YMC #73: Renai Manga (By Your Average Joe)

Name: Renai Manga

Genres: Abandonment issues, Comedy, Mangaka, Romance, Yuri

Length: 6 chapters + 2 bonus chapters (very short Manga!)

By: Kodama Naoko
Status: Completed

Story: A.K.A. My Loved Cartoonist and Clumsy Me 
New manga editor Haruka has just been assigned to her favorite manga artist ever, Kuroi Ritsu. Kuroi-sensei’s manga, “With You” motivated her to turn her life around. When she finally meets shut-in, mopey, entirely unfashionable Kuroi-sensei, Haruka is in for a bit of a shock.

(Spoiler warning by the way)

To start off, I really like this Manga. In fact, love. 2 central characters (Haruka and Kuroi) the Manga revolves around and I must say that the romance between them is very lovely. But I am not completely satisfied with it as I’ll discuss later. I believe the Manga could have been so much better with the removal of these aspects I’ll later talk about. However still a very solid Manga.

Since this is an unfavourably short Manga, the romance does develop quite fast since there is not enough space to create a gradual and deep-rooted love. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if the romance develops fast or slow as long as it makes sense and I like it, which indeed it does make sense and I do like it. Its short but sweet.

Romance is nice and fluffy. The characters eventually want to be around each other more and more. Kuroi comes up with excuses to be away from Haruka because In reality she really wants to be near her (I know, it doesn’t make sense). Haruka starts to become intimate with Kuroi and takes care of her like a wife. So yes, the romance is amazing. I don’t really need to say more. These characters also look very attractive if that suits your fancy, I know it does mine.

Anyway yes, the issues. Firstly the fact that there are very minor Het(Heterosexual) elements. (Last chance to turn back to avoid spoilers). To put it simply, Haruka’s mother wants her to get married and she was interviewed to marry a man. Even though Haruka seemingly shows no interest in this man her mother wants her to marry, it does not detract from the fact that this is in the Manga. I really, really, really hate Het elements in yuri manga, for many reasons. I’ll spare you the details for now but I disapprove greatly of Het elements in Yuri Manga.

2nd issue. Even at the very end of the manga, the 2 characters do not explicitly mention that they love each other. At the end of the 6th chapter, all we get is that Kuroi tells Haruka to never let ago and Haruka agrees.

Yes, the characters want to be each other forever (which is pretty yurific) but it isn’t explicit therefore I’m not fully satisfied. Also at the end of the 2nd bonus chapter, Haruka and Kuroi start living together but in one of the pages, Haruka says she’s not going to marry Kuroi (I think),…… well let me show you.

I was hoping for a delightful ending where Haruka and Kuroi get married, but unfortunately the Manga didn’t deliver. I got this vibe from it because of the amazing romance thus far. Please understand that these are only my complaints and you probably don’t care or don’t consider these as issues. But I like my Yuri Manga to be pure Yuri and have an explicit end to it. Amazing Manga though, defiantly a must read. Besides that I really do love this Manga, if only it was longer. It deserves to be much longer.

Yuri Goodness: 7/10 (Would be 8, 9 or 10 if it wasn’t for the Het and non-explicit ending)

Story: 8/10

Characters: 8/10

Overall enjoyment: 8/10

Overall Score: 31/40

Thank you all for reading, I appreciate it! 😛

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9 Responses to YMC #73: Renai Manga (By Your Average Joe)

  1. yukkaonna says:

    For everyone who don’t like het in yuri manga – If you see that -> “By: Kodama Naoko” than don’t expect that you found a good yuri without het. Her works have one or another type of het (rape, sex, exboyfriends, boyfriends (yeah, whore) etc). Always. ALWAYS. Well, not always but i know only two her work absolutely without het – Adele and Cocytus (only 1 and 2 chapters). But this is just exception.

    I feel really bad that i have low knowledge about english language cuz i don’t have rights to discuss more, than only two or three words here. Shame…

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    • OG-Man says:

      Some have been worth the risk. Still interested in seeing how NTR will both flow and be received when it comes out.

      No worries. Your English is good.

      Liked by 1 person

      • yukkaonna says:

        Yes, i agree that sometimes NTR have a very good place and development in some stories, but sometimes we have Kodama Naoko… Don’t misunderstand – i think, Naoko-sensei have a great potential for her talent, but she draw only NTR-type manga and somehow i feel really bad abot her vision of “Bi”-characters. If she stop drawing only NTR-type manga and improve her draw-skill (i’m not talking about her style in general, cuz his very good. What am i talking about it’s how she draw “characters face”, then they feel “bad/dark/sneaky” emotions – they always the same and i think like – “Oh, it’s not “new” character?. “It’s just old character from her another work. Just have another name and “level of bitching””.). If this really happen, so, i think, Kodama Naoko catch her star and become one of the popular and dearest yuri-mangaka for all of us.

        About Netzuo Trap – am i only one who think this is gonna worse than Hibike? Cuz, look – her NTR-manga all about stupid yuri-teasing and yuri-baiting and bitching. What we’ll get in anime adaptation? 11 series about that Hotarus teasing and baiting Yuma and have sex wich Fudjiwara? And only in 12 episode we get “I love you, Hotaru!”; “I love you too, Yuma!”?

        P.S. I’m very thankful to you, OG, for your kind words about my english! Thanks a lot!

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    • OG-Man says:

      Who is to say really? We dunno how it’ll all go down in the NTR anime.

      Not a problem yukka-chan.

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      • yukkaonna says:

        Well, let’s hope that anime adaptation being a far better, than manga, there already 3rd book and we see same what we see in 1st and 2nd book. ))

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  2. OG-Man says:

    This was an enjoyable read. The leading ladies are both lovely and seeing them slowly becoming one was delightful. Could it have ended with a more open confirmation? Yes but sometimes an “I love you” or on-screen kiss isn’t needed to confirm a [airing having hooked up by series’ end. Granted it’s preferable that this kind of ending not be used very often. Basically every now and then having a yuri couple hook up without an on-screen “I love you” or kiss yet still give off the aura that they’re a canon couple is fine.

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  3. yurimylove says:

    Thanks for review, added to read-list. Since there’s spoiler warning I haven’t read most content in this post but will come back again after finishing this short manga.

    Liked by 1 person

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