YMC #79: Junsui Adolescence & YMC#79.5: Heart Gifts (By Your Average Joe)

Note from OG: Check out my own review of Pure Water Adolescence HERE.

My 6th Manga Review: Junsui Adolescence

Genres: Drama, School life, Shoujo Ai

Length: 8 chapters + 6 bonus chapters, completed

By: Kazuma Kowo

Story (written by me): The story revolves around Matsumoto, a teacher and Nanao the student as they face some minor hardship in their romance.

This is another of your typical student-teacher romance. If you’ve read any you would know the pattern. The student and teacher fall in love with each other in some way whilst one of them denies or tries to supress their feelings for the other. That’s not to say I don’t like or that it’s bad. It’s a formulae so not too special. But much to the Manga’s credit, it skips the several chapters of one-character attempting to confess their love, and the Manga showcases that all in the first two chapters. The rest is centralised around the quarries these two characters have.

The story and characters were interesting and likable, though the story lost some of its spark as it was slightly predictable I feel. I haven’t read too many student-teacher romance Manga but I believe all of them to follow this pattern of: one character neglecting the other for some reason but in the end they did it because they love them actually. But as mentioned before, that’s not to say it’s bad. One thing I’ll say I love is that there is absolutely not Het (I think). Unfortunately there are men in the Manga.

The reason why I say I think there is no hetero is because Matsumoto has had at least one affair which ended in her getting married and then divorced. That would be a spoiler but it’s all mentioned in the first chapter. I’d say this marriage was with a man since there is no more info about this marriage. Anyway, Matsumoto is the ‘cool’ and ‘dominant’ character in their relationship and teases Nanao and inevitably neglects her so they can live their lives together.

Nanao, on the other hand is concerned with growing up so she “claim Matsumoto has her own”. And she believes in her current state she is not a satisfiability girlfriend/wife.

Yuri: Much like a student-teacher romance Manga, the romance is focused on the two characters. There is a third character introduction with their own Yuri problems but I didn’t get invested in her story. Nothing more to say really, the Yuri was nice though.

So, to conclude:

Forgettable? Maybe. I did enjoy it but it was cliché.

Recommendation? Yes. I love student-teacher romance stories. Why not try this one?

Story: 5/10, Characters: 5/10, Overall enjoyment: 6/10, Yuri Goodness: 6/10

Overall Score: 22/40

I don’t want to end this post without mentioning a short Manga that really stole my attention and one that I love.

Short Manga: Heart Gifts

Genres: Drama, School girl, Yuri

Length: 3 chapters, completed

By: Hattori Masahiko

I won’t discuss too much and I may potentially spoil as it is only three chapters. This short Manga is way too good to not mention. The story is my opinion is very original and the characters I absolutely love because of the romance between. The art style I really like and the romance is almost perfect.

However, I need your help. The first half of the third chapter I do not understand even after re-reading all three chapters. I’m aware this is not professional of me at all but I really want to understand it. To me the first half of the third chapter is a flashback back to before Shiro got her heart transplant, but Kuro already has a mechanical heart in the flashback and in the first chapter, Kuro has her own heart before giving it, it’s confusing to me. But the second half of the third chapter is a continuation of what happened at the end of chapter two I think.

Short Manga ranking system: 9/10, a must read for sure!

Thank you for reading!






This section is to discuss my absence for anyone who may be interested as to why this took so long. I’ve been super busy lately, I don’t want to say what’s going on but please understand if you like my posts that there can be unexpected and lengthy breaks between each post of mine and there is nothing to be done about them. I hope you understand. Once again thanks for reading J

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5 Responses to YMC #79: Junsui Adolescence & YMC#79.5: Heart Gifts (By Your Average Joe)

  1. yukkaonna says:

    Aw yiiiis. One of the my favorite author Kazuma Kowo-sensei and manga. She’s such a very good mangaka. Love all her works.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. yurimylove says:

    “Your Average Joe” is hereby officially promoted to “Above Average Joe”. 😀

    Haha just kidding, but thanks again for you nice recommendations! I’ve just finished Junsui Adolescence and really liked it. Will be reading Heart Gifts next.


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