Ange Vierge Episode 8: Android Woes

Next up in the quest to knock some sense into the brainwashed senpai are the android babes. Because they’re both in charge of the White Planet’s Armageddon they count as one boss.

Stella meets Amane.jpg

Stella and Amane’s first meeting.

So in finding the right way to address Amane they both settled with “Mama” because Amane “gave birth to her” by “turning her on”. Interesting way of becoming part of a yuri harem.

Friends 4EVAH.jpg

Not as gay as SofiAlma but EleRami can be shipped as well.

Buffoon Sisters snuggling.jpg

This show is shipping the Buffoon Sisters as hard as Narumi X Hibiki were in Re-Kan!

Again if a show gives me valid reasons besides “oh they look hot or cute together” to ship two sisters as a lesbian couple then I’ll take it. Hopefully when the brainwashing wears off their love will remain as strong as it is now.

Almaria and Elel fighting over Saya.jpg

Girls fighting over the female lead.

The senpai will have their work cut out for them once healed. Saya’s unintentional yuri harem conquest is still going strong. It was at this point that I asked myself “How will an android like Stella register romantic affections for Saya after she gives her the solution to free her robo-senpai.

Stella wanting to free Amane.jpg

Stella needing Amane for combat purposes.

Unlike the previous two whose reasons were friendly and intimate, Stella’s motivation for freeing Amane is to give her a power boost that’s natural among Progress and Alpha Drivers. At first I thought it would be the classic “Emotions do not compute” tale that robotic.cybernetic beings are usually given in fictional media but there’s a little twist.

Amane supposedly slapping Stella

Supposedly Amane was mean to Stella for disobeying orders, which was what led her to believe that it’s only about missions and nothing else.

Suddenly a distress call from the White Planet. It was from Xenia, who is most likely the original android all others were modeled after, thus her being labeled “mother” by Euphiria. That or only Euphiria was modeled after her. Anyway “Insert Admiral Ackbar clip here”.

Dark Carene and Xenia

Dark Carene and Dark Xenia.

Xenia and Carene fused.jpg

Xenia + Carene = Xerene.

So Garnet, I mean Xerene didn’t throw a bitter pipe bomb to Stella per se but more a “Let’s assimilate into one being and have a yuri orgy inside one body” invitation. They also said that Amane and Stella’s bond was wak because they weren’t in sync and stuff. I think viewers who are used to the show’s pacing can guess what will happen next week.

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26 Responses to Ange Vierge Episode 8: Android Woes

  1. yukkaonna says:

    Well, another good episode, but another reason for dislike Saya, I don’t know, why i so frustrated about her position as new harem leader, but whole situation really going be ridiculous. Why? For me, it’s just like pushing her relationship with other girls. See, Amane support all her harem and doing this every time, she’s doing thats because she just Amane and this is her point of actions. This so very natural from her. And we all see one moment about her late relationship with girls – they all just blame her. And what we see in that moment of plot? Saya just do “Fight! You can do it! Come on, i’m your friend, be strong and do it for Amane!” and that girls, for who Saya saying this, already feel romanticaly for Saya. And in first time Saya being so selfish, harsh about Amane and all, what she think it’s “Iwannabestrongestintheworld!! And i don’t wanna be just like ordinary girl. GimmePAWA, Amane! or you just shitty Alpha!”. Well, seriously? Just because Amane stack in that crystal, Saya now act like she Amane herself? Like she never say this things and never being selfish? And because she just act like good friend one time, other girl start like her more and more and not in friends view? Really? For me it’s just pushing Saya. And in that point, poor Amane just reall motivation, not main or second-main character for this story. She’s not a leader, not a unique character… Amane just “one of these anonymous alpha”. Well, i really enjoing Ange Vierge, but Saya and how her relationship progress with other girls feels so unnatural, so pushing for me… Meh. I hope, Amane get her light in this show not because she’s just motivation, but like real girl and real leader for her harem.
    And another apology from me for my english, cuz in that time he really worst through i write wall of text.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Saya being the harem lead is a “like it or not” thing.
      It’s all about the haremette’s separate love interests and the twins now.


