Women of Xal Kickstarter + Greenlight

This has to be one of the most interesting concepts for an otome/yuri visual novel I have stumbled upon yet.

Women of Xal Cover.png

This visual novel takes place in the universe of Xal, but keeps its story and dialogue grounded with a realistic edge that helps the player better connect with the characters in their alien world. It’s up to the player to decide Xjena’s personality: will she risk her shot at a fortune to form a stronger bond with her fellow ladies? Will she do whatever it takes to climb up the economic and political ladder? Can she balance the nature of the brothel’s business with a desire to help the men, or will they merely be pawns to continue that climb? Every little choice adds up, and even the smallest decision can change the course of an important conversation dramatically.

Plot Summary:

Wolrd of Xal Plot Summary.png

So it’s a game about politics with 5 male and 5 (possibly more) female romance options where the dating is optional but not the main goal. At least the option’s there. The concept along with there being yuri is what drew my attention. The game is close to being funded but there’s still time to reach the stretch goals and it also needs to get Greenlit on Steam.

Learn more about the game, play the demo and possibly support it by going HERE. If funded the developers expect a 2018 release date, possibly around Summer.

The Tumblr page where the project started also has more info, HERE.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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3 Responses to Women of Xal Kickstarter + Greenlight

  1. Cool concept, cool art, and one of the screenshots just showed 4 dialogue choices — thumbs up!

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  2. Zee says:

    Slight error – the minimum amount of female love interests is five. c: Clanice, Axay, Naxia, Velvet, and Xuna are all romanceable.

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