Love, Guitars and the Nashville Skyline Review

Note: A review copy was provided by Denpasoft

The time has come to take a look at the second #YuriRoadTrip themed kinetic novel that came out (or was localized in this game’s case) in 2016. The big question is whether it is worth going on another journey through the long roads of the United States or not. This is Cosmillica‘s second localized title after Atom GRRRL!!, Love, Guitars and the Nashville Skyline (LGNS for short), published by Sekai Project and Denpasoft.

Love, Guitars and the Nashville Skyline

Genres: Kinetic Novel, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Yuri

Themes: Interracial, Age gap, Music, Family, Road Trip, Americana

Length: 3-4 hours

G-Rating: Good

Plot Summary:

Love, Guitars and the Nashville Skyline plot summary.png

First of all let me ensure “plreaders” (play-read) who were turned off by Atom GRRRL!!’s profane language that, as the people at Cosmillica stated, LGNS has far less profanity than their first localized title. Granted there are moments when our heroines cuss but these are far lesss frequent and mean-spirited.

Amanda in her underwear.jpg

The leading ladies are both gorgeous.

LGNS shares some similarities with Atom GRRRL!! in its presentation with most background images being a combination of realistic photographs and paintings. There are also references to the US and the states visited such as authors, events, some social commentary (not too much, just stuff one would imagine some US citizens might be thinking or comment) and censored/altered product placement (for example Subwich). I do not know how accurate the descriptions of the states, such as Charlotte and Nashville ,Amanda and Juliet visit are but they all look worth checking out at least once should I plan a US road trip. So yes the game’s well done presentation had a similar effect on me as Highway Blossoms‘ and for that it gets bonus brownie points. Oh and the soundtrack is road trip worthy.


Music plays a big role in the story…to no one’s surprise.

Now on to the story and characters. When it comes to romantic yuri storytelling there are two categories I have noticed come up quite often:

1: Stories where the end has the ladies falling in love with each other.

2: Stories where the ladies hooking up happens early on and the rest of the tale has them overcoming obstacles, interpersonal and intrapersonal, in order to find out whether their “love at first sight” scenario was meant to be or a mistake.

LGNS falls under the latter category. It is the tale of two women of different ethnicities, occupations and ages, Amanda being a 27 year old Hispanic office lady and Juliet a 19 year old freelance guitarist, who have a chance encounter and go on a journey of discovery, acceptance, enrichment, enlightenment and of course love. Amanda can be best described as a no-nonsense woman who is stuck, or rather she had conformed to the life she was currently living due to it being adequate for her needs. Juliet is a cheerful and energetic woman whose personality and songs can brighten up the lives of many, especially a certain office lady. However, behind that optimistic, freee spirited beauty lies a dark secret that she struggles every day to keep it from consuming her. As mentioned above in the second category description their journey will take them across several states in the hopes of finding the answers they are both looking for and hopefully somehow overcome their demons while also meeting people along the way, both good and bad who either aid or hinder their progress.

In short it is about a pairing of an uptight woman and a flower child. I do not mean Juliet comes off as a literal flower child hippie but something like that. As far as the obstacles they must face either together or on their own, without giving too much away I gave some hints in both the “themes” section and somewhere in the review. It does not go SUPER DEEP, meaning showing the more painful scenes play out at that moment, but the story does not hold back when it is time to get really serious. Basically it shows just enough to get the point across that Amanda, and especially Juliet, are haunted by personal demons they have a hard time overcoming. It also helps that both are likable hotties who most would want to see do all they can to stick together and have many wonderful taco dinners with bbq chicken salad on the side.

Amanda and Juliet kiss.jpg

For readers who think this is hot…wait till you see them in bed.

Having played the uncensored version I can say that the love scenes (or the ones we get to see) are quite delicious indeed giving naughty fans the best of both busty and balanced figures. The game goes for a balanced approach where instead of pushing one hot scene after another it only shows “plreaders” the ladies going all-out when it has a strong message to send.Yes, even the first one. Readers who have “plread” this one will know what I mean.

Love, Guitars and the Nashville Skyline is another beautiful love story of two women finding love out on the road. Both ladies are beeautiful and charming, the soundtrack is delightful, the rest of the cast do a solid job filling their roles, the presentation is nice, the serious moments are effective for the most part and the love scenes are red hot. For readers who did not find Atom GRRRL!! appealing then I guarantee LGNS is a pretty good alternative. For readers who like Cosmillica’s style, even better. I do not know if the Steam version will eventually get an uncensored patch.

Get the game on Steam (all-ages) or Denpasoft and Nutaku (uncensored).


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