Little Witch Academia TV Episode 10: Zinger Stinger

So this episode is about going to a ball and there’s a bee. Hijinks ensued as usual in this show. Readers wondering why I didn’t cover episode 9, not much to say about it. It was a decent episode with a good message and also gave the headmistress some backstory so it was nice. Again not much to discuss though. With that done with on with the episodic.

Reason for party.jpg

So Crabbe and Goyle being their usual useless selves gloated about going to a fancy party to celebrate Andrew’s accomplishment. Diana as we know is the daughter of a respected family of magicians so she had to attend and the bozos got to tag along because reasons. Akko being a proud girl was determined to attend the party after they mocked her as usual and she dragged her friends along…as usual.



Later that night with some help from Squirrelzilla our quirky trio snuck into the party.

Lovelove Bee.jpg

The lovelove bee about to sting Andrew.

Sucy was understandably bored so when she saw Akko getting into an argument with Andrew she released the lovelove bee she got by mistake earlier in the day. See, this bee makes whoever gets stung by it instantly fall in love with the first person they see. As readers can tell Andrew was bickering with Akko so…yeah. Now…there’s a cupid bee flying around, Akko and Diana were at the same party. Guess what it was that the Nation wanted to see oh so desperately…

Diana confessed...sort of.jpg


Grumpy politician dad.jpg

This guy must have watched an episode of Idol Jihen.

So the moralistic portion of the episode was about Andrew’s dad forcing him to become his heir, which meant giving up any other pursuits…even though it isn’t unheard of for a politician to be talented at more than simply being out of touch with the people. That’s a given for most politicians.

Cool Akko

Cool pose.

Akko secretly overheard their conversation and then told Andrew:

“Dood. Grow a pair.”

Andrew was like: “I’m the son of a proud family. I can’t go against my lineage to chase my own dreams”

Akko was like: “Dood. I’m part of a family too but I’m gonna be but I wanna be: Hokage of the Witchyworld!”

Andrew respected Akko’s confidence but what was interesting about the conversation was it seemed as if he had recovered from the sting, either that or he did have testicular fortitude after all.

Akko vs Bee.jpg

Witch vs Bee.

Hope someone eventually tells Akko that bees are very close to becoming an endangered species…which is very bad for the human race. Anyway Akko and Andrew teamed up to liven up the party.

Good for Lotte.jpg

Good for Lotte.

Eventually Akko caught the bee and the spell wore off but for once our heroines weren’t punished. Even Lotte got a nice little pat on the head moment. Good for her. She deserves happiness and not be scoffed at. As for Andrew he decided that he may become a pianist politician.

Fun episode that gave Akko X Diana shippers SOMETHING to work with. I personally need A LOT MORE THAN THAT but others, enjoy.

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21 Responses to Little Witch Academia TV Episode 10: Zinger Stinger

  1. Darks0ulreaper says:

    This one actually left a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth, but it was still good; here’s a slightly more nuanced explanation~

    I can’t help but despair over how little screentime Akko x Diana got, sure, we got SOMETHING, but as you said; it’s not nearly enough, especially in comparison to the fanservice being given to het shippers. I honestly don’t really have much to say about the episode in general, it’s the cliche matchmaker-style episode wherein the characters involved end up somehow temporarily falling in love, despite my inclinations as an avid yuri shipper, I don’t usually like these episodes since they seem to me like a bit of one-sided teasing directed towards shippers and never actually amount to anything spectacular.

    ~In conclusion, I’m looking forward to more of the series, despite my slight distaste for this particular episode.

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  2. kracen says:

    I skipped through most of this episode once I realised it was going to be an Andrew episode, watched only about 3 minutes of it total… I have a feeling I’m going to have to do that several more times before this season ends.

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  3. Fipse says:

    So why is Diana in the show again? Her entire character arc seems to get stolen by Andrew.

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  4. My goodness is this episode a tease. Though, as to the Diana x Akko moment, it’s interesting to note that Diana was the only one to initially run away from the one the bee had made them fall in love with, instead of invading the personal space of said person…hints that she already had some kind of feelings, and the lovelove “bee” (wasp, really, see below) making her admit to having something of that sort (feelings) made her too embarrassed and she fled? Just a thought. (Though it could also have to do with the fact that she was the only girl to confess, the other female(-presenting) party attendees the “bee” stung were extra characters who didn’t get to confess. Though note she had no embarrassment at all when she fell in love with herself. But again, that could just be Diana’s nature.)

    Still, Sucy not mentioning that moment at all near the end makes me a bit sad. If Lotte mentioned the Andrew moment, then why not mention the Diana moment, even just to tease Akko? …Oh well. Sucy is Sucy.

    Clearly, Andrew’s dad is just an idiot. How on earth is piano-playing going to even affect politics badly? If anything, I’d say it could easily be used in Andrew’s favour, even in that department. Rather than witches being a relic of the past, I’d say Andrew’s dad is even more so. Should be forgotten in a museum or something. “And this here is a specimen of an old, sexist (“Piano-playing is effeminate”) politician, whose kind died out many years ago” or something.

    As to bees, while it’s true bumblebees and such are endangered (and vital for pollination of plants), I don’t think wasps are (or at least less so, if I remember right). And that thing was definitely a wasp rather than a real bee, despite it’s name, since it stung people more than once (bumblebees die themselves the first time they sting someone (a little of the poison also enters their body), so they prefer not to sting in the first place excepting mortal danger…wasps sting at the slightest provocation, and can sting as many times as they feel like).

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    • OG-Man says:

      Like I said it gave fans of that ship something to work with.

      That’s the point of his father’s character, being an out of touch relic his son must overcome without humiliating him as he still respects the old coot.

      Yeah that definitely was a wasp but I didn’t bother mentioning that. They said lovelove bee and I rolled with it.

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  5. nina says:

    Sucy…~Sucy oh Sucy~
    she sure does love teasing Akko XD
    I dont know if its only me , but Akko x Sucy is the best ship so far! they’re so cute together >< Thumbs up^^

    and for Diana x Akko? Scoff seriously? shipping both of em’ is like shipping Sasuke x Hinata.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Sucy is awesome.

      I imagine that episode inside Sucy’s mind is what gave that ship its fuel. That or the nation was looking in the wrong direction all this time focusing hard on Akko X Diana. Like you I’m not on board that ship yet. We shall see.


  6. kitsu260 says:

    I just hope that ANDORU don’t become a…you know. I say because subs out it was full confusion until confirmed that Akko doesn’t had any special feelings.

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  7. I was really REALLY hoping that you pretended that this episode never existed. I…… I just do not know what to say about this garbage. I am shamed that I drew fanarts of this show years ago. Anime like LWA and Hibike……. they disappoint me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ann Sears says:

      no surprise here imao
      you should known that from the very beginning dude, there are so many Yuri bait at first and then somehow ended up with Het xD
      its so generic

      Liked by 1 person

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