Netsuzou Trap Anime Premiering This Summer


One of my most anticipated anime of 2017 at long last has a premiere date, July 2017. Oh  I cannot WAIT for this one and the reactions around the globe. I hope as few as possible go read the manga because I want to see as many blind reactions as possible. They will be magnificent.



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29 Responses to Netsuzou Trap Anime Premiering This Summer

  1. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    As someone who read the manga (but I dropped it later on) I’m not really looking forward to this however I still do want to watch it. They might not make it less stressful 😛

    Citrus is what I’m really waiting for :3

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  2. LuzeriP says:

    Really looking forward for this one. Plus my favorite seiyuu voicing my Hotaru. God loves me. I stopped reading the manga as soon as the anime announced. Agreed, it will be magnificent.

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  3. James Fehrenbacher says:

    Too late, already been caught up with this. I think I’m more excited for this than citrus because of how the characters view their relationships.

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  4. I’m going to be going in (nearly) blind to both this one and Citrus, tbh, since I haven’t yet even started reading either one (partly due to time constraints, etc). So it’s going to be an interesting year for me. Though I do know a little about both series, from other people’s comments, posts about Citrus etc. But still. It will be interesting.

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  5. ARamdomGamer says:

    I’ll probably read some chapters of the manga before, see if I can stand it, since I don’t like the premise at all.


  6. Zuneko says:

    Oh, whelp this is going to be just FUN to see. I already read a bit of the manga before the anime was mentioned or even confirmed so I think I know what to expect.

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  7. x says:

    I read the manga of it, but there is a possibility the anime will be different, so I will hold off of it, for a couple of episode, just to save my poor heart.


  8. i got mixed feelings about this series, and i got feeling this will end a way I think


  9. yukkaonna says:

    Well, i think, i’m from the side who would just wait for the rest of all series of NTR, cuz for me it’s to much yuri teasing and baiting for one episode on a week. And for me NTR is… low-grade yuri-series (gosh, it’s more like yuri-baiting. At least until the end) and then they anounsed anime i was like “Ehhh? Why NTR? So many other good series and they just peek this? How sad. But it can’t be helped. Let’s see how it would be.”, but stiil, i want to know what we get. And i’m await “Citrus” more, because for me “Citrus” is more friendlier for people in terms of yuri and would be a good starting yuri-anime for others, who want to know about that genre more (even if i prefer Sasameki Koto and Straweberry Panic! on this position).

    P.S. I’m really don’t understand people, who think very good about Hotaru and who love’s her. Seriously. Not like she’s that bad for me, but i don’t get her actions(!!) – even if their so bithy, their still pointless in most of time. I’m more like (well… not like, but i get his motives) Fujiwara (his a jerk and all, but that guy is a opportunist and know what hi want’s), then Hotaru.
    P.S.S. I think, NTR would be more or less simmilar to Kuzu no Honkai. And this is not a compliment. Absolutely. (I even don’t get why some people calling this anime a “real romantical genre” and “this is the best then kimi ni todoke”)
    P.S.S.S. Don’t get me wrong – i respect everyone here and their opinion, even if i don’t understand their point of view. So, don’t calling me a troll (it happened in other places, yeah) just because i dislike NTR very much, especially Hotaru. Seriously, we all have our own opinions.


    • yukkaonna says:

      And still, i really hope that anime would be more good, than manga. I like Kodama-sensei and think, she have a very hight potential for yuri-genre (if she only stop doing so much “soap opera”), but her facial drawning, especially expresions… alway so similar. And plot (much suitable word is “shenanigans”) in her manga most of time similar too. She wasting her talent. IMO.


    • yukkaonna says:

      Omg, OG, please, delete this shit. I just кealized what the hell i’m writing here ))


    • LuzeriP says:

      Why do I like Hotaru? Well let’s just say I have a type. Look, If you don’t like it, that’s alright, we don’t need to understand every single person point of view. Sometimes people watch something based on how the story goes. How can they relate to them. At least that’s what I do. NTR feels real to me. This kind of relationship happens. Well there you go, that’s my point of view. And have a nice day ))


      • yukkaonna says:

        Even if we have a diffirent views, it’s still a good thing to share them with others for better understanding. Thank you, LuzeriP. 🙂


  10. SuWin says:

    I am so happy I am looking Forward to it!! ❤
    I love both Citrus and Netsuzou Trap!! I can’t wait xD ❤

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  11. The Otaku Judge says:

    They are girls right? I am worried about the word Trap in the title.

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  12. yurimylove says:

    I haven’t read either manga, but from what little i heard the girls in NTR might be bi? Well personal preference wise, i love bi girls, and yuri anime with bi girls are fine — as long as she ends up with the girl in the end 😛

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  13. The GAT says:

    I’m reading both NTR and Citrus, and I do like the setup NTR has. Can’t even say which one I’m awaiting more eagerly.. Won’t be able to stop reading the Manga however, both Citrus 6 and NTR 3 are preordered since months ago. 😉

    2017 is seriously awesome… New Yuri Manga by Milk Morinaga (!) and many others, both NTR and Citrus Anime, I’m already loving this year!

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  14. Some Overjoyed Teenager says:

    My life is going very, very well right now. Seems like all my problems are gone and now with adaptations for this and Citrus, as well as Shingeki no Kyojin 2, New Game 2, Overlord 2, and Jigoku Shoujo season 4 coming… I am just overwhelmed with joy.

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