308th G-View: Brave Witches

The Strike Witches had left their mark in the anime world and fans appreciated their contribution to the “Milimoe” genre. Now it is time for a new squadron to take the stage. Did they too make a strong impact? Let us find out as we take a look at the tale of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing in Brave Witches.

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Genres: Action, Magic, Science Fiction

Themes: Fanservice, Mecha Musume, Military, Yuri, Witches

Number of episodes: 12 + 1 bonus episode

G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary: The Neuroi, an enemy of mankind, suddenly appeared mainly in Europe in the 1930s. Only girls with special magical powers called Witches could confront the Neuroi who were difficult to destroy with ordinary weapons. In 1944, the Neuroi nest above the republic of Gallia was eradicated, and safety of western Europe has been ensured. The allied forces earnestly began planning for an oppositional operation towards central and eastern Europe. An order to scramble is given to the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing “Brave Witches” whose base is in Peterburg within the Orussian Empire.


To be honest I do not have much to add that I have not already in the Strike Witches series. The cast is definitely different and each of the girls stand out with their own personalities, mannerisms, character development (the girls who get an episode dedicated to them anyway) and have their time to shine in combat and casually. However, the flow and pacing of the show is very similar to the main series. The main character this time is an up and coming Witch named Hikari, seen above using her special ability Contact Eye, who wants to become a badass witch who fights for truth, justice and pantless like her super cool older sister Takami. However, she is not skilled at using magic at all and her flight ability is average at best. Basically her story arc is a classic one, a hardworking and determined soldier who is not the best but will do all she can to join the ranks of the elite. In that regard the show does a good job taking viewers on a fun journey with Hikari and the other Brave Witches who have their own personal challenges to overcome and are not all full fledged badasses yet but are as willing as Hikari to get stronger.

So yes, while the narrative is similar the cast is different and do not feel like carbon copies of the Strike Witches. Having said that, the show does reference the 501st Joint Fighter Wing a couple of times throughout the story. There are even some surprises. Viewers concerned that the show is overloaded with references to the Strike Witches that it takes away attention from the Brave Witches need not worry for they are kept to a minimum and do not overstay their welcome. They are there to both make fun contributions to the show and remind viewers that the story takes place sometime after the first season and before the movie.


The battles between Witch (along with the military sometimes) and Neuroi are still as awesome as ever with each dogfight not lacking in excitement. As far as the fanservice goes, besides the above screen grab of the premiere episode the ecchi content is surprisingly toned down believe it or not. Oh the vintage Witch series panty shots are present and acccounted for as fans and detractors would expect but rarely does the fanservice go beyond panty shots. Hardly any scenes of the Witches showing off their cute and sexy bodies. Granted the 502nd’s base is set in a snowy area so it would make little sense to have a swimsuit episode or segment. One cool addition is that, similar to Akuma no Riddle, during commercial break sequeways the show posts brief summaries of information regarding the Witch series such as Witch abilities, weapons, the 501st’s first campaign and more info about the show’s current setting. Neat stuff worth pushing the pause button for and checking out.

The animation quality is similar to Strike Witches. I did not spot any noticeable differences. There is some CGI during dogfights but other than that it is of similar quality. The same goes for the soundtrack. Fits the show and is enjoyable. I especially love one of the more recurring battle themes. It is easy to tell which one it is. It is my favorite theme in the soundtrack. The OP and ED are nice.


As far as the yuri goes it too is somewhat toned down but still very much present, especially courtesy of one Countess, aka the only Witch in the anime version to wear pants so far. Readers who have read my KEIJO!!!!!!!! G-View can think of the Countess as a Mio Kusakai Lite. She is a proud hunter but and one of the strongest Witches in the group but she is not as deliciously ferocious as Mio. Besides The Countess, there are other ships and couples within the 502nd. Who they are I will leave up to the interested to see for themselves.

Overall Brave Witches is more of the same in the Witches series but its content and the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing are cool enough to make it a welcome addtion for fans of the franchise. As readers can tell it is recommended to SW fans. It may not set the Witch fanbase on fire nor will it change the minds of series detractors but another Witch squadron getting their own anime is still very much appreciated.

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8 Responses to 308th G-View: Brave Witches

  1. yurimylove says:

    I’ve definitely enjoyed this series, but I think as a whole I love the first 2 seasons and the movie a little more.

    It’s so funny that, the ultimate weapon that did the big bad neuroi nest in — is a US$2.99 “woolworth pistol” XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Very enjoyable and I’d love to see more of the 502nd in the future or even another unit.

      Considering how much damage Kanno’s “Falcon Punch” did it made sense for a “pea shooter” to hit the right spot and finish it off.


  2. cirno9fan says:

    I enjoyed this show a lot, but I feel like they focused too much on the military aspects. Which definitely made for more creative neuroi fights than we got with the 501st. That’s one thing I really would say this did better than Strike Witches. I’m hoping if we get another season with them, they can get really creative too…but with the amped up yuri/etc that the series is known for as well. Which is what Brave Witches was missing.

    The whole Sister Returns arc was like shellshock for when Mocoa made her appearance in Gochiusa, and it wasn’t the most fun. Especially since she was trying hard to NTR Kanno away from Hikari 😦

    Also, until a little over halfway (or probably about halfway) through, the butt-shots were not there 😦 it was such an odd thing. But Silver Link finally settled in to one of the important aspects of SW at least. Still, no idea why they avoided the ecchi so very hard at first….

    Looking like we won’t get another season, but the cast really needs more time to be fleshed out and developed…

    Maybe they’ll work together in the next season? That could be neat!

    I am sad they didn’t cameo everyone…but very glad we got Yoshika best girl at least

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Yes. The action was some of the best in the franchise but the toning down of the yuri (and sexiness) did hurt the overall show a wee bit.

      I know you’re not a an of badass older sisters stealing the adorable younger sisters’ spotlight.

      I dunno. I think each episode had at least one vintage butt shot.

      Very sad to hear but yes they need a 2nd season. I didn’t get my Commander Rall episode!

      A teamup between both units would be awesome.

      I liked that they kept the cameos and references to a minimum. It kept the spotlight on the 502nd.

      Liked by 1 person

      • cirno9fan says:

        I liked that too, but instead of using up all the cameos on Sanya and Eila, they could have shown off the others as well. That was what I meant.

        Liked by 1 person

      • OG-Man says:

        Understandable but hey, if you’re gonna have 501st cameos, might as well be the gayest of the bunch and the main star.
        I would have loved to have also seen Lynette, Charlotte and Francesca so I get your wanting more cameos.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I did enjoy this series overall, but I felt that there was just far too much CGI. I did some quick side-by-side comparison with Strike Witches S2, and its in-flight and combat scenes do look just SO much better. I just can’t bring myself to like CGI character animation, and Brave Witches has lots of it. I think it’s fine for planes, ships, cars, Neroi etc, but not for characters, especially not during closeups…

    The rest was good though!


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