      • yukkaonna says:

        Usually I don’t mind about that, but HOW this progress – i really dislike this shit. And i’m feel bad about Amane – she’s not deserve that, cuz she is very good character and far more better, than Saya (IMO). I think, this is mangaka fault.

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  2. automaticimperfection says:

    Omg the sisters are really…the last part, hahaha they two must be shipped too!! I’d love for Re-Kan to had been so obvious ( it was super clear as well though but come on , “wrapped in sheets” level ) I can’t imagine Amane being mean!!! I must know what really happened! oh no, even I am starting to like her!

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  3. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    Those sisters are really fun to watch! πŸ˜€ I think they’ll continue to love each other after the brainwashing, most likely.

    Amane just “touched” her and Stella turned on…yeah that is pretty interesting :3 I can understand stella’s “I need Amane for power” and stuff because she’s an android so love, bonds and such aren’t something she truly understands, at that moment I was already curious about how Saya will add her to her harem πŸ˜› Seeing how Amane is, the slap part was kind of hard to believe, I mean why hadn’t she done that to Saya since she often messes up before? Stella probably has some sort of an idea about bonds and stuff she just stopped because since the slap incident she realized that the two of them have are only alpha and progress, that’s it.

    And speaking for bonds, Carene and Xenia fused together…I’m kind of worried for Alma, because Stella would most likely needs to “become one” with Saya in order to defeat the enemy πŸ˜› Saya’s not an android that means they can’t fuse together so how will they become one? LOL πŸ˜€ I hope it’s not as physical as Alma and Saya’s scene or else Alma might go crazy and naturally turn into an enemy LOL πŸ˜›

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  4. kitsu260 says:

    I think our mistakes was believe that Amane was harem lead, actually she was just a little sister, a a friend and a mother to the others.

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  5. About time we see this. They are the best! Clearly there was off-screen wincest. So for this week and next week, android girls gets their moment and love the sexy fusion. I do not know who is the bigger yuri harem lead: Saya or Amane.

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  6. Zuneko says:

    I wonder what Stella did that made Amane so upset. I guess Xerene is made of love. I keep on squealing way too hard at the sisters.

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  7. x says:

    That last scene with the sister’s, all I can say is how did that happen? Thumbs up.

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  8. Bayuro says:

    Dat first picture tho. That’s how I open my first Figma figure waifu back then hehe!

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  9. Bayuro says:

    OG, now you mentioned the anime Re-kan! You might mean Hibiki x Narumi (correction on Narumi x Inoue on your blog because both are only one person). I also remember their cat can detect Yuri shippings very much like Yuri goggles.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. K says:

    That last scene…I have no words. Mayuka (lil’ sis) knows which buttons to push. She’s no idiot.

    Stella was slapped for disobeying orders, probably. What’s missing is the context for it. It’s very possible that Stella misunderstood Amane’s actions but since she’s an android, I get why she came to that conclusion.

    Xerene’s bond is strong. Stronger than any speed Stella attains. She needs an equally strong bond to be able to stand a chance (which will happen next week, of course).

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Dimagnus_Gia says:

    So:”turning on” an android with a “touch”, the fusion of two girls to becoming one,the siblings sleeping together and awakening with no clothes= the most gay episode of the whole summer season 2016 XD. I loved it!

    Liked by 2 people

  12. yurimylove says:

    lol “siscon” done right.

    And Amane must’ve been a big fan of “Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn” — she knew exactly where to put her finger XD


  13. Ririka says:

    Eh Euphiria is Xenia’s daughter from the future, she was sent to the past by Xenia to stop Ouroboros’ invasion.
    … and somehow people are pairing Euphiria with Aurora because Aurora is often seen together with Euphiria instead of Ruby, her bodyguard. I have to say Goddess x Android is an interesting pairing choice though. Aurora tried to stop Euphiria from coming to safe her mom (a trap) is adorable, too.

    Liked by 1 person

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