YMC #80: The Wrong Way to Make a Light Novel (By Your Average Joe)

My 7th Manga Review: The Wrong Way to Make a Light Novel

Japanese name: Machigatta Ranobe no Tsukurikata

Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Seinen, Yuri

Length: 9 chapters, completed
By: Matsubayashi Satoru

Story: How to create a light novel #1: Character. This is how Kirino begins her project of writing a light novel. She finds Suzuha standing outside and finds her attractive and asks her if she could be her model for her light novel. Kirino claims that she wishes to receive the rookie award, and top the popularity of the Haruhi light novel series. Suzuha declines, but Kirino refuses to give up and constantly stalks her to obtain as much information as possible about Suzuha. A hilarious comedy of unexpected events and sexual jokes begins here!

But is it really hilarious though? No, it is more perverted than it is funny. The first half showcases Kirino stalking Suzuha but the second half introduces a new character whom becomes just as involved in the Manga as the other two. As you’d expect, the story really doesn’t care about how light novels are created or how to be successful, it’s more interested of the journey of these two/three character. I don’t mind, personally I think the latter is more interesting but what do I know? Also not a fan of the art style however that is no excuse not to read a Manga I suppose. But this art style makes the characters look like pre-pubescent kids especially in the first chapter, they look extra childish in that. Yet at the same time, they look much better in the front covers of all chapters.

The story and characters are unpredictable mainly because of Kirino whom I’ll talk about later. It also feels a little silly and unfocused due to the constant perverted acts Kirino performs and demands on Suzuha and because of that, Suzuha always reacts in the same way which also makes most of the Manga repetitive. I’ll give it brownie points however because there was something about the Manga which kept me slightly invested but I can’t pinpoint what exactly. I’d say most likely because of the unique experience (for me at least) it gave, but that’s it really. Had I already read a Manga with the same setting as this one I wouldn’t have finished this which is just unprofessional, I wish I could consider myself as professional.

Kirino is the only driving force of this Manga. Nothing would happen without her so I consider her to be the (only) important character. As mentioned, she constantly sort of sexually assaults Suzuha. She is also the only cause of the Yuri, due to this fact and also because she images sexual encounters with Suzuha making her blush with embarrassment. She’s a little bit of a slacker but also a real go getter, especially when it comes to light novels and her significant other (Suzuha).

Suzuha is only present just to be fondled and up-skirted by Kirino. She can just as easily be replaced by a mannequin. That’s not to say I dislike her. Her character design is my most favourite in the Manga but it is undeniable that the only character worth mentioning are Suzuha. She was genuinely disgusted by Kirino is the beginning but gradually softens up to her.

Yuri: It’s nothing special. What you would read in the Manga is what you’d typically find in an Ecchi Anime. Lot’s of perversion and the real confession happens at the end. But in this case the confession is Suzuha stating that she’ll from now on stay with Kirino. So the Yuri isn’t good, in fact it could be argued that it isn’t even present at all.

So, to conclude:

Forgettable? Meh, probably not for me but most likely for you.

Recommendation? No.

Story: 3/10, Characters: 3/10, Overall enjoyment: 5/10, Yuri Goodness: 2/10

Overall Score: 13/40

Maybe I’m being too generous with the points, but I definitely felt mild enlightenment while reading so there is that.

Thank you for reading!

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