KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 2: Bucket Purin

It was the Yellow Ranger’s turn to introduce herself this episode.

Ichika quickly accepting the role of PreCure.jpg

Ichika has 1000 facial expressions. That makes her awesome.

We start the episode with Ichika meeting Sir Jaba, or Chourou as he is caled, the elder who looks like a ghost beaver but isn’t one. Must be a curse from the battle between the mascots and baddies. He told Ichika of the importance of kira-kiraru and the responsibility of being a PreCure. Ichika accepted without a second thought because she’s an optimistic protagonist. That and she thought she’d have the power to make infinite sweets. Unfortunately for her “kira-kiraru” isn’t the same as “Cure Up, Rapapa!”. Nice subtle Mahou Tsukai PreCure reference.

Ichika about to bump into a blonde girl.jpg

We cut to Ichika at school playing basketball. She thought being a Cure would grant her mad basketball skills but…no it did not. She bumped into a cute girl surnamed Arisugawa who is shy and has super speed. She was reading a book on “The Science of Sweets” before getting a headbutt.

Cooking buddies.jpg

After bumping into each other again at a cake store Ichika drags Arisugawa to the new “Bake Center” (That was the small lunchbox Sir Jaba was trapped inside of turned into a big bakery). We were reminded that although Ichika’s heart was in the right place when it came to baking, she still needed guidance.

Pumped Arisugawa.jpg

Arisugawa eventually had had enough of Ichika’s failures, stepped out of her comfort zone and educated Ichika on the science of sweets. Unfortunately Arisugawa got carried away with her lecture and ran off.

Kid Himari feeling down.jpg

In the flashback we learn that Arisugawa’s first name is Himari and that when she was young she enjoyed showing off her passion for purin with her classmates. It started off cool but like all kids their interest was limited. They quickly grew tired of Himari’s purin passion and called her a weirdo for not showing interest in other stuff.

Ichika and Himari successful.jpg

Himari couldn’t stop thinking about possibly finding a fellow purin lover in Ichika so she went back. She helped Ichika successfully make purin. Himari told her backstory and. Ichika accepted Himari without a second thought.

Bucket squirrel purin.jpg

Bucket squirrel purin.


Cure Whip vs Yellow Baddie.jpg

Suddenly a yellow imp showed up to absorb all purin kira-kiraru. Cure Whip leapt into action but the yellow baddie was too strong.

Cure Custard.jpg

Adorable Yellow Squirrel, Cure Custard.

Himari not wanting to see her purin buddy get crushed awakened her inner super baker power and transformed into the Yellow Squirrel Cure, Cure Custard.

Cure Whip catches Cure Custard.jpg

Could Ichika become the next conqueror? It’s possible. We shall see.

Himari was already fast as a human but as Cure Custard her Squirrel Speed is off the charts! Together they beat the yellow baddie and shared the purin they made afterward.

Next episode will be the Blue Ranger’s turn and she’s a rocker. Already sounds hype worthy.

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5 Responses to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 2: Bucket Purin

  1. themarrowbook says:

    Precure Series almost never fails to make a memorable first-encounter episode and this time was no exception!
    Himari’s problem and personality happened to be quite relatable to me, so I was so glad when Himari finally found a friend who could share her passion with in Ichika.
    It was sweet of Ichika she also tried to understand Himari’s passion, even getting the same book Himari was reading. Along with her “princess-carrying” Himari, it was enough to expect some good Ichika x Himari moments in future.

    Ichika trying to conjure sweets was probably a Mahou reference, as you pointed out. Also, the singer those kids were talking about in Himari’s flashback was a character from Go! Princess Precure, so that would be another reference to a past season.

    by the way, as a linguistics nerd I’m curious to know how you would call “purin” in your area of residence.
    I looked up and found that confection comes in different names from place to place, even within English-speaking countries, as Himari also mentioned in the show. I assume it’s “flan”, if you speak American English.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Ichika was very nice to Himari and her backstory was indeed relatable. Hard finding fellow yuri fans where I’m from. At least there are other nerdy stuff I can divulge with some friends.

      There is potential for an Ichika X himari relationship.

      Very neat references.

      Pooh-riin. Something like that. Yup. Purin looked like flan to me. Didn’t bring it up because it wasn’t important.

      Liked by 1 person

      • themarrowbook says:

        Thanks for the info! In fact “purin” (from the English word “pudding”) refers to the same sort of dessert as flan or crème caramel, depending on the area you live in.
        I was just wondering how you would normally call that stuff. Sorry for asking an irrelevant question.

        Liked by 1 person

      • OG-Man says:

        Coolio. Good to know.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. New year, new Precure. The two newly-introduced Cures almost kissed and had a princess carry scene. Apparently, Red Tomboy x Purple Girly Girl is the fans’ OTP of the new show.


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