302nd G-View: Ange Vierge

This next anime is best described as a “take it or leave it” kind of show. I will elaborate as best as I can in my Ange Vierge G-View.

Ange Vierge Poster

Genres: Action, Sci-fi, Magic, Ecchi, Yuri, Harem

Themes: Fanservice

Number of episodes: 12

G-Rating: 7/10

Plot Summary: The story of the card game follows what happens when “Hairou” portals suddenly open, fusing five different worlds together. As a result, various mysterious “Exceed” powers are awakened in teenaged girls. An academy for these so-called “Progress” girls is built on the isolated Seiran Island in the Pacific.

Puffy Saya

First sign of this being a “take it or leave it” show, Saya is the central protagonist, not Amane. I say “central” because her struggles are not the only ones explored. The other Progress’ (her teammates) also get their time to shine. This might make it less upsetting for some after the events of an episode in the first quarter.

Ouroboros slain

The second sign of the show being “take it or leave it” is that while the Ouroboros alien invaders are technically the main antagonists, their master plan will divide viewers’ enthusiasm for watching the rest of the show.

Other than that how is Ange Vierge overall? Personally I thought it was okay while others will say it was mediocre, missed potential or something like that. The show is very simple to review because it is mainly about four things:

  1. Cool fights between the Progress, Ouroboros and other enemies.
  2. Personal conflicts Saya and her teammates overcome one by one as they liberate each planet from Ouroboros control after facing and defeating the “generals”.
  3. Accursed censorship lines blurring the mouth watering moments, which will surely be rectified when the Blu-Rays come out.
  4. Hot spring scenes. Lots of hot spring scenes.

Censor lines

Yes. There was no uncensored broadcast so people who picked the show up had to tolerate the accursed lines of doom.

The animation is colorful but I guess some would point out rough moments. As far as I know I liked the presentation. The OP and ED are fine while the only memorable tune on the show is the sisters’ theme, both of whom I will talk about in a bit.

Ange Vierge protagonists.jpg

The five leads are for the most part likable. Saya as mentioned above is a “take it or leave it” central protagonist. The other four are easier to like with my two favs being Nya and Almaria for both their bodies and attitudes. Each one has their own personal obstacle to overcome based on the intensity of their yuri ranging from soft, romantic, lust, analytical and ambiguous. Also there is a third “take it or leave it” sign on the show, that being a yuri harem alongside the many couples that are canon or can be shipped. However, it may not please everyone.

Buffoon Sisters snuggling

Lastly I cannot review this show without commending the best characters who I affectionately refer to as the Buffoon Sisters. Their short but wonderful segments were the main highlights of the show and the moment they ended it was a very sad time. Buffoon Sisters 4 LIFE!

Overall Ange Vierge is a mixed bag. Without having given away too much it is a show where viewers will either put up with what they see and watch a not terrible but not great show…or get upset about the missed potential. It could have been worse, it could have been another show with Ange in the title that shoved a male love interest at the last minute for the lulz. Anyway as I mentioned several times Ange Vierge is a “take it or leave it” show. It is a show that did not wow me but I do not regret having picked up. Now for those uncensored Blu-Rays.


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39 Responses to 302nd G-View: Ange Vierge

  1. @StriderShinryu says:

    I ended up liking Ange Vierge quite a bit. It was never great and sometimes not even good (the first couple of episodes are borderline bad) but once it found it’s footing it was enjoyable every single week. And, really, who can not like a series where the world is saved with the help of the Sega Dreamcast.

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  2. Dimagnus_Gia says:

    To me was my favorite anime of the summer season. Was rhe only one with explicit yuri. I loved the soundtrack, specially de OP. I will never forget my babeh Almaria and my waifu Mikage. I know that everyone was exvited about Saya x Alma or Saya’s harem, but to me the only OTP was and will be Sophina x Alma. And of course the sibblings and the androids. Sibblings deserve a spin off.
    Good show, not the best, but god bless the fanservice!

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    • OG-Man says:

      Almaria was wonderful and Mikage-senpai’s hot.

      Blessed be the sisters and their future together.

      We all know Sophina won’t give up on getting her hot vampire to fall for her HARD.

      Respect the booty, especially when it becomes uncensored.

