Flip Flappers Episode 11: Mommy’s Gonna Kill You. Mommy’s Gonna Kill You

I predicted on Twitter that this episode would make a bigger impact than the last one. Was my prediction spot on? Let’s find out.

Mimi inside Cocona's body.jpg

Mimi’s back and she’s not too pleased with the Woo Tan Clan’s kidnapping attempt of Cocona. She took control of Cocona’s body and taught them a lesson they would never forget. The clan leader though…took the instant eradication of his organization quite well.


Well looks like the dread for the new Doll was for naught. Other than wreaking havoc at Flip Flap base and blasting Bu-chan a bit she seemed to have been quickly tamed by Yayaka, who was let go by the twins. It seems that without anyone to give them orders anymore the dolls are for the most part harmless. At least that’s what it looks like.

Salt's dad going insane.jpg

Salt’s dad gone mad.

We got more details on what had happened in the past. Salt, Mimi and Papikana were all super friends and things seemed to have been going as well as they could being lab experiments for most of their young lives, the ladies I mean. However, one day Papika and Mimi found a red portal in Pure Illusion. We all remember what happened the last time we saw a red portal…So yeah Salt’s dad had become obsessed with uniting Pure Illusion and the real world after Mimi and Papika journeyed inside his mind.


Mimi got knocked up.

Salt wasn’t pleased. He was so upset he didn’t listen to Papika’s (at the time) shocking announcement.

Adult Papikana.jpg

Papika doesn’t look bad as an adult.

Papika and Mimi tried escaping but were eventually captured. They weren’t alone. That’s when Salt got the message. On the one hand I don’t blame Salt for not realizing that Mimi was pregnant with Cocona when Papika hinted at it. As a man you sometimes need to have things spelled out for you. On the other hand he was miffed at the time so who knows if he would have listened.

Crazy grandpa.jpg

The three tried escaping again but Crazy Grandpa (in-law) made sure that didn’t happen.

Mimi's Yin and Yang.jpg

Seeing Cocona taken away from her was the tipping point. Inside her mind a manifestation of all her anger towards the people who had experimented on her most of her life had taken shape and created another personality. Let’s call her Dark Mimi. So Dark Mimi offered to make all the bad stuff go away if OG Mimi let her take over, which she did.

Mimi's motherly rage.jpg

Moral of the story, if you take away a loving mama’s baby, ESPECIALLY a superpowered one, be ready to face her maternal wrath.

Salt defying Dark Mimi.jpg


Back in the present Salt and Dark Mimi faced off in Pure Illusion. In the end Salt couldn’t shoot her, especially because that meant killing Cocona too…unless he had a special kind of gun, which doubt. Even if it were special he still couldn’t shoot down the mother of his child.

Cocona and Mimi together again.jpg

Cocona had some doubts about the new world Dark Mimi was creating, basically merging the real world and Pure Illusion (which for people who have seen and read science-fiction can attest, that’s usually not a good thing) to create a brand new world for Cocona, but she was so happy to finally meet her mother that she coud not think clearly.

Papika's resolve.jpg

Hopefully she meant exactly what we think she does.

As for Papika, she tried reasoning with Dark Mimi but still couldn’t decide between mother and daughter and Dark Mimi hit Papika were it hurt the most, her heart. Having lost all hope, similarly to Archduchess Fine, it was thanks to Yayaka’s “I’ll support the girl I love any way I can, even if it means begrudgingly accepting that her true love is someone else” pep talk to snap Papika out of her gloom and help her make a choice.

Oh and yes the Woo Tan Clan leader is Crazy Grandpa but I’m sure most viewers figured that out watching the flashback or even before that. Two more episodes to go. Still gotta figure out what exactly happened to Papika when she leapt after Dark Mimi that day.

So in the end was my prediction correct? Hmmm, close enough.

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46 Responses to Flip Flappers Episode 11: Mommy’s Gonna Kill You. Mommy’s Gonna Kill You

  1. Jamie says:

    Momma’s gonna help build The Wall…

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  2. cirno9fan says:

    It’s okay! Yayaka will have NyuNyu!…probably

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  3. Inb4 Yayaka x Papika OTP end. :^)

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  4. Eerika Norja says:

    And the show gets better yet again. This had better end so brilliantly, I’ll be left wondering where the last 5 hours of my day went last week, as I try to process what just happened. Also gayness. I want/need an extremely gay ending.

