306th G-View: KEIJO!!!!!!!!

So we had groups of cute and sexy women (with some lesbians usually added to the mix) make an impact in several kinds of sports over the years including baseball, mahjong, ping pong, kendo, professional wrestling, mixed martial arts and even intergalactic olympics to name a few. So what is the next sport women will make a statement in? How about a controversial one. This is KEIJO!!!!!!!!

Keijo Cover.jpg

Genres: Action, Ecchi, Sports, Tournament

Themes: Fanservice, T&A

Number of episodes: 12 + 6 Specials

G-Rating: 10/10

Plot Summary: “Keijo” is a popular gambling sport where contestants stand on platforms floating on the water and must use their butts and chests to fight against each other to push each other off the platform. Nozomi Kaminashi, a high school student, aims to join the sport after she graduates. Nozomi was raised in a poor family and hopes to make lots of money by playing Keijo. She grew up training in gymnastics, and she has good balance and flexibility. After high school, Nozomi joins a training boarding school and enters the world of Keijo.

Keijo swimsuit shot.jpg

Before we begin the review I would like to remind readers that the following review is sponsored by…

Booty O's.jpg

Would be swell is someone could make a Booty O’s parody for Keijo!!!!!!!!

Booty O’s Cereal. “Booty O’s. They make sure you ain’t booty!”

Now on to the review. At first I compared keijo to sumo wrestling but in actuality it is not just that but more like a form of mixed martial arts where athletes are only allowed to fight using their breasts and butts. The same goes for team battles. Fighters are only allowed to save their teammates from ring-outs using their breasts or butt. Matches are won by either ring-out, knockdown or judge’s decision after time runs out. In case of a double ring-out the athelete who touched the water first loses. Using punches, kicks or eye gouging during battle will get the athlete disqualified. Athletes who have had breast or butt implants are not allowed to compete.

Now readers would probably ask why I spent the first paragraph explaining the basic rules of keijo. The reason is simple. To show that I cared about what was going on. See, like many other ECCHIMANIA shows this one is as easy to enjoy as it is to ridicule. Also like other ECCHIMANIA shows, if the viewer is able to look past the main attraction there is a solid story to be found. KEIJO!!!!!!!! is no different despite its main plot being pretty basic sports media storytelling. What I mean that the main plot is a standard “underdog team vs established high class team” narrative. The basics of sports media storytelling are all here:

  • Newcomer(s) arrive and prove themselves to veterans in the group.
  • The newcomers and veterans become good friends afterward.
  • Training segments taught by veteran players who teach using unconventional methods.
  • The team trains in preparation for a big event against a more established/dominant team.
  • Awesomeness ensues on the day of the big event.

While the main plot is basic the main attractions of the show are, as viewers can easily guess, the sport itself and the athletes. This is KEIJO!!!!!!!!’s biggest strength, being a unique sport that sounds silly on the surface but executes it very well and treats it and its cast with enough seriousness that it can be viewed as such.


KEIJO!!!!!!!! goes all out with its premise by having viewers’ jaws drop due to its ridiculously awesome special attacks. Oh yes, this is not just cute and sexy babes bumping into one another using their breats and butt, they go one step beyond with their shounen series quality over the top special attacks by further defing the laws of physics through these moves. Yes, KEIJO!!!!!!!! succeeded in the impossible, by going beyond anime logic and getting away with it, creating its own brand of keijo logic. Essentially this show put 50 years worth of breast physics and buttology research into practice. Like I said, the moves these ladies pull off are ridiculous, hilarious but oh so undeniably awesome. This is all thanks due in part to the excellent animation quality that captures all the T&A combat in all its GLORIOUSNESS! Watching this show in 4K is a MUST, especially to watch all the references each special attack is based on. I will not spoil any of them but suffice to say viewers will get a kick from seeing their bootylicious and breasttacular counterparts. Oh and the soundtrack is decent.

I mentioned in a spoiler tweet for the review that as sad and predictable as KEIJO!!!!!!!!’s poor blu-ray sales were, it is still one of the greatest ECCHIMANIA shows of all time and I stand by this statement. This show has everything I love about the super niche genre of anime:

  • Cute and sexy women between the ages of 17-50 of all shapes and sizes, not just well-endowed or curvy.
  • Intense and/or over the top combat between cute and sexy women.
  • Nice angular shots of women’s most sacred body parts.
  • As few male characters as possible. The ones here are little more than spectators.
  • Solid plots alongside the solid “plots”.
  • Yuri

Some would add “clothes being shredded in combat” but I honestly consider this the weakest part of the ECCHIMANIA subgenre. I do not mind when it is there but it is what I pay the least attention to. This show thankfully has very little clothing being shredded


The main four from left to right: Miyata, Aoba, Non and Nozomi

As far as the cast go they are all fun to watch. Some get character development arcs, besides Nozomi who gets the most, others show up and contribute their part and a select few are background characters who get less than five minutes of fame when called up for battle. As readers can tell this is a show that has a large cast but could have done a better job balancing their screen time and not making some of them feel like a “random hot chick”. On the birght side there are very few “random hot chicks” and enough cuties who get sufficient screen time to be entertaining and memorable besides the main four.

