with the Summer one please?

New Game 2 Poster.jpg

Finally get to talk about this announcement. A second season was more than inevitable. What was actually the topic of discussion for fans of the show to the point of it being a DEMAND was for the second season to be named “New Game !+”. If they did not get that, I fear what could have happened to planet Earth. Fanboys and girls are known for being very dangerous people. So the writers said “You know what. You guys want a + in the title? WE’LL GIVE YOU TWO BAYBYYYYYYYY!”

So yeah New Game Double Plus/Plus Two coming this July.

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26 Responses to New Game!! 2nd Season Premiering This July

  1. LuzeriP says:

    Sweet! summer is going to be awesome.

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  2. With this many (assumedly) great, Yuri-filled shows airing this year, I’m beginning to get worried that 2018 will gave no chance to be as good/as filled with good shows…even if Fate/Extra is technically airing Winter 2018 and thus will patch up at least a little of that for me. If most of the shows set to air this year fill our expectations for them, 2017 will set a pretty high bar for future years to reach…and that’s excluding any additional surprise shows as well.

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  3. MissKobachan says:

    This show is still on my list but when im finished with K-on imma watch it

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    • OG-Man says:

      Take your time. Actually you’ll have plenty of time to catch up this Spring since it won’t be that eventful of a season compared to Summer and Fall

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  4. Darks0ulreaper says:

    I want it so much. I want more of that savory Kou x Rin and Aoba x Hifumi content in my life. I am more or less the concept of excitement personified at this very moment.

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  5. philipbaxton says:

    Looks like the studio knows who the fans pair up together. Don’t think I didn’t notice Aoba is right next to Hifumi and Kou is right next to Rin. I can’t wait for more of these lesbian game designers.

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  6. Zack says:

    First Symphogear and now this? It looks like I’m going to enjoy the summer anime season.

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  7. Keitchup says:

    Dayum! Summer 2017 is going to be great. I guess the Spring 2017 line up does not look so good right now because if it is, we might die from yurific happiness.

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  8. MarkS00N says:

    I am going to be far away from internet in Spring, so I am okay with Summer having more yuri than the Spring one…

    But yeah, more New Game!
    Can’t wait for more yuri game production…

    With Symphogear also release in summer (along with other titles like that 3hz original anime, etc), it is going to be one hell of a season…
    And there is still some time for potential more yuri anime announcements…

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  9. Ivn says:

    Keep’em coming boss. So much goodness. I hope this season we get a more aoba x hifumi on screen this time.

    This years lineup is awesome.

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  10. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    Nice! 😀 I somehow agree with you with the summer line up switching with the spring line up but I don’t mind waiting for summer instead because more shows might come up 😀 .

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  11. yurimylove says:

    I hope they make a yuri game this season. Wouldn’t that give them more opportunities to express their own yuri feelings towards their crush/girlfriend?

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    • OG-Man says:

      Best bet is to stick with the office romance. I highly doubt they’ll make an actual yuri game. If they somehow do I’d welcome that surprise.

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  12. Zuneko says:

    Oh wow, this summer is gonna be fantastic!

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  13. Irisu Erina says:

    You know, the poster says かなえたい夢がある.
    That’s a reference to Urara, the lyrics of the OP are 叶えたい夢がある.

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