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  3. yukkaonna says:

    Well, i just say few words: empty, silly ending, so little yuri goals, Saya. But for some reason, i like this show more than “okay, thats not so bad”. Don’t know exactly, but Ange have something like “charm” or “charisma” and every episode i watching wich enjoy (and facepalm. Especially in last.). Yeah, that was a very good trip and i don’t feel bad about “wasting my time”. And yeah, Amane catch her prince Saya and save the day. Well, Saya save, but Amane give Saya strenght for that, so…
    Shame, we didn’t see they reunion-kiss and “i-love-you-Amane-kiss”. Very shame.
    And Wincest Sisters da best like always. Prise the Buffoon Sisters! Buffoon Sisters 4 LIFE! Need second season wich Buffoon Sisters!

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  4. ティアラ says:

    I doubt I will pick this anime up at all. It looks very generic to me. It feels like of those “shitty” anime of the season x.x


  5. KueKyuuQ says:

    …I guess I am in the corner of those mourning “missed opportunities”. I wasn’t aware this was based on a card game, so most of the supposedly insightful techno-babble just flew past me. It certainly didn’t feel like a stand-alone or wholly self-explanatory. I would have liked to know more about the mythology behind the events – presented this series itself.
    I am not that particular about animation quality, yet at times I wished, that more effort had gone into facial expressions and details or action sequences. But it was okay, kinda giving off some sort of old-school feel in the character-art department.

    That said, I did enjoy the ride. Most of the characters were captivating, each in their own right. We got some Yuri and even an on-screen kiss, lotsa cuddling and skin ond skin, and innuendos without end.

    Tho, I can’t get over the expositional pre-intro they stuck with for the whole run. It really didn’t explain anything contributing that wasn’t easily covered by the show itself to begin with and quickly felt kinda redundant. It’s prolly a nit-pick, though.

    The show on its own isn’t overly deep or anything, so overall it is decently good for what it is. I certainly had a decently good time~

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  6. MarkS00N says:

    I am a bit biased, but I like Ange Vierge much more than I thought I would…

    It has a good world building and likeable character, so while its plot is rushed (or even not very clear sometimes) I enjoy it a lot (more than Qualidea Code at least, but my complain for that anime is largely the QUALITY animation)…

    It isn’t common to have a canon Yuri Harem anime (I still maintain Doki Doki as Yuri Harem), so while the main target for affection isn’t Amane, I still commend it for being blunt about its nature…

    Still, the best character is (as you said) handsdown the Baka Sister, may you spend the rest of your night in as much excitement as when you were brainwashed…
    And make a lot of offspring…
    Because if the robots couple from White World can make a child, so is you!

    P.S. Note: I was writing a novel and just released it last month. The reason I mention it here is because the main character and Amane has almost identical characteristic (always smiling no matter what the condition is, pretend to be carefree while actually very observant and trained hard, always tried to understand others’ feeling, always tried to make friends because they are lonely, and has multiple girls that they make contract with), so I think ultimately the reason they froze Amane is the same reason I make my character obscure in the later half of the novel: They are borderline Mary Sue if used too often. Though whether switch the main character to Saya is a good idea or not is viewer’s opinion and I don’t want to comment on it.

    I do however would say Ange Vierge help me give some inspiration on what kind of girl to be added to my character’s (a girl btw) harem. So for that, I would end this with: Thank You, hopefully you are successful enough to get 2nd season…

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  7. BLADER44 says:

    Comentare en español

    Me gusto mucho esta serie, la historia parecía lenta al principio pero luego del capitulo 3 la trama
    tuvo mejor ritmo, sobre el yuri fue una gran menú el que ofreció con varias chicas, mi pareja preferida es Xenia por Carene, estas chicas se aman mucho y se demostró de principio a fin. Lo único malo fue que Saya las conquistaba a todas incluida a Alma xD

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  8. Blatzgun005 says:

    Looks like I was right, there was only one uri kiss, but what annoys me is that, they show characters having feelings more than that of a friend but in the last moment they end up saying you are my friend… Why can’t they be more open and say I like you more than a friend. The term “friend” looses its value… This is the case in in almost all yuri animes… I wish the characters would come out of the closet and express their true feelings..

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  9. Error says:

    Censore = double condom 😦

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  10. At first, I was not very hyped for this even though it did not have your average harem guy. But after watching the first episode, I was content enough to tune in and a couple of episodes later, I loved it. This was an anime that specializes in bath fanservice, even if those annoying light and steam censors prevent it from being glorious. A lot of girls are lovable as well, the best girl for me is Alma.