As far as yuri goes Nozomi and Miyata can be shipped together if the viewer so wishes. Perhaps Non and Aoba as well. However, one girl in particular is the creme de la creme of yuri goodness the show has to offer and possibly the best character.

Mio Kusakai.jpg

Mio Kusakai before her best moment.

Mio Kusakai. Combine the genetic perfection of WWE’s Charlotte Flair with the lust for female flesh of Senran Kagura’s Katsuragi and you have Mio. There is not a single scene where Mio is not on the prowl for ladies to consume, though only if the one she hunts is willing to be consumed by her undeniable expertise. She also uses her charms as a weapon to lower her opponents’ guard for she is a deadly warrior but none know how deadly she can be, hence why she flirts with enemies to distract them just enough to go in for the kill. She even has a “sidekick”. As mentioned in the screen grab Mio’s best moment is included in what is arguably the best episode on the show and no it is not just because of her. There is another reason that I will not spoil.

Overall KEIJO!!!!!!!! is as easy to enjoy as it is to ridicule. It is the “Broken Brilliance” of anime in 2016. I am not going to come here and be one of those “Do I regret watching this show? No. Does it need to exist? No” kind of people. KEIJO!!!!!!!!’s existence is a blessing from the mad geniuses over at Japan who somehow can get away with this insanity. Its main plot is basic sports media storytelling but the uniqueness of the sport itself, the ridiculously awesome logic defying special moves and their references, GLORIOUS animation and the likable/sexy cast are the real meat of the show. I stand by my statement that this is one of the greatest ECCHIMANIA shows of all time. As far as who to recommend this show to? I do not need to state the obvious. Readers who either like ECCHIMANIA series, hate these kind of shows or only watch it because it is their job to critique anime know who they are and whether this is for them or not.

PS: I think in the right hands KEIJO!!!!!!!! could make a pretty good arena fighter like Project Stone.

PPS: My one disappointment is that R. Mika did not make a special guest cameo as a keijo veteran. I suppose Xebec would have needed to pay Capcom some dough to get the rights to do so.

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30 Responses to 306th G-View: KEIJO!!!!!!!!

  1. Eerika Norja says:

    Honestly, at the the start of the season/in the pre-season, when all we had was the synopsis and the poster pic, I thought “Oh bother, another one of THESE shows.” And I thought I wouldn’t even take a look at it. Heavily fanservicey shows are usually the ones I avoid, even if they contain Yuri. (Reason I haven’t watched Valkyrie Drive despite it’s Yuri content and will only watch it at some point as a “hate-watch” series…not that the body types in that show help much…but I digress.)

    But then I did watch the first episode. And I found myself enjoying it much more than I thought I would. This show actually managed to make me like it, or even sort of love it in a kind of flustered embarrassed way, despite my initial reservations/dislike, and that’s pretty rare, honestly. Everything is just so well executed and put together and everything else that the show just grew on me somewhat. The Yuri moments and Kusakai-sama certainly didn’t hurt that. And that OP is pretty awesome, to be honest. The show has the over-the-top fanservice moments, but then it also goes just so far beyond that initial premise, and that makes all the difference.

    Even in the final fights, the show still managed to surprise me a few times, like with the exact outcome of the 2nd match, and Kaya’s behaviour in the final fight. And sometimes, the show made me facepalm in the sort of good way, like “Really? They did that? That’s both…really weird and awesome at the same time”.

    Hopefully Kusakai-sama can shine her Yuri glory in the pro world as well, along with her strange, wonderful little groupie…I wonder if they ended up in the same area or not? Would be interesting character development for Groupie-san to be separated from her goddess (or even have to fight her and defeat her), but it would be so sad as well. T.T

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  2. elkat4 says:

    My only complaint to this anime is that Kazane lost of her on screen races. I understand the purpose why she lost the second, it’s a matter that they went through the trouble to build up how power she has and then have lose by a hair (or in this case, nipple) of an inch! Unless they are planning to have her win a major victory in a future season, this is baffling since all of Non’s wins required no effort.
    Aside from the above point, I have no complaints about this anime. It takes itself seriously and treated the girls more than mere pieces of meat to be gobbled up by the audience. I hope this anime gets a second season.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Ah yes. Aoba’s defeat was sadly due to “because the plot needed a tiebreaker match”. Otherwise her loss was indeed one of the sadder moments on the show.
      Obviously I’d love a second season but alas the odds of that happening are slim due to reportedly poor Blu-Ray sales.

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    • yurimylove says:

      Hi elkat, looks like you’re not alone as i saw some CR posts lamenting her loss too. However, someone who’s read the manga explained that, “It’s because Aoba is OP to the max. She has a brilliant tactical mind and everyone’s powers. The author has her lose a lot in the beginning, so the readers are sympathetic. Thus when she starts curb stomping, no one calls her Mary Sue.”

