Ange Vierge Episode 11: Beginning of the End

One more brainwashed senpai to go BUT more important than that, what became of our favorite bumbling loving sisters?

Amane and her Extra.jpg

The cute and her gang of honeys.

We kicked things off with Saya remembering being kinda disappointed when she noticed that she wasn’t Amane’s only pal.

The sisters are okay.jpg

Never forget those TWO incredible nights we had together.

Thank you Buffoon Sisters for being the most welcome surprise of the show. Your training and eventual romance will never be forgotten. At least the younger sister will make sure the older one never forgets. We can rest assured that their love will continue blossoming in the future. Now go rest young heroines.

Eins recovering.jpg

Eins will be fine.

Eins and Nya reflected on what happened that fateful day and Eins told Nya that she knew Nya had never abandoned her. No shipping material here but Nya’s so awesome she could create her own harem if she put in the effort.

Saya's harem.jpg

Like it or not Saya wins.

I’ll be very happy once the Blu-Rays come out.


Mikage vs Saya 2

While Saya was visiting Amane’s prison and proclaiming her desire to snuggle with her Mikage made her move and revealed the Ouroboros’ secret weapon, a pyramid of doom using the crystallized Alpha Drivers as batteries. Guess Amane won’t be freed until show’s end after all. Pity. Anyway Mikage and Saya had their rematch but the hot samurai senpai was stronger than before, like any returning RPG boss should be. She used a bitter pipe bomb on Saya by saying that for all her effort to become someone special, she would never accomplish it because she’s a dreamer, not a doer. You want to be special but you don’t put in the effort to become special…even though that’s what Saya’s been doing ever since she started the path of redemption. Anyway Saya let Mikage’s words get to her.

Almaria to the rescue.jpg

Almaria comforting Saya.

Thankfully her harem was there to will her back to action but Mikage was too strong and had the pyramid of doom backing her up.

Hinata vs Mikage.jpg

Hinata vs Mikage

The “nick of time” card was played as Hinata’s wounds had healed and she stepped up to face and free Mikage. Mikage’s bitter pipe bomb to her was how she trained as hard as she could to surpass Hinata. Basically a hard worker vs gifted prodigy feud. Hinata didn’t care about that and only wanted to snuggle with Mikage.

Hinata brainwashed again.jpg

Hinata was victorious, however, Mikage had one last trick up her sleeve and everyone was back to square one.

G-View next week.

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17 Responses to Ange Vierge Episode 11: Beginning of the End

  1. K says:

    Nya’s the coolest and it’s cool that Eins didn’t really have any ill feelings for not being rescued.

    Aoi berated Saya for not putting in the work to be special and she hated Miumi for being so naturally gifted that she couldn’t surpass her. She couldn’t beat Miumi today, either.

    Saya realized that she wasn’t special. I think she would’ve wallowed in self-pity over that if she hadn’t gone through this redemption quest. She is now someone special, at least in the eyes of her comrades. Amane’s definitely going to accept her apology.

    Well, Miumi turning to the dark side again was a bit surprising. She became the True Final Boss. Also, she really does have the best evil face. Her eyes just shows off her insanity so well.

    That was quite a crafty plot by the Ouroboros. I guess you could say that they were pretending to be retarded.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Blatzgun005 says:

    I think we might not get a yuri kiss in the next episode, The Sofinax Almaria would probably be the only yuri kiss in the series

    Liked by 1 person

  3. yukkaonna says:

    About Saya and her “win” – my avatar speaks for itself. Damn… Hate you, Ahoya (Aho+Saya), you don’t deserve all of this love from your harem. And why i’m not surprise about Hinata? Well, i guess, i need some rest, cuz this week will be really tough for me. OG, keep a good work.
    P.S. Wincest sisters best as always and save this show for me. Best sisters ever. I want the second season Ange about these two silly girls.

    Liked by 1 person

    • yukkaonna says:

      Ok, i’m done with my job and not need to rush, so, i want complete my comment – this is a good episode. And i love Mikage so much – she’s in my top 5 girls in Ange. Even more, i ship Saya x Amane. And this is the reason, why i say that Saya don’t deserve her harem – she deserve only Amane, silly girl. Bakaya, go and get her, ‘cuz your wife await her dumb prince! Hehe.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Dimdom says:

    The power of harem from Saya-chan 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  5. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    Nya will always be the best for me 😀

    I really loved that Saya x Alma scene even though it was just a quick one :3

    Is it just me or did Mikage’s scream of defeat sounded a bit…lewd? LOL 😛 My imagination ran wild for a bit there…

    sigh and just when I thought the Ouboros will finally face them they went and used a senpai again.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. yurimylove says:

    I must repost a CR comment about this episode here, I couldn’t have said it better myself 😛

    “Of course you’re my special friend, why do you think I keep giving you naked lap dances?”

    Liked by 1 person

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