    So I was kinda sorta right about Mimi and her powers I guess? What with the whole “basically god when concerning PI” thing (Flower/plant magic is cool…destroying everything to remove all threats to your daughter maybe less so), and apparently possibly the fragments, though still need final confirmation on that. Salt’s fragment and how he got it, and how Mimi seemed to absorb many of the fragments to take control of Cocona seems to hint at it, but then again they could just be some kind of special pieces of PI as well.

    …And yet this episode still managed to blindside me with a few things, like how exactly Salt’s father/Cocona’s grandfather got so messed up through the PI portal-thingies, the fact that Salt didn’t escape with Mimi & Papika(na) at first, and the fact it took them so long after their first thoughts of “this feels kinda wrong” before they actually first attempted escape. Also Mimi having two separate personalities was a surprise…having the “Big Bad” and the person some people want to save/bring back, in addition to controlling one main character’s/other character’s love interest’s body is an interesting twist, and certainly not an easy one to work around for our heroines, it seems. And Nyunyu as well, I guess? I certainly didn’t expect her to end up helping the team so soon or easily. I wonder if the Twins will end up doing the same?

    So I guess we know now how Papika got that band on her leg that’s (almost) always there. Though I wonder why it hasn’t gone away in all this time and why it disappears when she’s in her super-form. If it was something that was there to keep her from leaving the facility, then why is it still there? Did Mimi’s disappearance-event and Papika seemingly getting farther into the explosion of light around Mimi in that moment have something do with it staying on? (Unlike Salt, who was clearly repelled away from the light, and probably safe from its effects because of that) I guess we’ll likely find out next episode, in addition to why Papika seems to have reverted in terms of visible aging. I wonder if we’ll see Papika resume her older form again at any point? (Post-credit bit at the end of the last episode showing her and Cocona living together in the future perhaps, being all gay and adorable adults and stuff?)

    Mimi changing Cocona’s hair and clothes gave me bad vibes tho…they look almost exactly the same like that! That’s not even just mother-daughter resemblance anymore. Makes me wonder slightly if there was something else strange with Cocona’s birth, or even slightly if Salt really is her father. Though it could just be that because of who and what Mimi is, her genes might just be overpoweringly strong or something.

    Also, go Yayaka! Show them how a true soldier of unrequited love fights!

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    • Eerika Norja says:

      …And I meant I’ll be left wondering where the last 5 hours of my day went next week, not last week. Though that might be interesting too. An episode with an impact so powerful, I accidentally time-travel. That would be…interesting.

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    • OG-Man says:

      At this point all we can do is wait and see what the big reveals are about Papika’s age regression and whether Salt’s really the father.

      Being a Yaya is still suffering but as Yayaka’s showing us the solution is to always keep fighting until that one day you find a girl who will want you.

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  5. Trans Homura says:

    One last question why is Papika a child
    My theory was the portal reverted her age and also she never loved Mimi she wanted to be her friend but loves Cocona

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  6. B-M says:

    There’s some doubt over whether Papika, having (probably) witnessed the birth and helped grow Cocona in her infantile years, can form romantic attraction for her? I’m fairly convinced that Cocona is gaygay for Papika now, but I’m semi-unsure about Papika now. I’m crossing all of my fingers and toes and praying praying praying that we get a happy-yuri ending. That would make my decade for a show this good to be able to pop canonical yuri in.

    I’m pretty sure that Salt’s the father, but there’s always the possibility that Cocona is in fact some kind of a clone created by Pure Illusion. Might explain how she got the Amorphus inside her, thought that might also be just by being Mimi’s daughter.

    Mimi was EVIL

    Yayaka 😥

    New-blue-haired girl feels incredibly redundant right now. I hope she gets a purpose.

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  7. Unfortunelly, i’m not here to talk about the episode, i’ve been kinda busy XP
    But i think the news i have may interest OG, and then he can spread it even more: Nights of Azure and Atelier Sophie are coming to steam on February 7. I’M SO F*CKING HAPPY!!!


  8. ArcaJ says:

    That was a really low blow; using Cocona’s mouth to say she hated Papika. I can see why Mimi is so pissed at EVERYONE. All she’s ever known is people controlling her and lying to her. When she’d finally found a measure of happiness, they took it away.

    Now, whatever Dark Mimi is, she’s trying to merge with Cocona. The only problem is, Cocona isn’t alone anymore. She’s become her own person and has awakened to her sexuality. Take the dress scene, for example. Mimi tries to make Cocona a princess-like copy of herself. Cocona said she didn’t want long hair because her friends would make fun of her. I think that was a lie. Remember, Cocona doesn’t like to voice her desires. But, she’s learning to stand up for herself and demand what she wants. Just like in episode 7, when she rejected the various “Papika’s” because she loves “her” Papika.

