October-November Yuri VN/KN Releases

As soon as each title becomes available for purchase or a countdown is set I will update this post accordingly.

Catch Canvas Cover

Steam (Uncensored Patch)


Love, Guitars and the Nashville Skyline


Sakura Space Logo

Sakura Space

Ladykiller in a bind long Title

Ladykiller in a Bind


There is yuri but I also read that something uncomfortable happens to the female lead. Will investigate when able.

The Stargazers

The Stargazers

Steam (all-ages)

Mangagamer (Uncensored)

Sweet Volley High Start Menu

Sweet Volley High



Heard some mixed things about two of the three yuri routes. Will investigate when able.

Ne no Kami pic

Ne No Kami Part 1.






A Kiss For The Petals New Generation

A Kiss for the Petals: The New Generation

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21 Responses to October-November Yuri VN/KN Releases

  1. ThreeofEight says:

    Ok so Catch Canvas being close is exciting. I like Razz’s art so hype intensifies.

    I forgot about the road trip one. It had me at guitars tbh. Thanks for the reminder!

    Sakura Space haha oh the Sakura games such guilty pleasures. I played it, like I always do, and well poly space yuri shenanigans is always a good thing.

    It was a shame about lady killer but it’s not a huge delay so nothing to frown at. Been looking forward to it for so long I can wait a little extra. Plus side the Voltage Android/iOS otome games Gangsters in love (Auroras second season) and new game Castaway (female Li serena season 1 start) both are scheduled to start around the end of September so they can keep me busy in the wait.

    Also words cannot express the excitement I have over the stargazers. I have such a need. It looks so good. Plus I am a sucker for sci fi so I can only cross my fingers and hope you are correct!

    It’s certainly going to be a busy yuri filled few months ahead. My poor Wallet this year honestly… but it’s been so worth it. Praise be.

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  2. remyfool says:

    I think the first installment of Ne No Kami is nearly finished in terms of localization. I believe the backers are about to receive their copy, and Steam had the release date pegged at September 2016.

    Then there’s the second installment that’s scheduled for October, but I personally think it stands a high chance to be pushed back.

    At any rate, you’ve talked about this yuri series at length before, so there’s that. September and October isn’t going to be kind on my wallet, that’s for sure.


    • OG-Man says:

      Silly me. Forgot to mention that one but as you said I’ve discussed it several times so many of us are hyped for it.


    • Takadou Akane says:

      A little update, if I may. The backers had already received their copies of the first installment a few weeks ago (I know because I backed it).

      As for the 2nd installment, I haven’t heard from them yet so high chance is it will be pushed back.

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  3. The Otaku Judge says:

    There’s no end to the Sakura games!


  4. NateC7 says:

    Hey! I just want to say that I just tried to play catch canvas and it wouldn’t play at all. So I did some research and it turns out they already have a penchant for releasing buggy games and what not. http://steamcommunity.com/app/459550/discussions/0/343787283758970429/
    Just wanted to give people a heads up if they were thinking about getting this. I wasted my money and feel pretty pathetic.


  5. roashiki says:

    Warning for Yuri fans you might wanna stay away from sweet valley high since the het route isn’t optional you have to play through that route in order to get any Yuri. Devs reasoning for why: http://steamcommunity.com/app/523730/discussions/0/350543389010325529


    • ThreeofEight says:

      That isn’t exactly true. I have the game and you deffo don’t need to do a het route first in order to get all the yuri parts (Yuka, the flirty team mate, was mine) but there is an iffy part.

      It does make you talk/hang with everyone at the start so you will chat with him and catch a bite to eat like on 2 occasions but then you get choices (E.g if you go with Yuka in the first in game choice you’ll lock into her relationship segment) that does put you on a romance part aka you can avoid his romantic path completely if you so choose.

      Now the awkward one is the 3rd yuri route as the way I got it was having to partially play the het route. He gets a choice during his and one of them puts it on a bad end for you and him and sets up the yuri part after it so you sort of end up getting it on with her instead?

      Which isn’t ideal tbh (I skipped through all his, picked the bad end choice for him to get to the yuri and his bad ending is =\ tbh so the fact I hooked up with the other lady after it wasn’t ideal either) but yeah 2 yuri routes can be done without touching his. The third is awkward as hell if you want to experience it and don’t want to do the het route at all. It also is just sort of a filler ending part and doesn’t really get its own part like the others.

      Also the biggest put off I’d say is that only 1 of the 3 girls can get a happy ending? Like the other two don’t get any in game choices once on their route and they don’t have happy endings (the other girl gets a choice near the end that affects what end she gets good or bad). I assume since the het route has the choice (bad end leading to 3rd yuri) that he potentially has a good end? But i never played his so no idea lol.


      • theonlykieran says:

        Dev here! Het route is in fact optional. Don’t play it if you don’t want to.

        Also, life doesn’t always have good endings, friends.

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      • ThreeofEight says:

        Please don’t get me wrong lol I never said it was a bad thing. It’s just something I imagined may put some people off, knowing that there are only 2 good ends and 4 bad (1 good being the male romance for those who wanted to do pure yuri).

        Minus the 3rd girl route (and her coming about through the het bad one since that route made me uncomfortable for personal reasons thus I wasn’t able to enjoy any of it) I enjoyed the experience of the others bad and all. I certainly say it’s worth a read if you are fine with the endings.


  6. thecity says:

    So is anywhere mainstream covering the fact that Ladykiller in a Bind has explicit het sex scenes featuring the MC that may or may not be non-consensual? Dev insists it’s consensual, but to my eyes it’s coercive at best.


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