Life Lessons and Blog Update: Getting Swamped

Megadimension Neptunia V-II PS4.jpg

I’m sure some fans are wondering where the other Halftime Heat posts are for other anime I’m covering and this post will hopefully explain thing.

This is generally my fault. I promised to write more Halftime Heat posts but something happened…I got swamped. Besides having stuff to do offline I also have more stuff I want to talk about than just the Fall anime, which I already have a lot of shows I’m watching. When it comes to blogging, what I post depends on time and mood, whether I have the time to or want to write a post.

To put it simply, not only do I have a couple of VNs and KNs I have to write reviews for but also the PS4 has got me back into a gaming mood. Because of this I had to make a sacrifice: The other Halftime Heat segments will be cancelled. Instead I’ll write G-Views for most of them once they’re done. I know this will disappoint some but on the bright side there will be plenty more yuri content to come,  just a bit later than planned. OG’s poor time management strikes again. Instead of covering over 10 shows weekly the rest of the Fall season I’m sticking to 4:

  • Flip Flappers
  • Brave Witches
  • Izetta
  • Show By Rock!! 2

VN/KN and PS4 reviews are also planned for sometime this December and in 2017.

Again I apologize.

So what’s the life lesson this time? Whether it’s work, hobbies or life in general, make sure to not pile yourself up with lots of stuff unless you have the time to do most or all of them in an orderly fashion. Otherwise think about what you can or want to do and scrap what you’ll save for another time or find an alternative. It’s best to know your limitations and not spend weeks on end cooped up in your office or bedroom.

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27 Responses to Life Lessons and Blog Update: Getting Swamped

  1. drinkie1 says:

    Your playing on PS4? come join the PC Master Race we have much better support and cookies plus consoles don’t have Yuri except for a few exceptions


  2. Eerika Norja says:

    Slightly saddened I won’t have as much of a place to talk about certain shows each week, but completely understandable. I am, in fact, a very, very bad example of this. I’m interested in far too many things (games, manga, anime, VNs, books, and a bunch on other stuff), and then I think “Oh, this looks interesting, I’ll add it to the list I’ll of things I’ll get to eventually”.

    Even at the pace I go with, especially when it comes to anime, you still don’t want to know how long my backlogs are. And even then, I just end up playing the same Japanese mobile games on my tablet each day, and have way too many others things, like college work and necessary things to do when living alone, to actually get to doing any of that stuff I think I’ll do at some point.

    …Like writing my story. That I started writing way back before the start of summer (had planned it out in advance) and thought I would get it completely done/finished before the end of summer. Cue end of summer, I had written one chapter during summer (3 before summer), and gotten practically nowhere, mostly due to all the other things mentioned getting in the way. Cue right now, and I haven’t written for several months and left the last chapter on what is essentially a cliffhanger, the very thing I didn’t want to do at all. Cue me feeling guilty about not writing, but still having too much other stuff to do to do the writing I need to and let people experience more of the story that I have in my head. Moral of the story: don’t get interested in too many things, or think that you can do very many at once.

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  3. Ivn says:

    Are you playing Neptune VII? Then you’re forgiven.
    Anf if not I dont think anyone’s going to complain (Theres a lot of good games right now), I think you’ve done a good job with the reviews so far.

    Its understandable to want to change the pace sometimes, doing too much of the same can get boring pretty fast.

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  4. Zuneko says:

    It’s okay, everyone gets swamped with work at least once in their life. I am looking forward to the reviews for the VNs!

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  5. LiteraryOtakuGamerGirlT says:

    I feel you on a spiritual level with this, as I have a bad habit of taking on more than I realistically should because I want to please everyone. I’m learning quickly though that it’s not going to fly much longer, so 2017 will bring significant change on how I manage things, but more on that later. Sometimes it feels like a curse having so many hobbies, but then I remember how much I love them and don’t regret a thing. Anyway, you should do whatever is best for you before anyone else. So do your thing!

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  6. mirrorpurple says:



  7. Deovara says:

    Yo I need some help please. So you know if any sites where I can download Alignment you you for free.


  8. The Otaku Judge says:

    I can sympathize with being swamped. On the lead up to Xmas an insane number of quality visual novels/console games have come out. My poor wallet is feeling the strain! I just got one of the Root Letter endings and have just started Steins;Gate 0.

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  9. yurimylove says:

    apparently I hadn’t learned this life lesson yet… I just added 2 more anime to my Fall watch list, each with like 10 episodes out already XD

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