    We get lots and lots of yuri every episode, especially some yuri wincest and a yuri kiss. This is a rare yuri harem anime and Saya is quite good as a yuri pimp. I would put her and LLSS’ Chika as contenders for the “Yuri Pimp of the Year” award. On, and the Baka sisters are so great, they steal the show every time they show up.

    I do not think the BD version will be uncensored. There might be less steam but I do not expect those pesky light beams to be removed. I feel bad for the poor saps who will buy the BDs, thinking that those censors will be gone. Maybe this is a sign that we will not get S2 which I want to happen.

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  11. Yuri finally had a great space after so long without something like this one showed (not couting valkyrie drive). Very good one 😄

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  12. K says:

    Thoughts on the last episode:

    Wow. Amane’s true feelings were quite dark and depressing. It’s a good thing Saya was able to convince her that she and others genuinely care about her. With that, the healing process is complete and thanks to their fortified bonds, they are EXRs now.

    I had some problems with this anime especially when it comes to how the Ouroburos carried out its diabolical plans but the characters and the lessons learned form their battles more than made up for that.

    Lastly, comparing this and Qualidea Code, AV had better action scenes.

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  13. yurimylove says:

    Things I learned from watching Ange Vierge:

    the universe is made up of 5 worlds, each with one planet within
    eating spicy riceballs are good combat training
    when your return from the dark side, you lose all your clothes
    to let a girl know she’s your “special friend”, you sit on her lap — naked
    there’s meaning in life, as long as you receive one “like” to your instagram
    it’s okay to slap your little sister’s face repeatedly — as long as it’s done with love XD

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  15. Clouddd says:

    Ending REALLY hit me hard, seriously that one ‘like’ was so adorable. This show sure has quite some potential but probably because of the Silver Link’s budget, it came out more like a fanservice show ;\
    Then again, I really like it, I am a girl so I guess I can relate to the ‘friends’ thing the show taught me more and dont mind the godamn ‘rays of light’. Maybe other animes have this ‘friends’ concept too but Ange Vierge really taught me well. Friends are people who care about you and are willing to go through hell for you (and for a good reason ;p). It’s such a simple concept but so sweet.
    Personally, I can see myself in Saya and Amane. The ‘understanding others’ part is really deep to me. Low budget or not, I love the story. Honestly, I wish someone would recreate this awesome story, I honestly want to 😛 However, like you said, take it or leave it.

    Thank you for your existence man. Without you, I would not have found a great inspiration to this point of my life. Have a gud dayy!! And yay it’s FAALLLL

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    • OG-Man says:

      Pretty much. Though it’s also a messsage about the different kinds of love women have with each other from the friendly to the sexual.

      It’s nice to see you appreciated the story it told despite it not being anything new.

      Thank you for the cimpliment and yes, Fall 2016 has lots of anime worth the Yui Nation’s time.


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  17. YayaSamuko says:

    This anime is actually one of my favorite to be honest. True, the three first episodes were very boring and literally suck but the rest become very interesting.

    Personally, I think it was better that it was censored. It was easier for me to watch it without fearing that someone might come in and ask me what I was doing. After all, in the end, even my younger sister has liked this anime.

    As for the yuri, it is very rare to see something this near-explicit on TV so yeah! This anime is a blessing. However, I am in front of a dilemma now; who to ship? Saya can either be paired with Amane, Almaria, Stella or Elel. So, which one is better? Maybe polyamory.

    And talking about characters, I really love the buffoon sisters as well. Also, the android sisters are so cute I can’t help but to fangirl~ “Oh Xenia!!!”
    And who could hate Nya and her “Mendokusai!”? That Elel imitating her was the best.
    But my very favorite character is corrupted Remiel! Just like the yandere angel, who can hate her? That “Suteki deshou?” part was what I loved the most.

    Good job as usual, senpai! I can’t wait for more yuri goodness!


    • OG-Man says:

      It’s not liked by many people sadly.

      Go for a harem ship.

      That’s the thing. A lot of the girls are fun and the yuri is explicit. It’s just that the show as a whole didn’t satisfy everyone because it went in a different direction than what they hoped.


      • YayaSamuko says:

        Well… we can’t always please everyone.

        Every girl has a very interesting character. Yandere!Sofina, Yandere!Remiel and Yandere!Carene are too beautiful characters. They were the main reason I’ve enjoyed this so much.

        Also, we even got to see a kiss and lot of cuddling and even an offscreen sister/sister night~

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