Little Witch Academia TV Episode 11: Mystery of the Seal

Taking a break from the enjoyable misadventures of Akko this episode to focus on the main plot for a change.

Surprised by Akko.jpg

Professor Ursula doesn’t get many visitors.

Almost had it.jpg

Gotta admit, Akko is slowly improving.

We started the episode with Akko showing her prowess. She’s not a prodigy but is slowly becoming a great witch. However, Akko felt demotivated because even after a hundred tries she still hadn’t mastered a single spell. She longed to see Shiny Chariot in the hopes of receiving her guidance. Lotte gave her the idea to ask Professor Ursula since they may have been classmates. If the only knew the truth…

Professor Ursula and Akko.jpg

Phaidoari Afairrynghor.

Akko told Ursula the same thing she told Lotte and the professor shared a phrase that could be translated as “To achieve your dreams you need to work very hard and not just wish for it to come true.” This conversation took place in the night of a full blue moon.

Diana asking the teachers for permission.jpg

Diana requesting a certain book.

Meanwhile the teachers were discussing the severity of magic slowly disappearing across the globe and how they longed to ask the legendary Nine Olde Witches who founded the Luna Nova Magic Academy for guidance in these dire times. As if right on cue Diana showed up requesting a book on that very subject, N.O.W. She was given permission to visit the private archives. It pays to be both nobility and a prodigy. Being polite also helps.

Diana looking up info.jpg

Diana looking up info.

Diana found the book she was looking for. It contained info about an uber powerful magic known as the Grand Triskelion that was sealed away by the N.O.W. It also said the key to breaking said seal was the Claiomh Solais, or as we know it the Shiny Rod. The magic had another seal that required the wielder of the rod to chant seven incantations, or “Words” to fully break the seal. Essentially Diana’s role in this episode was to remind viewers who were left with a sour taste in their mouths after episode 10 that “Yes. Diana does play a major role in the main plot”.

The Shiny Rod opening a secret passage.jpg

The shiny Rod Showing the way.

Meanwhile Akko looked up info on the Blue Moon after being reminded of one of her trading cards that said to head to the New Moon Tower where a secret cave only accessible during a Blue Moon could be found.

Akko facing a great challenge.jpg

Akko overcame some obstacles before facing this huge tree spirit thing. She knew it would be a long time before she got another chance like this so she asked the spirit about her future, whether she would reach her goal of becoming a great witch like Chariot. The spirit showed Akko the future she wished for but she had to pay a huge price. She had to erase her past, meaning all memories of the friends she made, successes and especially failures. Akko refused because she cherished every single memory up this point because all of them had meaning and are a part of her journey.

Shiny Rod changed again.jpg

That’s when she remembered Professor Ursula’s phrase, spoke them and broke the passage to the empty future. Oh and of course that phrase was the second of seven “Words”. The first one Akko already used in the first episode. Akko saw some visions before passing out. Maybe a warlock who wanted to use the great magic for evil and that’s why it was sealed away.

Professor Woodward.jpg

The spirit was revealed as Professor Woodward. I’m guessing she’s one of the N.O.W. Anyway she told Ursula to continue guiding Akko because the time to break the seal was near or something like that. Methinks the warlock or whatever great evil is draining all the world’s magic is coming.

Cool plot progression episode with a pinch of the usual Akko development.




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6 Responses to Little Witch Academia TV Episode 11: Mystery of the Seal

  1. So now we got an Indiana Jones-style (magical) trap-filled dungeon, complete with light hitting/reflecting off a staff to show/open the way…The subtle, and not-so-subtle pop culture references are strong with this series, it feels like. (Of course, it could also be a reference to other things than Indiana Jones as well/just playing off a time-honored trope…but Indiana is just the first one that came to my mind as I saw the scene.)

    Anyways, pretty good episode, after the slightly more dull Ep10, at least. Akko really is dummy not to realize who Ursula is…I guess she was thinking of other things when she went to visit Ursula in her room, and may not have considered the fact that Chariot could be hiding in plain sight right next to her, but…there’s enough hints of it by now that most likely any other character would have started to wonder by now…granted, Akko hasn’t seen the really obvious moments of Ursula/Chariot using her magic, her hair going red, etc…but still. You can only go so far with not realizing something so poorly hidden.

    I wonder just how intrumental Diana will be with the main plot/Shiny Rod and Akko activating the words to unlock the spell…will she tell Akko about some of the words at some point, making Akko aware she’s unlocking them. Since it seems unlikely Diana would want to stop Akko if the spell would basically restore the world of magic to some form of it’s former glory or somesuch…unless of course there would be some reason we haven’t heard of yet, or Diana gets it into her head that she would be the better one to use the spell, or something…I guess we’ll just have to see where they go with her part in the tale after this. At the very least, she’s now one of a handful of characters who knows the main plot/The Grand Triskelion spell exists in the first place…

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    • Basically the episode can be summed up with: Akko does plot stuff without realizing it and without really realizing bigger plot stuff exists, Ursula/Chariot realizes Akko is doing plot stuff and realizes she’s going to have to help her more actively with that, and Diana realizes the bigger plot exists in the first place.

      Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      You summed up your thoughts quite well in the second reply.

      Hopefully Diana won’t be one of those “I’m doing the right thing by trying to stop the protagonist from gathering all the MacGuffins.”

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  2. Paul says:

    someone need to kill that annoying Andrew guy…


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