Brave Witches Episode 7: Holiday Panic

This episode had a very special surprise in store.

Witches sledding.jpg

Hikari, Nipa and Kanno went sledding in the morning. Unfortunately the trio were nearing some thin ice and couldn’t stop.

Sick Hikari.jpg

While Hikari didn’t fall into the cold water she still has the weakest magical energy on the team, meaning she caught a cold, something rare for Witches. Nipa wanted to cheer Hikari up and thought that the annual Saturnus Festival was just the thing. However, due to the Neuroi’s attack on the warehouses in the previous episode the girls were low on food supplies. Holding a festival under those circumstances would be difficult but Nipa was determined to go through with it regardless.


This is Commander Rall showing interest in helping out with the festival. Have I already mentioned how much I love Commander Rall?

The Countess and Master Rossman.jpg

I personally don’t care much about what BW fans are discussing on forum sites regarding ships but there is ONE ship I’ve been eyeing for a while now, The Countess X Master Rossmann. I’m not sure if next week’s episode will strengthen this pairing but for the moment I’m hopeful for it.


We found out why Nipa was so determined to help cheer up Hikari through the festival. Back when Nipa first enrolled in the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing she was really shy and nervous and thought that she wouldn’t fit in. One day the unit held the Saturnus Festival and it reminded Nipa of her friends back home. When she saw that the unit also celebrated this joyous festival she knew that she was with great company and opened up more. She wanted Hikari to experience the same kind of joy she did.

Neuroi using camouflage.jpg

Trouble then came a knockin’ when a Neuroi attacked. This one could camouflage itself but only from above, which is why it flew near clouds to fully hide itself. Nipa was the only one who could engage it in combat due to the others having eaten laughing mushrooms that the Countess and Master Rossmann unknowingly picked up. Nipa did her best but once again was held back by her inexplicable misfortune. Things were looking bleak until…

Eila and Sanya cameo.jpg


EilAnya, the best Witches in the 501st Joint Fighter Wing came to the rescue and also brought supplies for our heroines because the best kind of helpers Santa could have are of the lesbian variety.

Nipa and Hikari.jpg

They look so cute. I don’t ship them yet but they do give RAMBO X Lynette vibes.

Happy Nipa.jpg

I think Nipa is the writers’ favorite character. I don’t blame them. She’s super fun.

Eila and Sanya in Santa suits.jpg


As I mentioned above the next episode will most likely center around the Countess. Really looking forward to that one

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12 Responses to Brave Witches Episode 7: Holiday Panic

  1. x says:

    Maybe this is a sign of more cameo’s from the 501st or maybe not.


    • OG-Man says:

      No. It’s best not to get carried away lest you want diehard fans of SW clamoring for a 3rd season even more or want them to take over this show.

      One more cameo near the end would be good. Don’t go overboard.


  2. Bayuro says:

    After watching the whole episode, it’s nice to see Kano gives some tsundere love on Hikari. She also really care on her compatriot. I admit, I’m starting to ship them like FEDEX.

    Trivia: When I saw Waltrud with humiliating placard on her neck, it reminds me of darkest days during the closing months of WW2 when demoralized German soldiers are hanged because of desertion with placards saying humiliating words like ” I cannot protect our women and children” etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. EasyO's says:

    EilAnya Saved Christmas, ’nuff said.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Bayuro says:

    The best part of this episode is when most of them ate some laughing mushrooms. Even the Commander Rall fell victim with it. Watching Commander Rall laughing is like uncovering a precious Easter egg.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. automaticimperfection says:

    OMG special lesbian santa clausette’s delivery, can’t get sweeter than that, it was really nice to watch , I absolutely loved it!!! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  6. yurimylove says:

    lol “the best kind of helpers Santa could have are of the lesbian variety.”

    Eila and Sanya, probably the most “canon” pairing in SW anime, their brief appearance is most welcome here. I’d also really like to see Francesca and Charlotte cameo, though I don’t know how likely that is…

    Liked by 1 person

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