Brave Witches Episode 9: Brash Warrior

Kanno fans rejoice for your time has come! We also got yet another surprise after the credits so watch the episode in its entirety.


Kanno had been determined to become as strong as the top Witches in the 502nd such as The Countess. Partially this was so she could be a worthy partner to Takami when she returns to action.

Cross Neuroi.jpg

A crafty opponent this episode.

Sasha injured.jpg

Unfortunately to achieve this goal she got reckless and almost got herself badly hurt. This resulted in Sasha taking a nasty Neuroi blast to protect Kanno. Kanno was devastated. No one blamed Kanno for it as they understood why she wanted to fly into the flames of war. With Sasha temporarily out of action it was up to Kanno and Master Rossman to lead their team to victory against the crafty Neuroi of the week. This one was both heavily armed and could keep its core well hidden making it tricky to destroy.

Nipa blocking a Neuroi attack.jpg

Hikari had the idea of using her “Contact Eye” ability to find the core. She pleaded with Commander Rall to allow her to use the ability just this once. Eventually Rall allowed it and had Kanno protect Hikari while approaching the Neuroi. Unfortunately Kanno was distracted by the revelation of Hikari’s aability and didn’t notice a Neuroi attack. Thankfully Nipa blocked it in time…but Kanno was shocked by her almost getting seriously hurt again. She began doubting herself on whether she had the strength to protect anyone.

Hikari encouraging Kanno.jpg

Hikari saw this and gave Kanno a rousing pep talk to help snap her out of her shock. Great stuff. After finally destroying the Neuroi Kanno thanked Hikari as only a tsundere could.

And now for the big surprise.

Yoshika healing Takami.jpg


Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen. We got a very special guest appearance by the icon herself Rambo Miyafuji helping Takami recover from her coma. Takami was then informed that she had been out of action for three months. Next time we’ll find out what she has to say about Hikari having taken her place in the front lines up till now.

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4 Responses to Brave Witches Episode 9: Brash Warrior

  1. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    Takami’s awake! 😀 I’ve been waiting for her 😛
    I’m not that surprised about Miyafuji’s appearance though ’cause her healing power is greater than anybody else so they’ll most likely use her to help Takami in her recovery but still I get to see her again YAY! :3

    I’m sensing some drama between the sisters, Takami looked worried when she woke up and found out she was out for 3 months plus she was dreaming of Hikari so…she’d probably want her sister to go back home since she’s fine now or something 😛

    Anyway, I can’t wait for the next episode! 😀 Takami’s finally back 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  2. yurimylove says:

    once again, anime has proven that fists are more powerful than bullets XD

    Liked by 1 person

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