Valentine Panic Now Available

Valentine Panic Cover.png

Been a while since I played a VN set in a bakery.

Plot Summary:

You need a job and fast. However, every job to apply for seems to not have any positions available to you. Before you give up, you find luck in the Pink Lady Cafe, working a full-time job for Valentine’s Day. Simple, right?

Valentine Panic Screen.jpg

Looks pretty neat. The protagonist (genderless, meaning self-insert) gets a job at a cafe, has four romance options, the above coworkers, and the game features a Memory Card style gameplay mechanic. There’s also voice acting.

The interested can purchase the game HERE.

Michaela Laws’ Twitter and Homepage.

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3 Responses to Valentine Panic Now Available

  1. NateC7 says:

    Too short 😦

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  2. VN with a genderless avatar
    Four routes (2 male and 2 female)

    Yaoi tag


  3. yurimylove says:

    this is purely my personal preference/taste only, but “genderless, self-insert” type are just about my least favorite. Being a guy, it’s very difficult for me to imagine myself as a female to be able to get any kind of meaningful yuri relationship out of games like this.

    That’s why i much prefer games with concrete protagonists with well defined personalities, like nurse love addiction or love ribbon, so i don’t need to imagine myself as a girl in order to get into/enjoy the story…

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