Ange Vierge Episode 10: Green Scream

It’s Nya’s turn to get the spotlight these coming two weeks.

Nya giving Amane hints.jpg

Nya giving Amane tips.

Nya’s Green World Crystal was suffering so she ran away. Of course there will be more to it than that. Anyway Amane was nearby so she lent her a hand with combat strategies. She was surprised Amane went with a strategy with as few casualties as possible.

Buffoon Sisters' training complete.jpg

The time has come.

Sad news my friends, the Buffoon Sisters had finished their training. The time had come for them to face our heroines on the battlefield of massacre.

Auntie Saya.jpg

“Auntie” Saya.

As expected Stella joined Saya’s harem as her “niece” and Almaria and Elel reacted as one would expect.

Xenia and Carene happy together.jpg

In love, brainwashed or not.

The reason Stella freed Xenia and Carene from brainwashing was that although they love the idea of becoming one in the name of love…they wouldn’t be able to make love if they were one being. This desire is what kept them from truly becoming one.


Familiar rookie.

Nya used to be a high ranking soldier when things went awry during a failed mission. She was forced to abandon her assigned private after barely escaping an enemy trap. Nya felt a bit guilty for having figured out too late how great of a commander Amane was and it was that inspiration that prepared her for her upcoming battle with her former private Eins. She wanted to handle this on her own…but knowing Saya she wouldn’t keep her promise of not telling the others for long.

Nya and the Sisters.jpg

Honestly not surprised the sisters once served under Nya. Eins was prepared for Nya’s visit and wasn’t going to play fair by having a simple one on one duel. Instead she wanted to hit Nya where it counted.

The Sisters ready for battle.jpg

The Buffoon Sisters invade the Blue Planet.

She sent the sisters to wreak havoc on the Blue Planet. Of course they couldn’t be on their own but they wanted to be badass so they did go without an army. Also they’re still hot for each other on the battlefield. Quite commendable. They had yuri power on their side so…who needs an army when you have that?

Nya not holding back.jpg

Nya always was the most badass looking of the group imo.

Eins healed.jpg

Oh. Guess it was settled in one part after all. Was hoping the show would be 13 episodes but alas it’s 12. Best part was the sisters could have won so their yuri powers paid off big time. They were only beaten by dumb luck.

Next time the rematch against the one they let get away begins.

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20 Responses to Ange Vierge Episode 10: Green Scream

  1. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    Nya’s part was only enough for one episode because she’s damn strong; finishing the whole thing up AND saving her friends in one blow. She’s become my most favorite character in this show 😀

    It’s really funny to see the others fight over Saya, I’ve been waiting for such scene since I first realised Saya’s harem plan. Though, my ship hasn’t changed it’s still Saya x Alma 😛

    There’s one more left and I think everyone will be healed by then – ready to go full force once again. I wonder how will they save Amane now.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Trans Homura says:

    Ah we wont be hearing yes onee Chan beat I mean Mann anytime soon

    Liked by 1 person

  3. yukkaonna says:

    The Buffoon Sisters in action? And kick Amane’s (Okay-okay, Saya’s) harem butt’s? Seriously? HELL YEAH!! That was so glorious and cool! The Buffoon Sisters, you’re da best!
    Ok, emotion moment of my comment pass and i being be serious (not like Naya, don’t wanna!). Whole episode was good (thanks twincest sisters), but i feel like that’s not enough. Don’t know why. Maybe because i want to know about Naya like character more and want to know about her relationship with Amane (and others, ofcourse) more too. And that trolling from Stella – clever girl! Your mother know, how raise you!

    P.S. I’m one here, who think, that Naya and Amane look’s good together? Like Naya – father, Amane – mother, Stella – clever daughter, Saya – DUMB, but popular daughter? Nobody? Okay…
    P.S.S. Why i feel, like my english really the worst? Hm, nvm, i just try my best for learning.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. K says:

    I get what Carene was saying. Becoming one being because of love is cool and all but it’s just not the same as two separate beings in love with each other.

    Full marks to Ageha and Mayuka for a well-executed preempt attack. They really caught Saya & pals at their most vulnerable. They had this in the bag. If only Nya wasn’t so OP…

    Speaking of Nya, glad she’s on the good side. If that final attack was her just being half-serious, I bet that if she had gone all out, the Green World would have been obliterated with the shock waves from that explosion felt across the other worlds.

    Just a small observation; Nya’s interaction with Amane didn’t have a bath scene like the others.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Nya’s arc got resolve in one episode. Nice to see the Baka sisters get into the action. Next week, here comes the samurai Yoshiko.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. x says:

    With two episodes left, its time to go off with a big bang or surprise and I done think we see the end of the Buffoon Sisters.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. yurimylove says:

    Next training lesson for buffoon sisters — how NOT to lose all you clothes after losing a fight XD

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Dimagnus_Gia says:

    Woahhhh! _ goooood episode! Full of action!. I didn’t know where to watch!: the siblings, my babe almaria, the hot Nya, gooosh!
    And now, wait one week to see Mikage senpai once againnnnnn chills. I luuuve Alma but Mikage…she just….oh god…turn me so fucking on!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      The Green team kicked ass and looked hot doing it.

      Mikage has the “hot samurai babe”
      hairstyle and face so it’s understandable that her sexiness makes you question your Alma devotion.

      Liked by 2 people

  9. Zuneko says:

    Nya is just so badass that she didn’t need two episodes. I am sorry(not) for making this joke:
    “I’ve got an army” “We got yuri”.


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