YMC #78: Uta-Kata (By Your Average Joe)

Note from OG: Readers curious about the anime version of Uta-Kata can check out my review HERE.

5th Manga Review: Uta-Kata

Genres: Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Shoujo, Shoujo Ai, Shounen

Length: 7 chapters, completed

By: Koume Keito & gimik

Story: The story follows Ichika Tachibana’s life over a summer holiday when she meets Manatsu Kuroki.
The series then details their summer activities and the use spiritual creatures called Djinn, non-cardinal elemental creatures that lend their powers to Ichika to help her and her friends when they invariably find themselves in danger, and eventually for their own motives.

So I recently came across the website ‘KissManga’ which will be my next go to website to read Manga from, so let’s begin with one I don’t like that much. Not a good start! The story for what it’s worth is confusing to me and so I do not like the story. For what it’s worth, Ichika can turn into or communicate with these powerful entities to aid her and her friend’s daily life, but towards the end she seemingly becomes useless and this power is not used. To repeat myself, I couldn’t grasp what the story actually was so pardon me if I got that description wrong.

Alongside the story being confusing, the characters also were. It’s labelled as a drama which I don’t mind but I believe that the drama is unnecessary and almost forced is this Manga. I might as well just spoil as I’m not fond of this Manga but the Manga eventually centralises its attention towards some of Ichika’s friend who have a love feud for a guy. I personally wouldn’t mind this as the characters that do have this feud were not Yuri characters, but I’d argue the hetero is this Manga is given more attention than the Yuri, which is not what I’m looking for. Which also brings me to the next point that this Manga has very little Yuri. Probably because it’s labelled as a Shoujo Ai (Girl’s love) Manga rather than Yuri which you could view as a ‘softer’ version of Yuri. By that logic, it should also have a Shounen Ai (Boy’s love) tag as there is a Yaoi confession at the end chapter.
As a good factor, I do like the art style a tiny bit. As you might know from previous Manga reviews of mine, I can be quite picky of a Manga’s art style. The characters are drawn in a way which is slightly visually appealing so that’s nice.

Characters as mentioned are also confusing. Ichika carries the generic, (heroin who wants to help everyone but is kind of useless by her lonesome) traits, which is fine but I did not like it in this Manga. The only character worth mentioning/character that I like is called Michiru Mukanata (I think!) who is the character that asks for a kiss in the above picture. Her screen time is very rare but she is on screen she sorts of hits on Ichika. Of course this is not shippable as Ichika is into Manatsu and vice versa.

So, to conclude:

Forgettable? Yes. Nothing more to say.

Recommendation? No. Read it if you’re really bored and have time to waste. Or you could read it alongside another short yet good Manga like ‘LOVE/DEATH’ (Not sure about the ‘Nicochuu’ part as I haven’t read it yet)

Story: 2/10, Characters: 2/10, Overall enjoyment: 3/10, Yuri Goodness: 2/10

Overall Score: 9/40

Thank you all for reading!

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3 Responses to YMC #78: Uta-Kata (By Your Average Joe)

  1. yurimylove says:

    so… it sounds like the manga version is worse than the anime version?

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