    This show has always been about Identity. Cocona is going to make the choice. Between letting others tell her what she should be, how she should behave, who she should love: and becoming the person she wants to be no matter what.

    Also, Nyunyu’s “outfit.” Why? Just WHY?

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    • Star Light says:

      I just wanna say: Yayaka is waiting for her. Why Cocona can’t get it. Man…


    • OG-Man says:

      That was definitely a cheap shot on Dark Mimi’s part but keep in mind she is an amalgamation of her maternal instincts and all of her rage given life.

      Good observation about one of the show’s main themes being Identity.

      NyuNyu’s a kid so I didn’t bother with the odd costume much.


  9. EasyO's says:

    Not much i can say about this episode that wasn’t summed up by you and other commenters, so i’ll give the generic “this show just keeps getting better and better” Also Salt practically giving Yayaka his blessing was so beautiful (even thought she proceeded to hand that blessing off to Papika her rival).

    Extra note: my favorite non-drama oriented part of this episode was definitely Yayaka and Nyunyu’s little exchange on their meeting, i couldnt help but laugh.

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    • OG-Man says:

      The show keeps on giving.
      You know Salt begged Yayaka to hand the special fragment over to Papika.
      As cirno9fan said, maybe Yayaka will hook up with Nyunyu.


  10. kitsu260 says:

    So, I hope Mimi pregnancy had a ”not typical reason”
    Because it will be one of this history that the bond that two girls had, even when is farly strong is defeated by a man for ”reasons”
    I mean, Papika x Mimi relationship was romantic in that time the same that is Cocona now

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    • Asaria says:

      I hope so, too.

      I know it’s kind of silly, but this episode -really- bothered me for this reason. It’s like, you have this strong bond between Mimi and Papikana, and yet she gets pregnant anyway…? Unless the bond was never romantic in the first place, or the pregnancy had a different cause or reason.

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    • cirno9fan says:

      I would personally say their bond never really felt to that level. At the most, it was a really one-sided thing on Papikana’s part. Mimi never seemed anywhere near the level of returned feelings as Cocona has for Papika. Mimi was always looking towards Salt in a more romantic manner, even when they were kids, so this doesn’t surprise me at all.

      If anything, this is one of those rare moments in anime/manga where a lesbian falls in love with a straight girl, but ends up finding another girl, instead of just getting screwed over.

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    • OG-Man says:

      As cirno9fan said PapiMimi was a one-sided relationship unlike PapiCoco.


  11. Star Light says:

    Let’s make a really short summary for this amazing episode:
    + Mimi = Papika = evil.
    + Now, YaCona is everything. No more triangle!
    ============== That’s all

    The story is now more and more excited. But somehow, I still do not accept the fact that Mimi x Salt or whatever existed. It’s ruining the beauty of only yuri in FliFla world. Well, let just keep following till the end of the episode. I hope we will have the second season with the return of Mimi. The OVA would also be great.

    (I know that I shouldn’t blame on Papika for not make a decision. But Papika’s hesitation was piss me off so much. I understand Cocona could be so mad about it. To me, it is so unacceptable!)

    All for Yayana!


  12. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    I can understand the angry mother in Mimi since she literally witnessed everything so if she wants to do everything to protect Cocona then I don’t see anything wrong with that, especially if she has all those powers. Her over protectiveness is completely understandable.

    They’re both deprived from each other for years. And for the first time, Mimi gets to take care of her child so if she gets too obsessed then that wouldn’t be surprising. Even Cocona was happy and didn’t question it, she wanted see and to be with her. And it’s completely unsurprising if she’d side with her mother but I don’t think it’d be for long though.

    Dark Mimi was created because of all the people that tried to hurt her and Cocona so I don’t blame her if she ended up hating everyone that’s not Cocona. Plus, everyone has a dark side in them so I think it’s fine for her to be that way. Only problem is, she doesn’t seem to have any control of her dark side so Mimi might end up getting too selfish and decide to get rid of Cocona when she eventually chooses to side with Papika or something. The usual, “If I can’t have you then nobody can!” sort of thing. But then again, I still wouldn’t hate Mimi both, good and bad, for that because like I said she’s a mother who only wants to care for her child…and got out of control when people messed with her baby. Well it’s not the end and I don’t know what Mimi will do next yet but for now I don’t hate her.

