YMC #81: Yuri Kuma Arashi (By Your Average Joe)

My 8th Manga Review: Yuri Kuma Arashi

Genres: Anime, Bears, Supernatural, Yuri

Length: 27 chapters + Vol extras, completed

By: Ikuhara Kunihiko & Morishima Akiko

Check out the OG Man’s Anime review of this Manga HERE

This review will contain intermediate spoilers!

Story (Written by me): Ginko believes she has found her true love in a girl called Kureha. But upon hearing her mother’s dark past and the fact that she’s a bear and Kureha’s a human, she accepts that her love will never be returned and she must suffer for her and her mother’s previous crimes.

First and foremost, the Anime adaption was not faithful to the Manga, meaning almost everything is this Manga is different to the Anime. The story is just as complicated as it was in the Anime. First every living organism is a bear, but then it turns out it is all Ginko’s delusion set upon her by her mother, but then everything is actually a bear. And the story is also confusing because of the hard-headed-ness of certain characters. I’m sure you know, some characters being stubborn for the sake of dragging the story or to give it some reason to create drama.

That’s my next point, the Manga should be given a Drama tag as it heavily involves emotions and over-complications you would find in a Drama show. But the story is good, and the emotion and character development is well placed and works wonders for Manga rather than making the story worse. The story’s core is to help Ginko achieve her true love by removing the strings that hold her back from doing so. The only way to do that is to confront the source of her guilt, Kale, her mother and a few other things. To sum of it off, a n excellent story that could have been much better were it not for the plot complications/misunderstandings.


(Kale is sort-of a womanizer and Reia is….. slow)

Ginko, Kureha and Lulu. The main trio of the story. Both Kureha and Lulu fall in love with Ginko and are absolutely dedicated to her. They wish to help her from her dark past so she can learn to love so all three of them can enjoy themselves. Ginko is sort of the cool and neglective character. She finds her true love but believes it will never return. Kureha is your typical optimistic and helpful character whom wants to be with Ginko and will do anything to do so. Lulu is my most favourate character is the Manga both aesthetically and from personality. She’s the goofy and clingy type who is almost the third wheel.

There is another very important trio of characters. Reia, Kureha’s mother along with Kale, Ginko’s mother who were the driving force of the character’s past. Let’s not forget Yurika. There are parallels with this trio and the first one in how Kale and Yurika both fall in love with Reia. I adore all six of these characters and it was right for them all to be the centre of attention.

Yuri: Doubt not. The Yuri is fantastic but it was not as good as it could have been because I felt it was let down by a few aspects. Firstly was due to the muddled/messy intentions of the character’s love. Some of them continually jump back and forth between loving another character and not. Secondly, the Yuri is mostly Polyamory. For those that don’t know it is basically group relationships which is a definite nope for me. Thirdly, there’s Het. Near the beginning Ginko accepts to be the girlfriend of a male. Even though nothing happened between them, it’s still a nope. Also an important story character married a man, so yeah……

I don’t know if I will, but I may publish a post discussing in-depth, my gripes about Yuri Anime/Manga and I’d love to hear your opinion on that post.

So, to conclude:

Forgettable? No. I Really really liked the Anime. Manga is not as good in my opinion defiantly a unique experience. You can’t forget the romance either.

Recommendation? Yes. I hesitate to think you will find a Manga like this. If you do, feel free to let me know it’s name.

Story: 8/10, Characters: 7/10, Overall enjoyment: 8/10, Yuri Goodness: 7/10

Overall Score: 30/40

Thank you for reading!

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