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  3. yurimylove says:

    Ah yes I’ve laughed every single episode, sometimes rofl laughed. My favorite special moves have gotta be “gate of bootylon” (I can just see Gilgamesh crying) and “buttack on titan” XD

    Beside our yuri goddess Kusakai, i also love Nozomi because she’s just the type of genki girl I’m very fond of — complete with the trademark goofy grin. As an added bonus, I’ve always been partial to the “antenna hair” which she shares with other lovable anime characters like Renge (from non non biyori), Hakufu (from ikkitousen), Nagisa (from clannad), and Mizuho (from otoboku).

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  4. B-M says:

    I can’t believe I watched this, but I can’t believe I enjoyed it so much either. This show was great when it had no right to be. The subplots were often surprisingly moving, and the characters were much much better than expected.

    Let’s also not forget that we had this kiss, which counts for more than Izetta’s xD https://i.gyazo.com/16723c2dc4ad488c329caac7dadb08ee.png

    I’d love to see a 2nd series, but I kinda doubt it.

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  5. automaticimperfection says:

    I enjoyed the ending SO MUCH, I was sitting here rooting for Nozomin!!! It was fun, easy going, I would like it very much if they had a second season. Mio flirting with everyone was, as always, the best haha.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      An action packed finale like any good ECCHIMANIA show should have.

      More would obviously be welcomed and yes Mio stole the spotlight whenever she was on screen.

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  6. The Otaku Judge says:

    I don’t think anime girls need breast implants, given the average size of their natural chests.

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  7. Alexis says:

    Hace rato que esperaba este review, se fue una serie muy jocosa, muy imaginativo el autor en los ataques de las chicas, mi favorito fue el hip of Babylion y la dueña de la técnica Kazane-chan me gustaba cuando se movía su coleta y “escaneaba” las técnicas de sus rivales. Mio-sama fue otro personaje de mi interés, una autentica cazadora, me hubiera gustado que al final se hubiera quedado con las gemelas.

    ¿Es cierto que no le fue bien en las ventas? es una lástima, quería ver más de las andanzas de Nozomi y Miyata. ¿tendrá algo que ver que no contaron la historia desde el principio?

    Seguimos en contacto, espero algún otro review antes de que termine el año


    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Aoba fue tierna y una delicia ver en accion.

      Mio podria acumular una harem yuri si quisiera pero tambien respeta las chicas que no acceptan sus invitaciones.

      Es una lastima pero asi son las cosas.

      Hare lo que pueda para revisar mas shows antes que termine el 2016.


  8. theTime says:

    I am usually skipping boobs/ass fan service animes. Mostly because there is always this one “boring Japanese boy”, and this same fan service goes around him. Sometimes it is so stupid, that I am starting to lose all respect for female cast.

    But this title. It was fun, no useless ero – just the right amount, it was interesting to watch – fight were original, entertaining from the sports point of view. I binge watched whole season in one day. It is rare thing from me with recent anime seasons. And whats more – I already want 2 Season!

    Characters were lovable, all of them. And it is another rare thing nowadays.

    My OTP is Nozomi x Sayaka.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      The anime genre you are referring to that upsets you are harem anime centered around a useless boy, which of course KEIJO is not. Glad you liked it and yes hopefully one day we’ll get a second season..

      Liked by 1 person

  9. K says:

    KEIJO!!!!!!!! was a blast! I was thoroughly entertained. Nozomi was a great lead for this show.

    I liked the cast but there were some stand-outs aside from Nozomi like Mio, Rin and especially for me, Kazane. Of the main quartet, Non didn’t really get much focus, which is a bit unfortunate but you work with what you get, right?

    I have to say, when I saw the outrage about this anime when it first came out, I just rolled my eyes at it and wonder why these fellows love going after shows (and other things) they don’t like with such passion (for lack of a better word). It’s like they get off on righting perceived wrongs.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Kazane definitely made a statement.
      Non’s trait was being the “cute one” of the group with her marshmallow goodness.

      It happens every single time an ECCHMANIA show is announced or is airing and will continue happening for years to come unfortunately.


  10. MR.KLAC says:

    oh YES YES YES yea give i got into keijo-hype & indeed GLORIOUS all over it really this is show stealing series to watch.

    really if imagine this was a real sports event oh sure this bigger than big 4 of sports.

    besides give i’m watching dub version of Funi yet it make it more too sweet to watch give wait til finish in 2017.

    overall really keijo!!! is worth it.

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    • OG-Man says:

      It was indeed GLORIOUS.

      Most female centered sports are already niche around the world from what I have heard. Keijo becoming a real sport would raise more ire than praise though.

      It’s already finished being dubbed as of this reply.

      That it is.


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  12. Even though this anime is notorious for taking fanservice to ridiculous levels, it has some handful of yuri moments. It is such a shame that it is held back by constant QUALITY in later episodes. Overall, a very fun “sports” anime.

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  14. piano_cello_conducting says:

    I had reservations about this show but ended up loving it. Would have been better though if the yuri relationships could have been developed further.


    • OG-Man says:

      Would have been nice. Maybe if the series were able to continue. Alas the series was cancelled because of “backstage politics” so no season 2 unless a miracle happens.


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