    The red portal is a passageway to people’s memories (sort of), right? So isn’t that red portal Crazy Grandpa’s? And Mimi got knocked up when they’re in there?

    BUT…I’d like to believe that Cocona is her clone 😛

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  13. Mamiina says:

    As for me, I don’t really care how Mimi got pregnant and whether she and Salt were lovers or not. The Yuri in this series is all about Papika and Cocona pairing and, secondly, about Yayaka’s feelings for Cocona.
    So, even if Cocona is their biological daughter it won’t change anything. What I really hope is that we have a clear yuri ending where Cocona will pair either with Papika or Yayaka, and not a “I love you both and now we are all good friends” ending, which, sadly, is what I fear will happen.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Too many hints about Cocona’s developing sexuality for it to have a “we’re all friends now” conclusion. If it does then this would be considered one of the worst cases of yuri bait in a long time. Basically the writers would have to be cowardly to pull off such a cop-out ending.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Mamiina says:

        I wouldn’t hold my breath for it. The headwriter, Yuniko Ayana, left the anime halfway through and was replaced by a new one after the 6th episode was aired. Therefore we can say for sure that was she had envisioned for this story will still be provided. I still hope for a full gay ending between Papika and Cocona but I would lie if I said that this anime didn’t change a lot during the latest episodes. The solutions that were provided for many of the questions that the story had raised are much more simple and linear than we would ever expect. The whole anime has become very straightforward, therefore I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ll also tone the yuri down because of that new oversimplified view.

        Which would be an enormous waste, I agree….


      • OG-Man says:

        I doubt the answers were ever meant to be super complex.


  14. Fipse says:

    Screw everything…I am still rooting for Yayaka (and already I know my hope is doomed ;_;)


  15. LiteraryOtakuGamerGirlT says:

    Wow…I feel like I just watched the most epic movie unfold in just a single episode and I loved every second of it. I can see why some people found the fact that Salt and Mimi hit it off together rather than Papika and Mimi disagreeable, but personally, I loved that. I think someone mentioned in an earlier comment, we saw a gay girl (Papika) fall for a straight girl (Mimi) who had mutual love with a guy (Salt). I know that most yuri enthusiast despise het subplots in yuri, but I personally don’t mind if the story is good enough and I thought Mimi and Salt just made sense. That is of course if Cocona actually is his daughter and not an evil clone. That is tbd I guess, I personally believe she is though.

    Also, I knew we had to enter Cocona’s mind sooner or later, as someone else said, this show is all about identity and finding yourself, in Cocona’s case, her sexuality. It’s kind of like, she’s been in just about everyone else’s mind, including Papika’s, at which time she learned she only really loved “her” Papika. Now I think these current events have allowed Papika to finally realize that she loves Cocona and not Mimi after all, which is great because she hadn’t been able to choose all this time, so now it’s time for her to rescue Cocona from her own mind and show her that. I am very curious to understand why she became a child again, but I’d imagine next ep will explain that as well as all our other questions. I agree though, adult Papika looked pretty cool.

    Also, as a final note, I think I’m falling in love with Yayaka lol. She was a bad ass this episode. I mean, she’s already proved herself worthy by helping them escape last ep, but to go as far as help her rival get it together and go after the girl she loves…that’s selfless. I really hope she gets a happy ending with someone, Nyunyu would be an acceptable choice, but really just anyone so she can be happy. As I always say, this show never fails to impress me and out due itself more and more each week, so I’m very much looking forward to the finale. If this episode was any indication, it’s going to be epic!

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  16. x says:

    Yayaka or Papika or both with one will she choose. Maybe this last/next episode will explain about Salt and Mimi and Papika.


  17. yurimylove says:

    “death by flowers” FTW!

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  18. Crimson Crusader says:

    Is it me, or does Mimi reminds me of F.E.A.R.’s Alma Wade and Paxton Fettel? I also cannot help but be reminded of Evangelion for this episode.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Didn’t play FEAR but its villain looks more like Sadako.

      So I noticed on the internet.


      • Crimson Crusader says:

        Believe it or not, Alma herself takes elements from Sadako herself.


      • Crimson Crusader says:

        The reasons I had made the comparisons are due to the following:

        Both Mimi and Alma are experimental test subjects.
        Both Mimi and Alma became godlike entities
        Both Mimi and Alma are yandere for their children.
        Both Mimi and Paxton are capable of possessing bodies.


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